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The Life of Nathan Greenstone by Nathan Greenstone

It was a regular day at school and I was late for the bus again.” Man, I’ve got to get to school in time!” I was running for dear life. When I got there, something weird happened. I had somehow set my textbook on fire! I got a detention for it. When I got back home I explained what happened to Mom and Dad. Dad said, ” I think it’s time for you to know the truth.” So then they told me about a place called Wizard City and that there real names were Sarah Rose Life and Alex Fire Sword, and that my real name was Nathan Greenstone. “ Well, Ambrose will want to know there is another wizard in the family.” I packed my possessions and Dad took me to the attic. Inside was a door with 4 locks. 2 caught my eye. One was labeled” Wizard City” and the other “Dragons pyre” Dad unlocked the one labeled “Wizard City” and when he opened the door I saw a throng of cloaked wizards. The site amazed me. We went to a tall building where a wizard midnight blue cloak stood. He said, Alex it’s good to see you again. I see a there is a new wizard in the family. So tell me young wizard, what magic are you interested in?” I suddenly remembered what had happened today at school” I would like to be a fire wizard.” Good, now go and register at Ravenswood with Dalais Flamer now.” Little did I know these were going to be the best years of my life.

7 years later

“ I’ve done it.” Said Nathan Greenstone. He had at last graduated from Ravenswood School and could enter the Spiral chamber, the doorway to the worlds. He went to headmaster Ambrose’s office to talk about the matter. “Nathan, I know you want to go to Dragons pyre, but it is not time for you to go there, although I may need you to go there tomorrow, come over then.” The next day I met him at the Spiral chamber. He said” Now Nathan, I want you to ensure peace between Dragons pyre Academy and us so a magic war won’t begin, we have our hands full with Malistair and the disappearance of the school of Death. So you must serve as an ambassador for Wizard City and make sure war doesn’t break out” So I traveled to Dragons Pyre and was surprised to see a hundred wizards fighting. I asked what was going on and where was the headmaster. I discovered that these idiots tried to summon the Great Dragon, Titan.” Are you all imbeciles! ? You are good as dead carcasses!!” They were so mad they made me fight Titan I was almost killed! When I returned from the battle I carried a bag of black scales. “I have defeated the Great Dragon, I have proof in this bag.” Now the people of Dragons pyre Academy were happy to renew their friendship with Ravenswood School. After I returned to Wizard City I was praised as a hero for stopping a war and defeating Titan. Headmaster Ambrose said” Nathan, you may have kept peace between Dragons pyre Academy and us but you now must return to the human world and protect it from Malistaire and to raise another wizard. Meet me at the Spiral chamber.” The next day, Nathan met the headmaster at the chamber.” Are you ready Nathan? Because if you are ready you’ll not be able to return until another wizard is ready for training.”” I’m ready.” The headmaster opened the portal to the human world and I left. For 20 long years he waited for another wizard. The child came sooner than he thought.

10 years later

I’m fighting Malistair, Master of Shadow and Darkness, he is casting a spell to kill me, the forbidden spell, Avada Kedavera, and in the ancient language I said “Teleport to Wizard City!” and the new wizard teleported to Wizard City. Alistair casts the spell at me. With my dying breath I said,” You’ve…lost…Malistair.” So ends the life if Nathan Greenstone. So begins the life of Sapphire Bright blade.

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