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A Nasty Surprise by Ethan FairyGarden

I was in my grand fantasy palace peacefully decorating it when my trusty pet Bruno [a fierce black and red hound] started jumping around and howling. “Calm down Bruno. What’s the matter?” I asked my pet. I looked out the massive glass window of my palace.

Standing in my garden was a dark hooded figure flanked by two vicious ghouls. Uh-oh! I thought as I dashed down the stairs in a flash to greet the strangers who were trespassing on my private property. On the way to the front door I grabbed my red wand and gathered my courage.

I pushed open the heavy oak doors to face the mysterious figure and his foul friends. He turned and faced me. I couldn’t see his face because it was buried deeply in his black cloak. He was holding a long staff with a golden dragon on top.

“Ethan Fairy Garden, you have angered me by defeating my elite warriors. I challenge you to a single duel at the Dragonspyre Arena tomorrow night.” He said with a low and raspy voice. “I’ll meet you there.” I answered bravely. In a flash of dark smoke the intruder disappeared with his monsters.

I quickly teleported to the Wizard City Commons to consult the headmaster, Merle Ambrose. The old wizard said “Think about your recent quests. Who have you recently defeated?”

I thought and thought. “I have defeated the elite ghosts of Malistaire. The hooded guy at my palace must have been Malistaire!” I exclaimed. But the fact I had to duel the evil Malistaire, the greatest threat to the spiral, was frightening. How was I, a common pyromancer who wasn’t very good at dueling supposed to defeat the horrible Malistaire who leads legions of monsters and ghouls?

I went back to my palace and practiced all my spells for hours until I finally was too tired to carry on. I fell into deep sleep and had a dream that night. I was in the Dragonspyre Arena dueling Malistaire. I kept on throwing all my best spells at him but his health seemed infinite. When it was his turn he cast a sinister spell that blew me apart with a huge explosion. I woke up sweating and breathing hard.

I hastily put on all my clothes, ate breakfast, and set out trying to get the best spells there were. Finally it was time for the duel with Malistaire. I teleported, with my pet Bruno, to the Dragonspyre Arena but Malistaire wasn’t alone. Instead there were hundreds of hideous monsters of every kind with him. He had brought all his monsters to defeat me! He said it was a single duel! I tried to get back to the portal but I was quickly surrounded. “Hahaha! Prepare to be defeated!” he shouted. The monsters of Malistaire got closer and closer until I could smell their stinky breaths which smelled like rotten cabbage. This is the end, I thought as I closed my eyes. When I came to my senses I was in the headmaster’s house. “What happened?” I asked the headmaster. Merle Ambrose replied “I arrived just in time and teleported you out of the arena. Unfortunately he took your pet.” “No.” I muttered as I fell asleep again.

After Malistaire had stolen my pet, I searched every inch of every world to find him. I had just finished inspecting Celestia for him when a hole appeared in the ground and I was sucked into a portal. I landed in some strange world I had never visited before. Malistaire’s face appeared in a smoke message.

“Greetings, Ethan. You have just entered my dark realm. It is called Doom Land. You shall perish in this world that I have created on my own, forgotten by your friends. My monster shall be awaiting you everywhere, eager to destroy you.” He laughed sinisterly. It was probably true. This was a thousand times scarier than the Haunted or Dark caves near Wizard City.

I tried to contact my friends but they couldn’t receive the message. I could already see some ghosts floating toward me. I took a deep breath and attacked my opponents. This wore on and on. I was really doomed. Hadn’t anybody noticed I was missing? Were they trying to find me? If they were, they had better get here soon. My precious health and mana were almost gone and I was exhausted from the hundreds of monsters I took down. It seemed that every time I defeated one two more came to replace it. Where could Malistaire be? I bet he wasn’t even in this desolate, lonely world. I wish some would come and help me.

I fought battle after battle until I reached a large jet black castle which looked like the end of Doom Land and where Malistaire would be if he was here at all. I pushed the massive doors open and peered inside. There was a bunch of the worst monsters and in the dimly lit room. In the center of the room was a black [like everything else in Doom Land] throne. On top of the throne was the person that I had previously seen at my own palace: Malistaire. He had his dragon staff, ebony robe, and black boots. His presence was overwhelming. I felt sad and gloomy like I’d never feel happy again. I shivered with fear and my legs started trembling. He walked slowly down the throne towards me. His dark eyes bore into me and I couldn’t move for fear. No wonder he was the greatest threat to the spiral. At last he spoke, “I see you have made it through Doom Land. I am very impressed.” He paused to stare at me with his penetrating eyes. “Your health and mana are low. I could defeat you with the simplest spell.” “Prove it.” I replied angrily. “Fine, I will defeat you now and get rid of you one and for all.” He said, gloomy expression not changing. We went to his dueling arena and began. He used ancient and forbidden spells that were devastatingly powerful. I couldn’t last much longer. Bam! I was defeated my one of Malistaire’s evil spells.

He took my wand, spell deck, gold and told his ghouls to escort me to the dungeon. I was locked in an eerie prison that was littered with disgusting bugs and dirty trash. “Malistaire will pay for this”, I vowed as I fell asleep.

I woke up to the sound of metal clinking together. One of the ghouls was sticking a plate of food into the prison. I grabbed the plate and wolfed down the bread crumbs that were on it. Somehow I was hungrier than I was before I had my pitiful meal. I wanted desperately to escape because I was probably going to starve or be executed soon. I tried teleporting out of the prison again but it didn’t work. I was stuck.

When two burly, muscular Cyclopes came to guard me, I secretly stole one of the Cyclopes’ spell deck and wand. There were okay spells in the deck such as troll, firebird, blood bat, imp and leprechaun. With the spell deck I swiped, I broke out of prison.

I took out the Cyclopes, ran out of the prison building and tried to find where Malistaire was keeping my wand and spell deck. It was probably in the throne room guarded by tough monsters or right next to Malistaire himself.

I ran to Malistaire’s palace, climbed the wall, and looked into the window. I had been right. My stuff was on a wooden table surrounded by Minotaurs with heavy, grey axes. I imitated the hoarse voice of Malistaire, “Minotaurs, leave your position and guard the prison doors.” Without the slightest hesitation, they marched out the throne room. I climbed down into the throne room, grabbed my stuff, and substituted it with the Cyclopes’ spell deck and wand. After that I ventured into the corridors that lead out of the throne room. In some of the rooms dark wizards were learning about Malistaire, monsters were training, and evil equipment was being stored.

In the last one I heard the familiar voice of Malistaire. “Morganthe, join your forces with mine and we will take Wizard City and defeat Merle Ambrose.” I stood there in shock. Morganthe was the dark sorceress who had commanded the Shadow Weavers [spiders]. She had supposedly perished in Celestia when the Storm Titan sunk the whole world. Now she was well and living here in Malistaire’s palace.

She said, “Dear Malistaire, I shall consider your request and have an answer by tomorrow night. Where did you say the portal in Wizard City was?” Malistaire said, “The portal will be in the lake in front of Ambrose’s house. We shall rise from the water and take Wizard City.” They talked for a couple more minutes. I hid in an empty closet just as they came out of the room. Morganthe looked creepy with a spider dress on.

When I was sure they were gone, I slipped out of the palace sick with worry. I had to warn the headmaster soon or Wizard City would fall tomorrow night. Then I came up with an ingenious idea. I conjured a centaur, hopped on to his back, and rode him all the way through Doom Land. I grabbed a few of my pet snacks to feed him along the way. He took me to where I was first sucked into Doom Land. I got of the centaur and he turned to dust. I went to the portal and teleported back to Celestia.

I grabbed something to eat at the Sun, Star and Moon Café and teleported to the headmaster’s house. Unfortunately the headmaster wasn’t there so I went to my professor, Dalia Falmea, who teaches fire magic. I told her the whole story from the beginning to the end. She was as shocked as I was when she heard about Morganthe’s return.

I then asked her where the headmaster was. She replied, “The headmaster is in Moo Shu sorting out some business with the troublesome ninja pigs. He will be back by tomorrow morning. “Tomorrow morning! Wizard City will be gone by then!” I exclaimed.

My professor called together a staff meeting of all the teachers in the headmaster’s house. I told the story again. “Morganthe’s back?” asked Professor Balestorm. “Oh no!” cried Moolinda Woo. “My goodness!” shouted Professor Greyose. Cyrus Drake [brother of Malistaire] just sat there calmly and tried to contact the headmaster. When everyone calmed down Professor Falmea said, “We must alert the students, barricade the lake, and prepare our defenses.” One by one the teachers walked back to Ravenwood to warn the students. When they were gone I went to my palace to get some sleep.

I woke up a few hours before it was going to be dark and teleported to the Commons. There were wizards of all levels, ages, color, and rank gathered around spiky vines [probably from Nightside] surrounding the lake. The lake had been drained to reveal a deep hole, the portal, at the bottom. Professors were busy summoning magical creatures to defend Wizard City.

Finally night fell. Boom! Black spiders, crocodiles, and thousands of other creatures poured out of the hole. Not expecting any resistance, they charged only to be beaten back by thousands of powerful spells. Malistaire and Morganthe appeared from the hole, saw how bad they were outmatched, and disappeared again. As the last of the monsters retreated back into the hole, all the wizards let out a deafening cheer. We celebrated past midnight, all happy that Malistaire and Morganthe were defeated.

When Merle Ambrose arrived the next morning, he sealed up the hole, filled the lake, and gave us shiny silver badges that said “Savior of Wizard City”. After telling him about my adventure again I gave him the location of Doom Land I teleported to my palace hoping never to meet Malistaire again.

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