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My Life by Melissa Drake

She was running as fast as she could. Trying to run away from an evil man. Hoping someone would come and help. Uh-oh, dead end, and she’s dead. “Join me…”

“Never!” the man has a grin.

I woke up with seven people around me. The old man said happily, “Hello. My name is Merle Ambrose, and what is yours?”


“What no last name?”


“Okay, that is still your name.”

I was confused then Ambrose said, “Place your hand on top of this book to see what kind of wizard you are.” and a book appeared in his hand. Wait, did he just say wizard? I did that and on top it said:


“Ah-ha. A myth wizard, Cyrus is your teacher. Cyrus, show where her class is.”

“Follow me.” Cyrus said without smiling at all. Great, a teacher that hates me. Oh well, you can’t make someone like you. Trust me, I’ve tried. We stopped in front of a classroom. Above the door was a yellow triangle with a blue eye in the center.

“Go inside.” well that was rude. But, I later heard he is rude to everyone.

“Today, we are learning the Cyclops spell.” said Cyrus. Great. Another day stuck with the meanest (and rude) teacher here. Oh well, if I was meant to be a myth wizard then so be it. I like the mythological stuff anyways…


“What!” everyone laughed. Everyone thought I was doing this on purpose. I’ve told them I was not. But no one believes a class clown. My only friend is Penny Dreadful. I told her my mother died when I was born. She’s very nice to me because everyone else thinks a class clown is evil. Oh well can’t change what people think.


“Sorry.” laughter filled the room. I felt very embarrassed to do this, by accident.

“Hey.” I said as Penny tried to scare me.

“Man your good at that.” she said as she was trying to get up where I was (which I was up a tree).

“Yea I know.”

“So, how was class?”


“So, normal?”

“No worse. Way worse.” I did not want to tell her that I was claimed class clown, again! After our chat, I went to my house. I found a letter from Cyrus. It said...

Dear Melissa,

Your last name should be Drake. (This is where it gets confusing) I over heard you talking to Penny Dreadful. Oh Penny Dreadful is a death student. The orphanage where you came from was “Sunny Side Orphanage” which only one wizard was claimed to live there. Which was my daughter, I sent you away from harm. If my brother, Malistare, knew I had a daughter he will surely kill you. So, run away from rain storms, because it means evil is coming.



I need to walk around, now. So, I took a stroll down Cyclopes Lane. All of a sudden, it started to rain. Uh-oh evil is coming. So, I ran as fast as I could, but it followed me. Then, I heard footsteps behind me; I knew who’s behind me. It was my evil uncle, Malistare! This is not a good day. Then two henchmen of his grabbed me, also heading towards him!

“Let go of me!

“No way.” said the dark fairy.

“Not goanna happen.” said Rattlebones.

“Search her.” Malistare said. The dark fairy found my letter. Worst day, ever.

“Master, look at this letter.” she said as she was handing my letter from Cyrus. I ran away from there. After Malistare read the letter. He went after me, also shooting fire balls at me. I made a left turn. Uh-oh dead end I’m dead.

“Join me…”

“Never!” wait this like my dream. He chuckled.

“You’re just like your Father.” he said, “except, the class clown thing that was me.”

“How did you know that?”

“He told me everything about you. He said you’re his favorite student. But, nothing about you being related.”

“Okay …why am I talking to you?”

“I do not know.”

“Well… bye!” I started climbing up the wall!

“This… is…so…cool!” I said. I went to Headmaster Ambrose’s office.


“Oh, hanging around Miss. Drake.”

“I’m going to tell you who your father is, which was…”


“Oh, you know already?”

“He wrote a letter… which I lost in Malistare’s possession.” Ambrose frowned.

“Oh-well to late for getting it back… and him behind bars.” I went to my class. After class was over, I told Cyrus the same thing as I told the Headmaster. He was not very pleased.

“You know… he never gives up that easy.”


“You did not know did you?”


“He will know you came back here.”

“Again. WHAT!?” Lighting struck. That is way worse, it means evil is coming and he brought some friends.

“Great. I’m dead.” I said.

“No, not yet, you’ll need your wand…” I did not like the sound where this is going. “… you’re going to fight your Uncle, Malistare.” I new I was not going to like where this was going. I went outside with my father to fight my uncle. It will be very hard to fight the very powerful, my uncle, Malistare.

“So… you decide to join the party?” Malistare said as I peered over his shoulder. Penny was tied up and gadded.

“Let her go.” Malistare turned around when I said that.

“Oh, she’s your friend?”


“Rattlebones, untie that girl.” Rattlebones did that and Penny ran to me.

“Is Malistare your Uncle?”

“Yea. Odd isn’t.”


“OH, WILL YOU TWO SHUT UP!!!” said Malistare and Cyrus.

“Okay, okay.” said me and Penny.

“We challenge you in a duel.” Cyrus said to Malistare.

“WHAT?!” I exclaimed.

“Fine, with one of my henchmen.” Malistare said pointing to Rattlebones.

“Okay.” The battle began, I cast a minion, and it was a troll. Malistare cast a bloodbat. Two rounds later I cast a Cyclops, Malistare fainted. Rattlebones already fainted.

“WE WON!!!”

“Yes we did.” everyone treated me differently from then and on.

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