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My First Lesson by Grace LegendCaster

Stories are great, they are even more magical when they're true, men and maidens go on charming adventures, some tragic, some are so greatly told with so much detail, that you lay there disappointed when the story had to end, i never thought my story would be one worth to tell...

Wow! I'm finally old enough to go to this school Ravenwood, after stuck all my life going no where towards the future, therewas finally an open door! But this door was a magical door, that most students don't go through, it was a door that made me destined to destroy someone so powerful, not even the headmaster Ambrose has destroyed. You know how I'm going to destroyhim? With Magic!

Professor Ambrose was finally going to tell me in which class i have the talent for,until.......


The door swung open, there he was, Malistair "This is your last Ambrose!" he bellowed. I stood there aghast, not knowing if I should run or keep on standing, Professor Ambrose whispered in my ear " stay where you are, notice my techniques and my strategy, young wizard." i stood there with my mouth opened stupidly,yet i was taking in every word.

Professor has told me about the seven classes,Balance , Storm , Life, Ice, Fire, and death. And why each and every one was important, so i half understood what was going on.

"Now watch very closely" The Professor told me through his mind "See these bright little balls in front of me, they're called pips, they they are little burst of power that tell me what my manna can do, for instance look at this spell" he said and drew a myth sign over his head a bat sprouted out of his golden wand, the had its tongue out, in a fretful, murderess way, spreading green bogeys all over the place, and sank his fang on malastare's bald spot on his head, malistare howled in pain. " This spell only needs on pip to work, and if you noticed one pip went away,that is because i used it, now i only have one pip, and to recover that-" he said while malistairs spell fizzled. " I use a spell that does not need any pips to work-" I stood there gaping at him, "i will demonstrate.." And as Professor Ambrose raised his wand Malistaire Sneered "You are taking advise from a newbie, you really need to step up your game" He cackled. " Oho! I ran into Sir Grimwater last week, he said you were begging him for treasure cards" Professor Ambrose said patiently, though i could see an irritable look on his face. He made the sign of death over his head and a shield appeared around Malistair " This spell is a defence spell, it will give me thirty percent more power on my attacking spell ." A pip appeared right next to him . "Ha!" Malistair Cackled, and made a death sign over his head, he had two pints. Then his spell made the whole room turn into a grave yard, The room became very dark and eerie, the ceiling boomed with thunder, I could feel when i fight Malistair it will be worse than this. Right in front of Professor Ambrose a ghoul dug himself out of the ground, the ghoul looked around, apparently looking for whom to attack, he dragged himself up making grunting noises,there was this uncomfortable moment when we looked at each other for several seconds, his pupils turned into slits, then he dragged him self so close to Ambrose that the ghoul and Ambrose's head were so close to bumping each other, though the professor was completely unaware of it, he was pleaslenty, looking the other way towards Malistair, who had a determent face,though with a sinister grin. The ghoul raised his shovel ready to strike, I just couldn't see what would happen next, Ambrose was still not aware, I couldn't help my self, I realize it was foolish now, but then i thought it was the right thing to do, I shrieked, "PROFESSOR LOOK OUT!!" The professor chuckled and told me, " You have to make sacrifices young wizard, sometimes to your self and sometimes, to others, that is part of the art of dueling."

I hate watching people get hurt, especially the ones i love, i couldn't watch, i closed my eyes shut, the sound was blinding....

I woke up flat on the stone floor my head, neck and back aching. Professor Ambrose's long thin nose was inches from my nose, " This is something you have to get used to young wizard," He said patiently,he looked healthy and fine, "Nothing but a scratch!" He said cheerfully. ( "Ahem!" Said Malistair Impatiently) My head ached so badly...

I sat upright just to see Professor Ambrose make the death sign in the air, a beautiful sword appeared in front of Ambrose and circled the Professor, " I am very fond of this spell," he said triumphantly " This spell gives my attacking spells forty percent more damage, and if you remember not to long ago I put the death trap on Malistair, which gives my attacking spells thirty percent more strength, adding those two together, gives my attacking spells seventy percent more strengh!" He whispered happily, " Oh look a pip!" Yes there was another pip, he had three pips!

Malistair drew the Death mark over his head, and the death trap appeared around Professor Ambrose. Ambrose nodded and drew the myth sign over his head, I saw that he took away three pips, I knew this spell will cause a lot of damage!

A Enormous troll appeared in the middle of the room.He had a club the size of a small elephant! (It was taller then Malistair!!) it whipped around towards Malistair, raised his giant club and...


" I SURRENDER!!!" He shrieked, "You win this time Ambrose!!"

He vanished.

"Go on young wizard,help Wizard City, We need bright wizards like you, a death student!" I am a death student! My first lesson as a death Student, wow!

I am ready, for journeys ahead, i am ready for an adventure, i am so exited!!! This story will be even better! You just wait!

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