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The Misguided Heroes by Hannah EarthMancer

“Amy’s back!” some students yelled as I appeared from the spiral door, but some other kids turned around and mumbled “O great, the traitor is back.” When I arrived, it has been mixed emotion among the students. Right now I’m just wondering if there is anyone that trust me . When I looked around, RavenWood was in ruins, I guess I should help them rebuild(That is, if they would trust me enough). The one thing with the encounter with my father was I couldn’t remember if I defeated him or not. I couldn’t tell by looking for a body because once a wizard dies and their spirit passes on to the after life, their body vanishes. While I was lost in my thoughts, Gamma flies right in front of me and snaps me back to reality when he said. “Welcome back Ms. Drake.” “Gamma can you please call me by Amy or Ms. HawkMender.” “Oh, ok Ms. Dra-, I mean Ms. HawkMender. By the way, I need to talk to you in what’s left of the Headmaster’s tower.” “Ok? Why cant you say it to me now?” “You’ll see why.” Then Gamma flies towards the tower. As I walked to the Headmaster’s tower, everything around here reminded me of how powerful my father was, and the power I could hold inside.

“Mr. LegendBlade may I ask what’s so important that it has to be done in my tower?” “You’ll seen in a few minutes Headmaster Ambrose.” Then without warning, Gamma flies through the window. “Hooo… Mr. LegendBlade, I did what you asked. She’ll be here soon.” “K, thanks Gamma.” “So who’s coming Joe?” “You’ll see in a second Brittany.” Then the door started to open, hopefully it was her because everyone was getting impatient. “Hello? Gamma are you in here?” Everyone’s jaws dropped as they saw you came through the door. “Amy you’re alive!” “Hi guys!” “How did you come back Amy?” Rachel said. “Well…” Amy explained how she came back and how her mother told her how she could go back the living realm. It sounded so cool! So after we all talked for a little while, Amy went back to her dorm.

“Dear Diary,

I’m back in Wizard City, it’s good to see bright and clear skies again. Now I know that my mother was never mad at me for what I did, although she is very mad at what my father, I mean Malistare has done. If Malistare was alive, I know he would try to take his revenge, but the question is how and when. O well so far, for my concern he’s dead. Now I’ve got to go to Mu Shu with Joe to see if we can find my sister(my sister loves that world so she might be there). The Headmaster said that I have to find her, but I doubt that she‘ll come to Wizard City. She likes to go solo. That’s it for now, see you later diary.

Amy out.”

After writing I went to sleep. Soon the next day Joe was waiting for me on the outside of my dorm. “Come on Amy! We don’t have all day!” “Will you hold your centaurs! Do you think it’s easy to get ready and brush you hair in 2 minutes! I think not!” I walk out of my dorm just thinking what is his problem today. “Ok I’m ready lets go.” But going to Mu Shu, would trigger a event would change me. We soon arrived in Mu Shu. We both went to a house that usually had Mossback, Oak heart, and Wave Bringer to ask if they have seen a girl with blue eyes and short blue hair. But when we went in, there was no one there. “That’s weird, they’re not here. They rarely leave this place. Do you think something could have happened Joe?” But when I turn around to see if Joe was still there(because he didn’t answer me). When I faced him, he waved his wand and black vines came rushing out of the floor. The vines came towards me and tied me up. “Joe! What’s the big idea! This isn’t funny!” Then a guy dressed in red and white Mu Shu/ Dragon Spyre armor came from another room. “Good work Joseph, here’s your reward.” This weird guy walks up to Joe and hands him a huge sack of gold. “Who the heck hound are you?” I yelled out of frustration. “I’m Brandon Storm Heart, leader of the clan called the Strikers. And now, I’m also you’re master. You are now a Striker.” “Ok games over, Joe help me out.” Then Joe face filled with anger. “Yea right. Your family has caused nothing but trouble for the spiral. So by order of the Headmaster, the teachers, and the students of Wizard City you are banished. Now you’ll have to obey him or die by his clan’s hand….. Good riddance Amy Drake!” And he turned around and walked out of the door. I cant believe that one thing I trust betrayed me. “You see Amy, you have a very special gift. You can slip through any barrier without even trying and without being detected. You’ll prove invaluable to our cause of bringing chaos to the spiral. You see, the clan is mostly made up of wizards who have been betrayed or banished. No matter what you think, you’ll fight by our side, one way or another.” The he places a small device around my neck. I really don’t know what it’s for but it’s probably for when I try to escape. I was so filled with rage that every decision I made at the time was without a second thought. “Let me go and I’ll join the Strikers without a fight!” “Good. A very good choice.” Then the vines receded. “Here, your Striker uniform.” The hands me a Dragon Spyre armor. “Right now you’re on noob rank but you can raise to higher ranks but doing special missions and the outline of the clothing changes along with the ranks. You first mission shall begins today.

I got to Amy’s dorm but she wasn’t there but the girl from Amy’s house was there. I asked her what she was doing here and she explain to me that she enrolled to RavenWood a few weeks ago. She said that her father let her enrolled so she can be a spy, but since her father was gone, she can go to school just for the teachings. I asked her if she has seen Amy but she said to me that “If I was crazy, she died remember?” I explained everything that happened after she disappeared(by the way her name is Katherine). So after a short chat with Katie(that’s what she likes to be called), I went to the Headmaster to see if he has seen her. When I found the Headmaster I asked him if he’s seen Amy “I though she was with you Mr. LegendBlade.” Before I could ask him where she could be, a huge explosion came from the shopping district. Without saying another word me and the Headmaster race toward the explosion. When we got there, we saw ice wizards trying to put out a fire from the ring shop. Then three people jumped out of the ring shop with their hand full of rings. All three were dressed in silver but two had blue outline while the other one had green outline and each one had a mask on that covered their eyes only. At first I though they were trying to save the rings, but then they started to run away with them so then I knew they were thefts. Me, the Headmaster and a few other wizards chased them to Triton Ave. The Headmaster casted a forever wind spell and knocked the thefts off their feet and knocked their masks off as well. When they got up, everyone was in shock. The two with blue outline were the best death students(at least by grades) in RavenWood and the one with green outline was Amy! “What are you doing Amy!” Me and the Headmaster yelled. “Don’t act so innocent!” She yelled back. Then a black portal appeared behind them and they all ran inside it. Before the portal closed, Amy yelled “Wizard City shall pay for what it has done to me!” Before anyone could reach it, the portal closed.

The three I sent to Wizard City had finally returned and appeared in the my conference room of the clan’s hideout in MarleyBone. “Good work you three. With these rings, taking over the Defender clan’s territory in no time. After they are out of the way there shall be no one to defeat us. Now, you’re all dismissed. Oh and send me Nick StarBlossom.” “Right sir.” Amy said. They all leave and Nick comes in. “Yes Brandon?” “I need you here for the meeting. You are of course second in command.” “Brandon, do you think it’s wise to strike a deal with you know who.” “Nick. Do you want to take revenge on the mortal world for making you an out cast just because you used magic. Or have you forgotten? Have you forgotten that I was the one who took you out of the retched place called earth.” “No I haven’t forgotten. But you know what others say.” “Hush now, he’s about to arrive.” Then a black portal appears in the center of the room and Malistare step out of it. “Have you Strikers crushed my daughter’s spirit yet?” “Yes we have, her spirit was crushed when the closest thing to her betrayed her. What she doesn’t know is that at that time, that was Nick using his clone magic.” “Very good. Let her go through the ranks like everyone else but when she becomes second in command. Let me know so she can see the spiral fall under our control and she‘ll believe that it was all her fault… And, you‘ll get your part of the deal.” “As you wish Malistare.”

I had called for the teachers of Ravenwood, the Headmaster, Gamma, and the rest of my friends for a meeting at the Headmaster’s house. “Ok, as some of you know already, there was a robbery at the ring shop about 2 hours ago. What some of you don’t know that one of the three robbers, was Amy HawkMender and…” “What! Since when has Amy been a robber?! Are you sure it was her!?” Joseph yelled at me. “Joseph don’t interrupt me!” “Sorry Joe.” “But I’m sure it was her I saw her with my own eyes, even the Headmaster saw it. But there is something that was very weird, before Amy went into the black portal she said Wizard City shall pay for what it has done to me. She was also wearing silver armor.” “Wait! Did you say silver armor!?“ “Yes I did Rachel. Why so shocked?” “Because! The Silver armor is the uniform of the Striker clan!” Before I could ask her what in the spiral is the Strikers, the door was being banged on, and then it flew open. A girl about age 14 or 15, with long black hair and brown eyes dressed in silver MarleyBone bandit uniform with gold outline rushed in. “You! How could you do that to that poor Amy!” and that girl pointed to me. “Why are you pointing to me?” “Oh don’t play dumb with me! I saw you betray Amy and handed her over to the Strikers in Mu Shu!” Then everyone looked at me like I was crazy. “What are you talking about? I’ve been here in Wizard City since last night. I haven’t left here.” Then she ran up to me and placed the tips of her fingers on my forehead. Magic started to flow from me and into her arm. The others in the room pulled her away but I felt so weak when her hand was removed, I fell to my keens. “This doesn’t make since, you’re telling the truth.” When I got a little of my energy back I stood up and said “What was that you just did?” “It’s called Soul Reader. Very few life wizards can use it, it’s a spell that can tell the true feelings or the truth of events that someone has gone through… Man, I cant believe that you were her friend, you’re so weak and you have a hard time catching up.”(I’m going to ignore that comment) “Wait, who are you and how do you know what happen to Amy?” “Oh my name is Wilma SwiftDragon. I know what happen happened because I was there when it all happened.” “Do you mind explaining the story and how you were able to talk to her young one?” the Headmaster said. “Look Mr. Ambrose can I call you that? I know that you’re that headmaster of this place but it’s easier for me. Anyway I was able to talk to her because I’m a Striker. And this is what happened, I was in the room when it all happened, our leader…” this girl explained in full detail what had happened. No wonder Amy wants to get revenge. “So tell me Wilma, what are the Strikers planning on doing?” I asked. “Well, we are trying to defeat the rival clan that is good called the Defenders. But there is another goal but only the leader and the guy in second command know…. Man, I really hate being a striker!” “Then why don’t you just quit?” asked Brittany “Are you crazy?!” The rolled up her sleeve and a black ring was on her arm. “You see this? When you become a Striker you have to wear this, so if you try to quit or escape, this thing give and electric shock. In some cases it’s so powerful it can kill the person who’s wearing it. It‘s really annoying.” “Yikes!” yelled Joseph. “So where are you parents? Cant they help you?” Rachel said. “I don’t know if my parents are even alive. They abandon me in MarleyBone. I felt so alone, I joined the Strikers to have a family for once.” Then a beeping came from Wilma. “Sorry that was my pager but I’ve got to go. I’m being sent to raid the weapons factor in MarleyBone with Amy.” “How about if we come with you?” I said “No way! If they find out that I’ve been talking to you, it might be the death of me!… But if you get there before I do they’ll never see it coming. By the way, when you confront Amy, be very careful. Right now, I really don’t know how but, she’s has grown white scaly wings and her power is much stronger then before. Now that she is filled with rage. Oh and one other thing, there are ranks, there is green, silver, gold, orange, yellow, red, and black. But what ever you do, avoid anyone wearing red or black.” And then she teleported somewhere. With every wizard fixing the shopping district, the one ones we could spare, was me Joseph, Brittany, and Rachel. So once we all ready, we were off to the weapons factory. When we teleported there, the raid had already begin. The place was flooded with Strikers. “Ok guys we have to keep quiet.” I whispered. We quietly move on the pipes at the top of the factory trying to look for Wilma and Amy. Soon we spot them loading the stolen weapons onto a cart. Before we could do anything one of the lookout of the Strikers had notice us(just our luck). “Wizard City’s wizards! Abort the mission! I repeat! Abort the mission!” the lookout screamed. Then every Striker dropped what ever they were doing and went to grab the cart. The Amy flew right behind us and used magic we never seen before “Wind punishment!” she yelled and flew us off the pipes. We landed feet first, she had more power then ever before. But now we have a problem, Amy was now wearing silver armor like before but this time, with red outline, who knows what she can do now. “Why have you come! Have you come to banish another wizard to the Strikers!” “You don’t understand that wasn’t Joe, it was someone else.” Brittany said while trying to reason with her. “You’re lying!” She then was about to do another spell, but she screamed in distressed. Then Wilma comes running up to her and tells us, it’s the stupid black rings. Wilma then whispers to us that she’ll act like she hates us. “You’re lucky that we have to go, or you’ll be dead meat.” And both of them teleport out of there.

(back at the hideout)“I cant believe they called us back before I could give them for what they deserve” “Amy do you here your self! You used to care about thesis people, and you had a crush on one of those Joseph.” “Wilma listen to me! I almost died defending them from Malistare and what do I get in return? I get banished from Wizard City! I don’t want to be in this stupid clan but, I want to show wizard city how strong I can be, maybe they thought I was weak.” “Look I didn’t want to tell you this before but they were telling the truth, that Joe that betrayed you was an imposter.” “Now you’re sounding like them! Wait a minute… you’ve been meeting with them haven’t you!” “Now Amy calm down, you know what will happen when you get too angry.” “Grrr… I’ll be in my room, don’t bother me unless it’s about a mission.” As Amy walked away, the scales from her white wing spread to her right arm. Now her arm look like a drake‘s. If this keeps going, even the clan might lose their lives.

(the next day)We missed our first chance to get Amy back, this doesn’t look good. How did she gain so much power? Why were they called back if they are supposed to be stronger than any other wizard? While pacing in my room, a knock on my door came. “Come in.” “Hello Joe.” “Hello Wilma. Is there something you need?” “Actually there is a problem. Last night, the put Amy to fight against a snaglebeast. And she barely survived but she wanted to me to give you this.” The Wilma hands me a letter. At first I don’t understand why that clan put Amy against one of the most deadly beast in the spiral. But when I opened the letter it said:
“Dear Joe,
You and the rest of Wizard City have betrayed me, after I risked my live for you guys. You have no idea what power I hold now that you’ve abandon. I’ve face a creature so powerful that I now control it’s power. Come to the Dragon Spyre arena to settle this madness straight, and come alone.
Amy HawkMender”

And with the letter, was a white scale. “What is the white scale for?” “You’ll seen when you get there. Oh and don’t come alone.” And before I could ask anything else, she teleported way. A few hours later Wilma had told Brittany, Joseph and Rachel about the letter. So while I was about to go to the Dragon Spyre arena, I convinced my friends not to come. Now I was that the abandon arena. “Come on out Amy! I know you’re here!” Then the white scale that came with the letter, started to glow. I looked up and coming down was something that looked like a drake, so I quickly got out of the way but what ever that thing was it had cut me on the cheek at the last second. I drew out my sword just waiting for another attack. “Lets end this once and for all.” said the creature that attacked before. It swung it’s hand and the smoke cleared. The creature was actually Amy, with a drake’s arm, claws and wings. “Amy, what have they done to you!” “They’ve done nothing! This is my father’s work. This is what I meant before, when I said that I understood your fish form secret.” Then she rushed toward me with her claw straight out, trying to hurt me. I soon change into my form that give me more speed. Now it was Speed vs. Speed, Creature vs. Creature. -battle- I was defeated, my sword was broken in half, me at the edge of the arena. The weirdest thing was that I only injury that I took was the one on my cheek, I mean there were chances that she could of injured me or worse. Is she holding back? What is she planning? With that claw of her’s she lifts me in the air. “Why? Tell me why I was banished?” “For the last time, you weren’t banished. The Joe that was with you that wasn’t me.” Then Amy did the same Soul Reader spell that Wilma did to me when we meat in the headmaster house. Then when Amy pulled her hand away, she looked completely confused. “Joe, you’re telling the truth.” Then she puts me down but… a blast of fire magic came from the side and hit Amy and knocked her unconscious. Then Joseph from behind a ruin pillar. “My god dude, why didn’t you attack her. She could have killed you. Do you still have feelings for her?” “Joseph, um I think knocking her unconscious was a bit extreme.” “I’ll say it again, she could have killed you!” “Let’s just get her to the life school.”

What’s taking Amy so long? It cant be that hard to defeat the pathetic ice wizard. I mean really, she defeated a sanglebeast. “Brandon there is urgent news!” Nick said while barging through the door. “Well what is it?” “It’s about our latest member. Amy HawkMender has been captured by wizards from Wizard City.” This was impossible! There was no way she could have been captured. “Are you sure it wasn’t someone else!?” “I’m sorry but it has been confirmed.” “Get me every available yellow rank and prepare for a rescue mission.” “Yes sir!” And he leaves in a hurry. Then a black portal came about and again, Malistare steps out of it. “Brandon, is my daughter ready to be taken back to Dragon Spyre?” “I’m sorry Malistare, but she was kidnapped but the wizards of Wizard City.” “What! You lost you’re valued member! You better get her back or I’ll have you head!” And with a slam of his staff, he was gone.

“Ms. Wu, why do we have to keep her in a barrier?” “Because we have no idea what she can do now Mr. LegendBlade.” Before bring Amy back to be healed, she returned to her normal form. Now everyone is taking procaine around her. Knowing that clan, their going to try to get her back so the Headmaster put Brittany, Rachel, and Joseph on guard duty(because they were the only people who weren’t on a quest) outside of the life school.. “She’s finally wake,” Ms. Wu said with regret and then she leaves the room. She probably doesn’t like healing criminals, at least that is what Amy is labeled now. “Ugh, where am I?” “You’re in Wizard City.” Amy looks around and said “Why the heck hound am I in a barrier!?” “Sorry Amy, but until the Headmaster approves, you’re stuck in there.” “It’s just a question but how did I fell unconscious?” “Oh, um Joseph blasted you with a spell.” “Oh ok, remind me to slap him later.” “Now that’s the Amy I remember.” Then a rumble started, the barrier went down without anyone using a spell. “What’s going on?” “I don’t know Amy.” Then the wall of the building came down as someone blasted thought it. Then two people came rushing in. One dressed in silver and black and the other in silver and red. Both of them were so quick that the tied Amy up and ran out the same way they came with her. “Hey! Let me go!” “Not a chance Amy!” both intruders had said. I ran after them, as I hear Amy trying to fight her way free. I looked back and my friends were fighting other kids dressed in silver, looks like I’m on my own. I chased them down to the Dragon Spyre arena, where a black portal was waiting. I casted a colossus right in front of the portal before they could reach it. “Nick, take Amy and get back to Malistare. I‘ll take care of the LegendBlade kid.” said the kid with the black outline to the kid with red outline. Now I know that all of this started because of Malistare, I should have known. That Nick kid took Amy but stood by the portal waiting for the colossus to drop it’s guard. “Well, Mr. LegendBlade, you should know the name of the person who’s going to defeat you. My name is Brandon StormHeart. So how about a one on one?” “You’re on Brandon!”

Then Joe started to fight with Brandon. What is about me that every evil force in the spiral wants me on their side or dead? But I cant believe that this caused by my father(now this was getting ridiculous). The two battled fiercely, swinging their swords and casting their spells so hard at each other that when they collided, sparks flew every where. “Nick let me go. I can end this rein of Malistare over you guys.” “There is no rein, Brandon ask for a share of Malistare’s power for the clan if he had brought you to him.” “I know you don’t like this clan and you can leave any time you want. But why wont you leave Nick?” “Because Brandon was the person who saved me from death back in the mortal world. And I don’t want any other wizard to go through what I went through.” “Hello! You’re putting me through something just as bad as your past by letting me see this world fall to it’s doom.” He looked at me with sadness in his eyes, but the turned his attention back to the duel. I looked back at the fight and Joe was laying on the floor just looking back at Brandon while Brandon was holding his sword . Brandon stood over him and said “ You poor wizard, I’ll let you live if you decide to join my clan.” “I rather be dead!” Joe yelled back. “Ok, have it your way!” Brandon put both his and Joe’s sword in one hand and raise it up high, ready to strike. Joe was too weak to defend himself. I thought I was about to see a friend of mine die but the Nick unhooked the black ring around my neck and the rope around my hand with a quick slash of his sword. “Go Amy. Save your friend.” Nick whispered to me. I was about to reveal my final secret. I had meant to give a huge scream but instead I gave a huge roar! My whole body transformed. It was covered in white scales, my nails were replaced with claw, I grew fangs, horns, a tail and wing, and my face was transformed into what looks like a dragon’s face. The only part of me that stayed the same were my eyes and my spirit. This is my alternate form, the snow white dragon(or at least what I call it)! I ran in front of Joe and said “Don’t you dare!” and knocked the swords out of Brandon’s hands. At first Brandon was shocked but then he looked happy that I knock his weapons into the lava pit that surrounds the arena. “Well Amy! Why didn’t you tell me that you had this kind of power!” He had said with glee. “Finally! Someone who is up to my power level!” He then starts to grow tentacles and natural armor. “Witness Malistare’s power! My sea lord form! Hahaha!” (just my luck) Before any thing could happen, Nick casted a spell that caused black vines to come from the ground and tied up Brandon. “What the! Nick! I order you to release me!” “I’m done taking orders Brandon!” The two kept going back and forth on who’s in charge of who and blah, blah, blah. I looked back at Joe and all he could do was satire at me with disbelief in his eyes. Before I returned to my human form, the one person who I thought was dead had appeared. “What such pathetic displays of emotions for others Amy.” “Dad! You’re alive!?” “You thought you had finished me Amy!? Well I’ll finish you off this time!” I knew I had to fight, this might be my last time to end his terror once and for all.

The clash between Amy and her father. I never knew that she was half dragon, or is she using a spell? But I never seen her act that way to defend anyone. Does she have a crush on me? She knows that I have scales that could have easily blocked the attack. Amy had flown up to where Malistare was floating. The she flew towards Malistare with her claws ready to strike but when she strikes, Malistare blocked it with his hand. He then throws Amy toward the ground and created a huge crater. The sound of the ground breaking had echoed through out the arena. The dust from the crater keeps spreading instead of settling. “Hahaha! You see! I’ve seen and thought every move you know! You just cant win Amy!” Then from the dust cloud, three fire a balls came flying at Malistare. “Ahhh! What the heck hound?!” “There is one this you don’t know dad, when someone I care about is endangered. My power increases 10 fold!” The dust cloud, had disappeared and Amy’s scales had change to black, her claw now white as snow(the reverse of what she was before). “This is you’re final hour of freedom Malistare!” Then Amy’s claws glowed with a spell called Thunder Strike. A very old, very powerful spell that supposedly can K.O. someone with a single touch. Then Amy race towards Malistare with her claw at the ready, but some how Brandon escapes the black vines and said “I’ll defend you Malistare!” And he through himself in front of Malistare. With no time to react, Amy’s claw side swipes Brandon and her father. Then Malitare slams Amy on the head with his staff, pulls Brandon out of Amy’s claw and teleports away. When Amy came back to the ground, she gave a roar of distress and then she kneeled down. Me and that other kid rushed towards her but when we got to her, her face turned back to normal but the rest of her body stayed the same. She way crying like crazy, and she looked back at us and said “Don’t come near me. I’m a monster.” “O come on Amy, no you’re not. You saved my life, no monster would do that.” “I am a monster! Do you not see my claws!” She showed us her claw, all covered in blood. “I almost killed someone! Only a monster would do that!” She just kept crying, so I did what my mother did when I was younger. I sat down next to Amy, put my arms around her and sang the LegendBlade’s traditional song “When I’m alone… and afraid. I am glad that you are always there to light my way. For the strength to be strong, to be strong, for the will to carry on. For everything I do, I turn to you.” After I finished, she stop crying and her drake form, disappeared. “Joe?” “Yea Amy?” “Thanks for never losing faith in me.” “It’s no big deal, I just knew you’ll pull through.” We both got up and agreed to go back to Wizard City to let everyone know that the dark king has retuned. But before we went, “Yo Amy.” “Yes Nick?” “If you ever want to come back to the Strikers, you’re always welcome here. Oh, and if Wizard City ever needs help, the Strikers are there for you guys.” Then the I removed the colossus and he went through the portal.

(Later at Wizard City) The other were glad that Joe was unhurt, but what about me? O never mind that. The rest of our friends weren’t surprised that I returned(looks like I was wrong about other losing faith) and each one of them are out of mana at that time to do a special spell that I “borrowed” from the Striker’s library. “Hey Joe, can you help me out with this spell?” “Sure Amy, what’s the spell?” I pull out the spell, and told him to read it out loud with me. “Now the old world is gone but the spiral has taken it’s place. So we call a pound the forces of nature to bring forth a guardian to draw back the forces of evil.” At first, nothing had happened, but then a colorful light danced across the sky. Then a girl in a white dress, white wings and blond hair came before us. “As you with Legend Menders of the spiral.” The girl said, then she fizzled way and the light disappeared. I’m guessing that was the new guardian. Now Wizard City is safe, at least for now.

(some where in the spiral) “Grrr! What is about that kid that Amy protects so much?! Victoria! Get in here!” Then a girl teleported in. “Yes Malistare?” “Heal this kid now!” “As you wish Malistare.” Then the girl takes Brandon and teleports away. “No more Mr. nice father. I will get Amy so I can bring Silvia back! Muhahahaha!”

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