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The Misfortunes of Kane Deathflame by Kane Deathflame

One day, I was in the bathroom, washing my hands before dinner. A hand popped out of the toilet. It was an old, wrinkly hand. I could see an image of an old man being reflected in the water, but it wasn’t so much a reflection as a hologram. I thought they only had those in movies! I didn’t have time to react when it grasped me. For such an old hand, it had much strength. I was pulled through. I screamed. The old man I had seen reflected in the toilet water acted like he could barely see me.

He asked, “Hrm… Gamma, do you think this could be the one?” I was shocked when the owl replied, “Yes! He is the one!” The old one told me his name, Headmaster Ambrose. He asked me what I looked like. He grabbed a wand, and he handed it to me. I asked, “What am I supposed to do with this?” He responded, “Draw a picture of yourself in mid-air.” I started to draw. Eureka! I was drawing a picture of myself in mid-air, with what seemed to be black ink. As soon as I was done, he looked worried.

“A-a-a d-d-death student!” he gasped. He told me about the 6 different schools of magic, then about the corruption of Malistare, the Death Professor. After that, he got me a set of robes, hats, and boots (don’t forget the wand!) made especially for wizards, he started to talk about the Balance school, which relied on the other six schools of magic. Then he said that every wizard has a wizard name. “By the looks of it,” he said, “your name shall be Kane Deathflame.” He told me to go talk to a guard by the gate to Unicorn Way. He told me to use my compass. Finally, he gave me 14,000 crowns. I gasped; he said, “Don’t mention it.” Then he winked, and I was whizzed out of the door. I found myself by a fountain… just outside his office, apparently.

I searched around the small pocket in the side of my robe. Whoa; it was as big as a backpack in there! I soon found my compass. There was a note on the side that said to cast a glyph in the air. I did, and I got it right my first try. More 'black ink', apparently. “Ooof!” I was being pulled toward the gate to Unicorn Way. Of course, I didn’t know that yet. The strange magnetic sensation that was pulling me along was apparently from the compass!

So, I went on about my duties on Unicorn Way, killing ghosts, freeing fairies, killing Rattlebones… It was honorary somehow. Then I was sent to Golem Court. I helped someone… I forget her name… anyways, I helped her get her science report pieces that the golems had stolen in Golem Tower. She gave me a badge, so I pinned it to my tunic. It proudly reads, “GOLEM TOWER CHAMPION”.

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