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The Misadventures of Alexandria by Alexandria

“Alexandria would you kindly pay attention?”

I snapped out of my lovely daydream. I found my self being starred at by my little class in front of Bartleby. My teacher professor Arthur Wethersfield glared at me.

“Alex if you want to spend your time daydreaming then you shouldn’t be here..” He said sternly. “In fact every time I catch you at it I can’t help but think that would be better off in myth school.”

I shuddered of the thought. Being stuck in the same room with that mad man was the worst punishment she could think of. Not that she hated Professor Cyrus Drake but he never did seem to smile….

“Sorry Professor.” I mumbled looking at the spell he was trying to teach me “Won’t happen again.”

“As I was saying Alexandria here has managed to achieve enough skill to start learning how to summon the scorpion….”

But I wasn’t paying attention, I was thinking hard about something. We Balance students had no classroom that they know of. Every so often Professor would hold class under the great tree Bartleby. Since very few people became sorcerers that was never a big problem. Every Sorcerer had a second class to go to so they didn’t really care. I on the other hand don’t have a second class so I spent my days dueling my friends from other schools. i got top grades if only I didn’t drift off in to day dreams…


I snapped out of it quickly.

“Glad you could be back with us.” Arthur said dryly “The head Master would like to see you.”

I had a sinking feeling.

“Uh oh.” I thought grimly. “Maybe he heard about me dueling Austin.” He was a friend who studied life.

I slowly packed my cards away picked up my wand and headed for the commons.

All the while thinking about what I did to deserve something like this.

I knocked on the door and a voice said “Enter.”

I opened the door and stepped in not knowing what might the Headmaster held in store….

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