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Methidania (poem) by Methidania

Let me tell you about a land,
I call it "Methidania"
There is a girl, no older than twelve.
A skeptic, yet a beliver.
She was stolen away one night.
By creatures unknown.
Put into a labyrinth, never to be found.
Until one day, she came across two doors...
There stood two creatures.
A Beautiful Mermaid and a faun.
Beyond the first door where the mermaid stood,
was the girl's world.
Her room just the way she left it.
Beyond the second door where the Faun stood,
was a strange world much different from the girl's.
A golden castle, wonderful fields and amazing creatures.
"Here is the door back to your world, you may go."
said the mermaid.
The girl turned to room,
then turned to the second door and entered the strange world, Methidania.
The end

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