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Malistaire's Dungeon by Emma WillowThorn

“Oh no.” moaned Emma. “Why today?”
Emma finally had to defeat Malistare today. She was very stressed.
“Why ME?” she moaned. “I can’t deal with this kind of stress!”
Then suddenly her friend Angus apparated into her dorm room.
“Hey, chill. I’m helping you. And I have a friend helping, too.” Angus said calmly.”We can do this..”
“ANGUS!! HOW can I be CALM when you suddenly apparate into my bedroom??”
“Sorry, Em. But we need to go now. My friend is waiting. So PLEASE trust me. We can do this.” said Angus.
So Emma and Angus put treasure cards in their decks, put in their best spells, and set off to Dragonspyre.

Sure enough, once they got to the dungeon entrance, a plain, cheerful looking storm student was standing there. His name was Tim.
“Hi, Emma! Is that your name?” he asked.”I am only a magus, but can I still help you? I really want to defeat Malistare..”
Emma said, “Please, please, STOP TALKING TO US AND LET’S GET MOVING! I have enough stress today.”
“Ok.” He said timidly.
And then they went into the dungeon.

It really was an amazing sight. They were standing on a platform overlooking everything else there.
Angus was the first to speak. “Umm, Emma?”
“What?”she asked.
Emma looked greatly shaken.”How many?”
“Two or three.”
“Oh no…”

To get there, they battled minions, tons of minions.
“Whew.” Emma said after one battle.”I’m sure glad Angus is on our side.”
Finally they got to the first oni. It was ice.
“This is soooooo annoying!” moaned Emma. “I HATE the tower shields!”
“Me too.” Tim and Angus agreed.
Finally they weakened it, but Angus and Tim needed healing.
“Dryad please.”Angus said. “Ok.” Emma replied, and within minutes, he was healed.
“ Satyr please.” Said Tim. He was healed too.
Together they won the battle. Then they headed over to the fire oni.
They beat him easier. Then they used teleport stones to go to Malistare. Then my death friend came. He helped too.They had to beat more death minions until the bubble surrounding Malistare broke. It protected him.

Pop!! The bubble broke. He sneered.
“You puny wizards cannot stop me! Soon the Dragon Titan is coming, and you can do nothing about it!”
Then suddenly Cyrus Drake, the myth teacher, apparated here.
“Malistare, please, no! Sylvia would not want this.”
Malistare whirled around.”You cannot stop ME, brother. Neither can these puny wizards.”
“Maybe Sylvia can.” Cyrus said simply.
Poof! The spirit image of Sylvia Drake appeared.
“Malistare, I don’t want this. Please, stop!” she said softly.
Then he had enough. Poof! Both Sylvia and Cyrus disappeared.
“He is a PRAT!! Cyrus finally stood up for us, and now he’s gone.”Emma said angrily.”Let’s get him.”
So they went to battle. Tim had left, they found.
“Scaredy-cat.” Angus said.

Soon, Emma’s friend had no more mana. He fell to the ground, weak.
“Angus, we’re on our own.”Emma shouted.”Do a storm lord to finish off the minions.”He did. It finished them off.
Then I attacked Malistare with life spells and Angus with storm spells and prisimed death small spells from Emma’s death friend.
Finally Malistare fell to the floor as I cast a leperachaun.
Soon after, he disappeared with Sylvia.
But I also gained a level…

“Yayyyy!!!” I said.”I’m LEVEL 50!!!!”
We went home and then talked to Ambrose, the headmaster. Then we both got badges and then, for the first time that day, I was happy and relaxed.

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