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Mailstaire's Daughter: The Last Breath (part 2) by Autumn DeathFountain

They all charged. Malistaire snickered at their foolishness. All of them didn't care, for they had no part in Malistaire's knowings. Horizan jumped in front of their charge, sword at the ready. Victoria front-flipped over him, as others followed in the same way. Victoria attacked Malistaire with her needle sharp sword, and pierced it in his neck a little ways. "The suffering of me will do you no good," Malistaire knowing explained, "The stopping of my heart, either. For thy should know, but I don't expect little witches and cowards of good to know such a proverb." Autumn's mouth was getting a tingling feeling. She opened it, surprised for her angry screams to actually come out. "You know not, either! I know you are not Malistaire! You are an evil spirit! Go away, you have no bidding here! It is between we and my father!" The clone went to black dust, into the sky, screaming a horrid laugh of evil. "Such wonders," Autumn started to say, " `Why would one help thy Malistaire?` Others would know the answer, but too afraid to reply to the curious." Victoria stared at her. "Nice choice of words. Where did they come from?" she asked curiously. "I have no idea," Autumn answered, "but I know Malistaire helped me. I have a feeling, in the pit of my stomach." Her friend said, "Whoa, your brain's smarter, and now so is your stomach?! You got everything." They slowly, carefully, silently walked around, seaching for any sight of Malistaire. Nothing nonsensable to clue out. They bared the whole tower of any speck of dust, leaving it clean. All trudged out, hanging their heads in defeat

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