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Malistaire's Daughter: The Last Breath (part 2) by Autumn DeathFountain

Autumn stared into the sky, just leaning on Charis. She was thinking about her father, and how long it would take that mad genius to escape prison. She continued to visit him, as if she had no other choices. He always talked about plotting against the world, like it was her job. She never made eye contact with him, for his eyes were black holes, just waiting to suck her in the evilness. Many would be at her side in these dark times, but not enough to stop Malistaire. She also started thinking about what she did when she had found out Malistaire was her father. She had shivered, and called herself crazy even. But when he had stated it, she knew it was true. But Merle Ambrose and Gamma and everybody had been and has been kind, nice, and helping. And her uncle was a great help too, no matter how surprised he was when he found out Autumn DeathFountain was his niece.

Miles away, at the prison, Malistaire was thinking himself. But not about how "nice" people were to his daughter, but a plan to rid the world of kindness and helpfullness. He paced around for hours all night trying to plot and plan everything in its tracks. His servant, the ninja pig, also known as Horizan, was glaring at Malistaire, mad he had gotten him in jail. Malistaire noticed Horizan, and slapped him. "How dare you glare at me! I am your master, not your feeling puppet!" Horizan turned away, and rubbed his slapped cheek.

Autumn had a feeling today was going to be great. Uncle Cyrus was going to hand in the tests from yesterday, and Autumn just knew she got a good grade. And she was also going to be taugh Cyclops, and she had another feeling she would have a blast with that. She saw Cyrus grading the last paper, and then he started to stand up. He announced, "Don't be sad if you get a bad grade, and don't rub it in people's faces if you get a good grade," he looked at Aaron RoseCaster, who shyly turned his head away, and Cyrus continued, "And I wish you luck on your next tests, too!" He began to hand out the papers, glancing at everyone who gaped their mouths in unjoyfullness. Once he dropped the test on Autumn's desk, she peeked at the top of the page. Her eyes wided with excitement, and she wanted to jump up and scream out, "I GOT AN A, I GOT AN A!" She peeked around the room, everyone staring at her as if she had killed someone. Autumn lowered her head in disappointment, cause everyone knew of her A.

Outside, Cyrus was teaching Autumn how to use Cyclops. Her wand acted perfectly, and she acted perfectly. Uncle Cyrus was impressed with her work, for he had never seen someone do so well. She walked home, and all her classmates crowded around her, asking questions. "Did you really get an A?" "Is it true you cheated?" "Aaron wants to know why your uncle gave him "the look"!" Autumn was getting confused, and then Charis came and backed people off, and took Autumn to her house.

In jail, Malistaire began to pace again, while Horizan still rubbed his cheek. The ninja pig was thinking about how to get out without his master seeing him. If his master saw him, the consiquences would be great. If he didn't see, well, Horizan would have the best luck of his life. But there were no shovels, and spoons, well, he would have to see at lunch. Malistaire was doing the same thing his servant was. But escaping from WizardCity Jail had never been done, because it wasn't even possible. But the greatest sorcerer in the world could whip up something to get out in no time at all. At all......

Autumn began to wonder about having her teacher as a uncle, because he could tutor her, no charge. Aaron said he hated her and her uncle, and also stated that he would QUIT the magical arts. Her reply to him was a dirty look, and he had hesitated for a minute. Autumn knew the chances of anyone quiting these fine arts were about one and.... one million. Today she was going to see her father, probably pacing the jail floors. She thought she would even see tracks left by him. And since she knew the most powerful spell of all time being, Malistaire couldn't get out while she visited. Cyrus sometimes came with her, and stared at his brother for hours, even long after Autumn had left the building. She thought they were thought talking, having a thinking conversation.

Autumn strolled home, feeling good she had left the prison. Charis troted along beside her, trying her best to keep up. Her uncle was still at the prison, and Autumn felt sorry for what nasty words he had been sent from Malistaire. As she walked up the front steps, a voice called her brain, zapping her like lightning. It sounded like.... her father and uncle. She heard Malistaire finishing a sentence. ".....why won't you, foolish brother? We could be an unstoppable team!" Cyrus's voiced kicked in. "Why don't you make Horizan your special killing agent or whatever you want me to be? Autumn would completely destroy you, anyhow." "Brother, just think about the riches, you rule the world with me, and my daughter, you take care of her." "Never! Malistaire, calm down Sylvia would be furious! She's the only reason you started this! She loves you, and so does your relatives, but just stop the maddness!" The voices faded, and Autumn just stood there, gaped mouth. She thought, "That's what they talk about, me." She wish she had her voice to scream out her anger. "ME? WHY AM I THE TARGET HERE?! It's not like I'm special!" Charis looked at her with consern. Autumn stroked her, as if everything was pefect.....

Autumn sat on her couch with a worried face. School would start any minute, and she didn't want to look at her uncle, having a knowing face. She started riding to school, also worried about not seeing Aaron. As she opened the doors, everyone looked at her as if they all needed her help, big time. Autumn didn't see Cyrus, but she did see Aaron. And everyone else. Prof. Moolinda was there, like she was announcing something huge. She said, "Ah, Ms. DeathFountain, glad you could join us in this urgent time of need." Autumn glanced around the room a bit, thinking someone started a fight. Prof. Moolinda continued, "I'll repeat myself, since Ms. DeathFountain is here. Cyrus was announced dead at a teachers meeting, and I want all of you to know it was not commited as.... well you all know what I mean. And we teachers have heard Malistaire escaped from prison, leaving his companion behind," she held up Horizan, and Autumn looked at him with fear, "and he is found to be in DragonSpyre, looking for a new sum of these, companions, but bigger and bolder. I want you guys to know that the WizardCity Teleporter has been shut down due to these issues, and that you are all safe for now..." She seemed to drag off there. For now. Everyone knew that meant not for long. Prof. Moolinda left the building, so everyone panicked. "What's going to happen about the "for now" thing?" That's the only question that seemed to be asked. Everyone looked at Autumn again. She lowered her head in distress. Malistaire had escaped, and Cyrus was pronnounced dead. She shivered, knowing Malistaire had killed his own brother. But how could this be? She had known Malistaire was crazy and deathly, but he escaped the WizardCity prison, and killed her Uncle. Nothing had gone right. NOTHING! She wanted to hit herself, like she was in some bad nightmare.

Autumn was at her house, gaining no knowledge of Malistaire's whereabouts in Dragonspyre. Horizan had been sent with her, and he was sitting in a corner like the world was about to explode. Like he knew something. Autumn started walking up to him, as if he was the Grim Reaper. She questioned, "Do you know where my father is? If you do, please tell me." He looked into her eyes, and he gave into her. He couldn't speak, but he could show. Horizan got a map Autumn had lying around. He pointed at Dragonspyre. Autumn replied, "Duh, I know that!" Horizan shook his head. He pointed at a Dungeon. "THE LABYRINTH? That's like impossible for a level 10 wizard to get into!" Horizan pointed at her xp bar. "Even a level 11 wizard can't, Horizan! It doesn't mean I get to go everywhere possible at that time!" Autumn shook her head in disappointment. But then her face beamed with pride. "I got an idea."

Victoria IceShard wasn't sure about the idea. "I dunno, Autumn. I mean, taking a level 10 wizard into a level 45 Dungeon doesnt seem like a good idea to me." Autumn butted in for a minute. "But.... but you said there's no right or wrong in life!" she thought spoke to Victoria's mind. "Don't use my words against me Autumn!" Victoria started walking into the Dungeon, regretting what she was about to do for the rest of her life. Once Victoria was in the Dungeon, Autumn picked Go To Location. Sure enough, Autumn landed safely in The Labyrinth. Victoria spoke up, "Autumn, do you want to do this ALLOOOONNEEE?" Victoria smiled and continued walking. Autumn looked nervously from side to side. "What do we do now, Victoria?" Victoria pointed at some random dude in the street, looking desperate for help. Autumn thought, "With clothes like those, I'd look that way, too." Victoria went up to talk to the lonely man, and they got the quest. The man started pacing, looking like he had just been puked up by a large firecat, again and again and again. Like he never should of trusted such kids from the streets. Victoria saw him, and said, "Hmph. At least he could of THANKED ME! All I, I mean we, get is a ton of xp! Like that really makes us feel special, is xp, but I would really like is a 'Oh, thank you, miss,' not, 'Ok,now go defeat him!' Now I REALLY feel special!" Victoria kept complaing until we got to the boss. Victoria didn't notice who the new boss was, but Autumn did. Autumn thought to Victoria, "Look who I found!" Autumn's face was completely confused and puzzled and zoned. Victoria asked fakely polite, "Who'd ya find?" and finished it with a phony smile, showing her teeth, too. "Uh, I think I found who were here for in the FIRST PLACE! DUH!" Victoria turned her head sightly, just enough to look behind her. All she could say was: "Oh."

"Oh." Victoria looked like she had fallen off a cliff. Autumn wanted to scream into her ear saying, "DON'T FREAK!!!!!!" Malistaire hadn't seen them yet, so Autumn started opening the door. Victoria looked at Autumn like she was setting up a bomb. Victoria started to open her mouth, Autumn stared at her, and like she shouldn't have, Victoria screamed out.

Malistaire looked at them. Just.... looked. Autumn first thought he had frozen in place to freak them out, but he started to step up to them. "Ah, Autumn, what a wonderful surprise. So nice of you to join us. And I see you have brought Horizan." Horizan had been there the WHOLE TIME? Autumn glanced behind her, and sure enough, Horizan was standing there, sword at ready. Victoria had hid in the corner, but forced to come out by someone familar. Autumn sent her, "Nice going. Thanks for hiding in a corner!" Victoria looked at Malistaire nervously, like she was going to completely faint. Malistaire's hand came out, and he stroked Autumn's hair behind her ear. She flinched, and Victoria, and every other being on the good side who was there, charged. The battle had begun.

To Be Continued.........

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