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Malistaire's Cruel Journey by Tabita IceRider

Before she was born...

Malistaire was in the death classroom packing up his stuff quickly. The bell of the end of the session had just rung and he wanted to go see his wife, Sylvia. She had a horrible sickness that was killing her quickly. All the proffesors, even Headmaster Ambrose, couldn't do anything to heal her.

He ran out of the school and into the life tower where in the middle of the room was a bed. Sylvia laid in it with her beautiful curled blonde hair laying across her shoulders. Her eyes were green and she had smooth skin that was a bit pale, but perfect for what she looked like. She was so beautiful that Malistaire sometimes gaped at her even though he had known her since he was a very young man.

He rushed to her side and cried out, "Is it too late?"

Sylvia opened her eyes and looked at him. She nodded and saddly added, "Yes, Malistaire. I can't do anything else for you to carry on. You have many students to attend to and they are more important than me." Malistaire looked at her with so much pain and sorrow in his eyes. "For me you aren't. You are my only treasure! I can't just let you go like that!" he said panicking.

Back then Malistaire was much more handsome. He brushed his hair back and he wore more elegant clothes. His eye brows were a bit thicker but perfect and he wasn't so skinny like he was now in Wizard City. Malistaire then said, "Sylvia..." he chocked on what he was going to say. He knew the answer very well but he just wanted to hear her voice again.


"Who will you leave the life classroom to?" he asked looking down. Sylvia then thought for a moment. She closed her eyes and when Malistaire thought she was asleep she finally said, "Molinda Wu." Malistaire then blinked. That was impossible! She was sure she was going to go with Menacy LifeCall for she had said it so many times. "What!" Malistaire then said looking into her warm gaze. "Why?" he asked.

"Well, she is the most straight A student, she is intelligent and inergetic. She is young so she can get good experience from herself. You see, one time she had gotten a ninety - eight percent on her test and she though it was horrible. Really horrible!" Sylvia laughed but then kept on. "She wanted to redo the test, but I said it was fine. She had gotten the finest test score in the class, but finally after a while I gave in. The next day, she retook it and it was a one-hundred and one percent," Sylvia said and put a smile on her face.

"But don't you think it would be a little weird to have a-"

"Are you saying that just because what she is she should not become proffesor?" Sylvia said looking straight at him with cold eyes.

"NO! No! I am just saying it would be a little weird..." he broke off. He should of shut up before. Then she wouldn't have been so angry with him. Sylvia than gave a warm laugh.

"What?" Malistaire said joining in.

"Everyone will think it will be weird Malistaire. I know you very well and I knew you would say that..." but then she broke off again laughing. Malistaire gave in and laughed too. They were a happy couple, yes, but it was sad they would have to part from eachother. After the laughing got down Malistaire grew serious again and he looked down to his feet. He then looked up and started to say, "I love y-" he broke off. He blinked and gasped. He stood up and pressed his ear on her chest. He looked down to her face and saw her smile still there.

Malistaire was then at the edge of tears. He couldn't understand it anymore. She was dead and that was that. Death could not be undone and Malistaire in that moment wished it could be. He stood up and turned around. He sighed sadly as a tear prickled down his cheek. He then rushed out of the tower never looking back to the beautiful proffesor Sylvia. Her death had caused him to be someone he was sure he would never be... but that he did.

From that moment on there was great darkness in the Spiral. Darkness that only one wizard not yet born could fix and bring to a final good ending. That wizard was Tabitha IceRider...

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