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Malistares Begining And End by Robert Firetalon

Hi my name is Robert FireTalon i'm going to tell thestory of how Malistare came to be.

Me and two freinds(Sydney WindRider,andBlaze DuskFlame)were in a old abandond school building(during the constructionof ravenwood)looking around when Sydney found a secret room.We went inside and saw pictures of a man.."Who is this guy"said Sydney."I think its the old death teacher,from a old book i found in the library."said Blaze."O yeah,that book on the ancient school teachers,it sayed he was so evil that the headmaster had to imprison him in one of his pictures to keep him contained""I remember that" said sydney.
"I think we sould cut these pictures out and make a wall of his pictures,and write EVIL..."said Blaze.
"NO" I said"we should just leave them alone,we could get expeled for being in here i dont thinkwe should mess with any of this,we should just go back to our dorms and go to sleep"
"OK"said blaze.
Around 3:00 in the morning Blaze ran into my room breathing heavily.
"MAL-IST-ARE""what about him i"said"HE-IS-BACK""WHAT"!!"I was cutting the pictures out and i finished a old one and put it next to the wall and started cuting another when he attacked me, he said something about completing his plan to control something"he said.
I woke sydney and we went to spiral,that was where blaze last saw him."He went to DragonSpyre"said blaze
So we went to Dragonspyre.Then we went to the tower were someone said he saw him.We had to fight him to get him back in the picture(luckely we were grandmasters,I a am a fire wizard,sydney is a life,blaze is a death)"You shall not defeat me"said Malistare"We will see about that"we said together.
We got to attack first we all gained a power pip i used a fire blade on myself.Blaze Used a death trap on malistare.Sydney used a lifeblade on herself.Malistare passed obviously saving up for something good.The next round I had three pips so i used firebird it did 25% more from my fireblade.
Blaze used a banshee it did 45% more from his trap.He had little health left,Sydney used lepreacane and killed Malistare for good."Phew,that was a workout but we did it"I said"Yeah"said Blaze.
"Sure was a interesting battle"said the Headmaster."How did you know we were here"said Blaze.
"A young wizard saw you go into the spirall"said The Headmaster."Man,are we expeled for setting Malistare free,and for going into the spirall,and for going in the old death school"I said.
"Since you defeated Malistare in stead of me having to,No"said the headmaster"BUT,you will have to start your wizard training over""MAN"we said together..
And that is the story of Malistares Begining And End

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