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The Making of the Schools by Victoria Winterblossom

A ballerina keeping her balance, a dimmed dark sky, a frosty winter breeze, a soft warm fire, a deadly grave, a one-eyed monster, and nature.

The children that Merle Ambrose brought to Wizard101 were in the Commons with nothing to do but walk around and explore and go to the FaerieGrounds. Merle figured, how will these children learn to defeat Malistaire, Merle thought, “How shall I teach so many children spells, and with different personalities they would have to take a test.” Merle thought all night and wrote down in his finest black ink a test that shall determine what schools each child shall go to, and what kind of spells each shall learn as they level up.

From every corner of Wizard101, Merle found seven teachers that were wise, strict, and polite.

At first Merle didn’t have much gold to create a school for Balance but he found a wise and nice teacher to teach the children who would choose or get the school.

Soon Merle came up with enough gold to create the second school: Storm. With the beautiful colors of violet and lemon yellow. With a teacher that on Earth you may find in a pond. (A frog).

Merle came up with another school that once you go near it you will feel a chill go up your spine. An Ice school with a teacher that is like the godmother from Cinderella that could grant you any wish you’d like.

This school could be anywhere from the tip of a candle to a campfire that will warm you up. The Fire school has the nicest teacher that could cross your path with radiant beauty.

Malistaire teached this school evil, death, but the students didn’t care as long as they learned. The school was taken away and hidden behind a secret door with a glistening waterfall covering it.

This strict teacher can send you to do his laundry for a small price but this strict teacher can teach some useful spells. Different monsters summoned to destroy some deadly creature is kind of worth it, don’t you think?

This school is nature, but some may call it Life*. Its teacher, a cow that on Earth would be the milk, cheese, or ice cream you may be eating/drinking. With spells that could heal you or bring wraths of fury.

All these schools have a tree that could probably describe what each school is or what it looks like. Balance as I said before, Merle didn’t have any gold at the time so of course they couldn’t afford a tree.

The Storm school has a tree that look sad but isn’t and rains all day creating a river connecting to the Ice tree which freezes the ground that is near and snows. This tree would probably melt the Ice school away,( Fire.)

This tree is grumpy in the morning, day, and night, and lives in a graveyard,(Death).This one-eyed tree is probably as strict as the teacher that runs this school,(Myth). The most beautiful tree, I think ,a cherry tree that is growing with much life and its fuchsia colored blossomed flowers, (Life), + Recycle!

Every school deserves children to learn.

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