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The Magic of the True Wizards by Eric Grove

The true Wizards of raven wood. Chapter 1 "Like Mother,like Father,like Sons” (part one)

Have you ever seemed so excited that you could explode? Like that feeling That you think something is going to be so exciting but…It isn’t.
Well that’s my thoughts about the new school I’m going to.
This is like the seventh school I’ve gone to, people say It’s really boring. This maybe hard to believe but you see every other school I’ve gone to has kicked me out.
I mean, I’ve gotten straight “A’s” I’m well behaved and I’m always on time. But there’s one problem weird things happen to me and my surroundings. Let me explain. My father died of a disease-or at least he went into a coma. So now I’m left with my mother and my brother. We were In class one day learning about emotional health(health class)and My teacher was explaining about bullies. And she asked everyone, “Has anyone been bullied before, has anyone has a family member or a friend bullied?” she asked. I was sitting there thinking. Then I thought about my father. I don’t know why but I got really angry.
I had my fist on my desk clutching it. “Has anyone at all?” the teacher kept asking.

I started sweating. My thoughts turned to flame. I was about to explode and burn until… “Boom!”. The trash can and My teacher’s desk burst into flames. The smoke alarm went of. Everyone evacuated the classroom except me. My thoughts were still of flame I sat there staring at my desk it was like my eyes were glowing of flame, like I was in a trance. My teacher then grabbed my arm. “Charlie come one lets go, it’s not safe!” yelled my teacher. I left my state-like-trance. We ran out of the building.

The school was badly burned.

A couple days later me and my mother were called to the principle’s office.

We sat down with him to talk. “Ms….” The principle said like he was asking for our last name. “Oh we um…we don’t have a last name you can just call me Elizabeth” said my mother. “Right…well Elizabeth you son has seemed to be causing a problem” said the principle. “Like what?”

asked my mother “My son Charlie doesn’t seem to be miss behaving, and he has over-the-top grades”. “Yes Ms…Elizabeth but that’s not the problem. Ever since he came, we’ve had some problems”. My mother crossed her arms and put one leg over the other in disappointment “Oh really. What kind of problems?”. “Well since he’s been here the explosion happened” said the principle. “Excuse me!” My mother yelled, “Are you saying that my boy was the cause of the explosion?!”. “Well not exactly, but our school has never had a fire, and this school has been going on you fifty-two years”. “That’s ridiculous! There is no way that my son was the reason of the fire!”. My mother than stood up in a angry manner.

“Ms. Elizabeth please calm down!” said the principle. “I can’t stand here and listen to nonsense!” yelled my mother. She grabbed my arm and marched out of the room.

She got my into the car. I sat in the passenger seat. She got in and started the car and drove off. She had a furious look on her face.

“Mother I know this is unreasonable but, could it really be possible that I did start the fire?” I asked her. The angry look on her face changed to surprised then she was about to cry. “No Charlie. That is impossible” she said in a calm quiet voice. “But I kind of think it is, I mean My mind was full of flame and I just sat there” I said to her. “Charlie don’t be ridiculous” mother staid to me. “But mother…”, “Charlie quiet! Now I never want to speak of this again!” My mother screamed at me. I then sat back into my seat. We didn’t speak to each other for the rest of the ride home. When we got home My younger brother was playing his annoying pointless video game PAINTBALL TURKEY SHOOTING THREE. I dropped my bag on the floor and he turned around to look at me. “What are you looking at dork?!” he said to me. I gave him a troubled look. He was actually four years younger than me. I was thirteen and he was nine. I ran upstairs to my bedroom to read.

Reading was my favorite activity. It was the only way I could get away from all my worries like My father, My brother being annoying, My school. But when I started ready my brother came up stairs and stood in he doorway. “What are you here for?” I asked him. “you are chosen to come” he said In a mysterious voice. “Open your true power, use It for your own ways torment the people who disrespected you and mocked you”. “What?” I said to him. “Join me, Unleash your gift”

“What gift?” I yelled at him. He kept staring at me In a faint, dull way. Then he turned back to normal. “Wha...What am I doing here?” he said well he was rubbing his eye In wonderment. “Hey, Why am I here? And what are you doing jerk?!” he said to me. I was extremely puzzled.

He usually does these kinds of things to trick me and frighten me. But this time, It felt so real. His face was pale and It was like, he was possessed. Then I thought It was ridiculous and he was being annoying. So I put my book down and got up to go down stairs. “Mother can you tell Corey to stop…” I then saw my Mother crying and shaking on the floor. “Charlie run, you don’t have much time!” she yelled at me. Then my brother appeared In black smoke. He put his hand toward my mom, and then Some kind of black darkness swirled out of his hand. It started to rap around my mother. It got tighter, and tighter, strangling her. She could only make out one more word from her mouth.

“Go” she said as she was being strangled. I couldn’t move I was so scared. Then I had that fiery feeling again except I remembered my mother mourning my father when he died I got sweaty again. But then my brother’s hand started burning and the darkness disappeared and my mother was free. But he then looked at me in an angry way. He pointed his had at my mother and black darkness started to surround her and she was gone. Then I remembered her last words “Go” as she said it with her last breath and I started running.

I ran out the door even thought It was extremely late at night and dark outside. But my brother just smiled and disappeared. “Why was my Mother so angry about me asking her about the fire?”. “What has happened to my brother?”. “Why Is It every time I think about Dad’s death fire shows up?” I kept asking my self all these question when I was running down the road. But then My brother appeared In darkness I front of me. I feel as he startled me. He put my hand on my chest and darkness started surrounding me like I was being tied up. I then couldn’t see anything.

But I saw this light It was blurry. I saw these two people standing over me. I couldn’t make out what they looked like but It looked like a man with a strange hat on holding a staff, and a owl on a stand.

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