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The Adventures of Lucas LifeGiver(Part 3) by Lucas LifeGiver

Lucas walked into class that morning with his report in his hand. He was hoping this was enough to help get him an A. He shyly handed Professor Wu his report on Unicorns. She looked at the report than nodded her head. "This seems to be in order," she told him, "You may sit down." He felt better and sat down at his desk.

"Today class, we are going to learn shields," she told the class. The whole class groaned. "Do we have to?" someone said in the back of the room. "Do you want defense when you go against Mallistaire?" the professor shouted. The whole class was silent. So they went to work and as it turns out, sheilds are harder to cast than they thought. Some cast imps and others didn't get anything but a fizzle. But Lucas just concentrated hard and than sheilds appeared around his feet. "Now let me show you how these sheilds work," Professor Wu told the class. She cast a death spell on Lucas and than the death sheild around him broke. He didn't feel as much pain from the spell than he would without a sheild. "Now a myth spell," she told the class. She cast a blood bat and the same thing happened. He didn't feel as much pain as he would without the myth sheild.

Just than the bell rang and the students went to the door and found it locked. Lucas, remembering his gift, slipped through the door and opened it from the outside. The students were relieved to get out of the school. "That gift of yours is really coming in handy," he heard a voice behind him say. He looked only to see the myth professor from when the myth school was destroyed behind him. "Sir, I don't even know your name," Lucas told him. The professor sighed and muttered something about hopeless kids and than responded, "You may call me Professor Drake. I was just telling you how that gift of yours is obviously coming in handy." Lucas looked at the Storm school and said, "I've got to talk to Professor Balestrom for a second," he told him. "Very well," the professor responded with a hint of annoyance in his voice. Lucas smiled and went towards the storm school. He looked at the ice school and saw Kaitlyn IceRiver talking to Kelvin. He smiled and thought, I'll talk to her later. He went into the storm school and went towards Professor Balestrom.

"Hello, Lucas, come in. Can I help you?" he asked Lucas. "I have questions about my gift," he told him and than asked, "How come everyone doesn't have a gift like me?" "Because you're special!" the professor replied. "How? I don't think I'm special in any way," Lucas replied. "You don't know don't you?" Professor Balestrom told him. Lucas cocked his head to one side. So Lucas and Professor Balestrom went outside to the fire school. Lucas looked at Kaitlyn who was waving good-bye to Kelvin. She went towards Lucas and said, "Hey, short stuff, how are you doing?"

"I thought I told you not to call me that," Lucas said, giggling. They went into the fire school and Professor Balestrom motioned for Professor Falmea. They talked for a second and than she looked at Lucas than Kaitlyn. She nodded. "Alright follow me to Golem Court kids!" Professor Balestrom told them. Lucas looked at Kaitlyn confused. She just shrugged. Professor Balestrom went to the top of the tower with the kids behind them, fighting golems and healing up. Lucas was confused at the top of the tower. "I don't get it, what's the point of this?" Lucas asked him. "You haven't seen the top, haven't you?" Professor Balestrom asked him. "No cause he hasn't been here before," Kaitlyn said. Than she looked through the stuff and than exclaimed, "Hey a key!"

She looked around than looked crestfallen. "What door does it go to?" she asked. Lucas turned around and noticed three door behind them. "The middle one, I think," Professor Balestrom told her. Kaitlyn fitted the key in the lock on the door. Than she looked in the room and said, "Aww, what a rip off! There's just a mirror in here!" "Maybe its a special mirror." "The mirror shows the truth and nothing but the truth," Professor Balestrom explained, "Look in the mirror, Lucas, what do you see?" Lucas stepped towards the mirror. At first he saw nothing. Than he saw a shadow at the left of him. Lucas squinted at it. The shadow became clearer. All of a sudden, the shadow changed into Malistaire. He looked at him coldly. Lucas screamed. He backed away from the mirror and ran as fast as he could, away from the mirror. Kaitlyn looked at the mirror and said, "I'll go next." She went towards the mirror and looked in it. "What did you see, young one?" He turned to see Professor Balestrom looking at him hopefully. "Malistaire, sir," Lucas told him.

"This is worse than I thought," Professor Balestrom said, "You're the son of Malistaire." Kaitlyn looked at Lucas with big surprise. Lucas though, was angry and confused at the same time.
"I demand an explamation!" Lucas yelled at his parents, "How come you never told me I'm the son of Malistaire!" "Becuase your stupid," Rylee told him. "Rylee, shush," his mom told her, than knealed down next to him and told him, "A long time ago, Malistaire went evil and left poor little you and your sister behind." "But that's my sister," he told her, pointing at Rylee. "Honey, that's not your sister, I mean your REAL sister," her mom said to him, and continued, "Anyway, your real sister went to one family and you came to us. We've been taking care of you ever since Ambrose came to the door and said we need to take care of you."

"We were nice enough to take you in, son," his dad told him, "We couldn't possibly turn you away." Lucas smiled but than confusion went over him. "If she's not my sister, than who is?" Lucas asked, looking at Rylee. "How should I know?" They heard a knock at the door and turned to see Kaitlyn walking in. "How's everything going?" she asked looking at Lucas. "Everythings fine hon, we were just explaining to Lucas how he became a part of our family." "It turns out that she's not my real sister," Lucas said, pointing to Rylee. "Who's your real sister, than?" Kaitlyn said, than she looked at him and told him, "You know, strangest thing, my sister Shelby is adopted, too. Maybe she has some relation to you." Lucas smiled and teleported to Kaitlyn's house with Kaitlyn. She was at Shelby's door and she knocked. The door swung open and than Shelby looked at Lucas menacingly. "YOU! GET OUT NOW!" she shouted. "I need to talk to you without all the yelling," Lucas told her.

She looked at Lucas and than said, "What do you want?" "I need you to tell me if you remember your dad," Lucas told her. The look in her eyes softened and than she said, "I'd never thought I'd find you big brother." She smiled and told him, "I'm sorry about what I did. I was just sad that... I'd never find you. I thought you'd never come back." He smilled and thought, Things haven't gotten worse. They've gotten better.
"How did you get here all the way from Earth?" Lucas asked Kaitlyn. It was after school and they were sitting outside of the Library. There were a couple of leaves here and there. "Actually, I lived on Earth since I was born. I thought I was an Earth person type guy thing," Kaitlyn said, slowing down at the part and continued, "I was living in New York City with my dad and brother. Since my brother isn't old enough to go to Ravenwood he stayed on Earth with my dad. My dad didn't take the news to lightly but he couldn't help it. I wanted to go." She sighed and added, "I can only see him in the summer now. I miss him like mad."

Lucas smiled looked at one of the leaves falling on the ground. "I can't wait till Hallowe'en. Its gonna be awesome." "Yeah I know." "Why rush time though," Lucas said, his green spakling, than looked at Kaitlyn and told her, "Something tells me this is gonna be a crazy year."

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