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The Lost Stories: How Headmaster Ambrose met Gamma the owl by Robert Winterbringer

One cool November day in the Wizard city commons it was peaceful and pleasant. Merle Ambrose who was soon to be known as Headmaster Ambrose was walking among the sidewalks of Unicorn Way. He was dressed in deep blue clothing. He was carrying a long staff. He looked like the Headmaster he was destined to be. No one expected that what was about to happen would happen on this beautiful day. Then a deep rumbling thundered through the air.

Two young students who Merle knew came running down the sidewalk towards the commons. These young students were Cyrus Drake and his brother Malistaire Drake. “Don’t go down to the end of the street!" said Cyrus. "Yeah we saw a huge dragon who proclaimed he was the Great Dragon of Dragonspyre." added Malistaire. Cyrus and Malistaire and Merle were the best of friends back then before the great disaster. Cyrus and Malistaire then continued to run towards the commons because a deep rumbling voice like the boom of thunder said "I am the Great Dragon of Dragonspyre! I bring news of the destruction of Dragonspyre. I reduced that pitiful world to ruins! I unleashed Dark spirits upon that puny world. Now I have come to your little world to reduce your city to ruins as well!!!" roared the voice.

Merle ran down the street as quick as he could. At the end of the street a gigantic magma red dragon was sitting in the middle of the street. “You horrible lizard look what you did to the street!" yelled Merle at the slowly approaching dragon. Merle was already angry at the Great Dragon for destroying Dragonspyre but his anger was intensified when he saw a owl trapped beneath the Great Dragon’s big stupid feet. Merle hated the Great Dragon for hurting the owl. It probably couldn’t even have defended itself when it was attacked. “Do you dare challenge me puny little wizard?" roared the dragon. “Yes I do you big stupid lizard!" yelled Merle at the dragon.

The Great Dragon roared words of magic and a hole opened up in the ground. Skeletal pirates and Dark fairies and Lost souls poured out of the hole in the ground. The Great Dragon of Dragonspyre laughed triumphantly. Now it was Merle’s turn. At first merle was unsure what to say then he yelled the words that were whispered to him by the spirits of the deceased headmasters and Headmistresses that were drawn towards him because of his anger at his city being destroyed. The words summoned up hoards of Stormzillas and armies of Colossuses. The words summoned hundreds of Centaurs and thousands of other powerful creatures from all seven of the schools. The Great Dragon was powerful but he couldn't win against that many creatures.

Seconds before the Great Dragon would have died he disappeared into a portal. Before he disappeared the Great Dragon hissed “I will leave your puny city alone wizard but I will continue to live in Dragonspyre."

Merle refused to give up. Even though he was at the edge of unconsciousness he still tried to send the magnificent creatures he had summoned towards the quickly disappearing Great Dragon. He couldn’t. The owl opened his eyes. He saw Merle falling towards the ground and flew to him as fast as his wings would go. He picked Merle up in his talons and carried him towards the commons and the Headmaster’s office. When they got there they both collapsed onto the pebbly walkway that led to the office listening to the whispers of young wizards and witches that had crowded around them…

The next morning Merle awoke to find that he was in his dorm room. “What happened?" rasped Merle finding that his throat was as dry as the driest spot in the Krokotopian desert. “My dear boy you single handedly thrashed one of the most powerful monsters that have ever been seen in the history of Wizard city within an inch of his life! You have shown true power in defending Wizard city. You have shown such power and allegiance to Wizard city .I am going to teach you all that I know so that you can take on the job of Headmaster when I pass away." said Headmaster Ravenwand who was the Headmaster when Merle was young. Merle’s heart leapt with joy. Headmaster Ravenwand was an excellent teacher and the few students that were taught by him were some of the best. “I accept but could I ask you one question?” said Merle. ”Of course you may.” answered Headmaster Ravenwand.” What happened to the owl that was trapped beneath the Great Dragon’s feet?” asked Merle. “That owl is in my office. Come with me and we’ll go see your friend the owl.” Headmaster Ravenwand snapped his fingers and he and Merle disappeared in a portal that led to the Headmasters office.

“Helloo I am Gamma the owl. I am forever in dept to you for saving me. I shall be your pet and provide my wisdom and protection to you.” said Gamma the owl when Merle and Headmaster Ravenwand showed up at the Headmaster’s office. “ Merle when you scared the Great Dragon away you saved Wizard city but you also made Unicorn Way have a monster problem. The Great Dragon cast a spell that unleashed monsters onto Unicorn Way. AS long as the younger wizards know a few spells they will be okay. Still we don’t want any more monsters coming from the hole that bothersome dragon opened up. To stop those monsters coming from the hole it opened up we planted a maze over it and put Lady Oriel and her sprites to stop the monsters from coming out.” said Headmaster Ravenwand. Merle let out a sigh of relief. He had been worrying that Unicorn Way would have become a problem.

Suddenly Cyrus Drake burst into the room. “Cool owl Merle. And good job with the Great Dragon on Unicorn Way.” said Cyrus. “Thanks. Where’s Malistaire?” said Merle. “He’s chasing after his girlfriend. Sylvia.” said Cyrus mockingly making kissy faces. They all laughed. For now everything was alright and Merle Ambrose’s future was looking as bright as ever.

So now you know how Merle Ambrose became Headmaster Ambrose and how Headmaster Ambrose met Gamma the owl. Unfortunately the Great Dragon set Malistaire Drake on a path to immense power and wickedness. Keep your eyes open for the story of how Professor Malistaire went wicked. Until then Robert Winterbringer is saying good-bye. Good-bye.

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