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Lightning Strikes, Thunder Booms (part 2) by Sestiva

3 years after Malistaire Drake captures Sestiva, Merle Ambrose takes a visit to Malistaire’s Lair….

“You must stop this mayhem, Malistaire. All around the Spiral, devastation is burning, and horror we cannot bear. And you’ve been behind this disaster.” Merle Ambrose spoke quietly.

“And why should I listen to you, old man? What have you ever given me, besides 15 year-old wizards and witches that have tried—and failed—to defeat me? Malistaire spat bitterly.

“The question is, what have I not given you?” Ambrose stared over his spectacles, his fingers clasped over his tall staff.

“I will not answer your petty question, Merle.”

“Well what will make you stop this chaos?”


Suddenly changing the subject, Ambrose said, “You know, she is much stronger than you think.”

For a moment Malistaire watched the ancient headmaster, confused. Sudden realization washed over him, and he smiled coldly.

“Yes, I have become very fond of her. She reminds me much of Sylvia. Brave, willing, eager, and her magical abilities are amazing.”

“She will realize the truth when the time comes. She will leave you. Then, she will turn against you, and you know it, Malistaire.”

Malistaire stared fixedly out the windor. A second, just a second— for a moment—no, it couldn’t be, could it? Merle Ambrose could have sworn that he had seen fear flicker in Malistaire Drake’s dark, brooding eyes.

“You are afraid her.” Ambrose broke the silence.

“I have no fear, old man, for I am fear.”

“Tsk tsk. You’ve always had a hard spot for those sorts of things.” But before Malistaire could make a retort, Merle Ambrose had stepped through the portal taking him back to Ravenwood.

Outside of Malistaire’s Lair, a red-haired, green-eyed witch of 16 was impatiently poking the back of a dark-eyed wizard of almost the same age.

“I think Ambrose just left.” Sestiva whispered.

“Yes, I think so too—oh there he goes—Malistaire—yelling curses at Ambrose.” Juan said.

“I’m not sure if I should escape yet. Malistaire seems really mad.” Sestiva replied fearfully.

“It’s now or never. Now that he’s had that conversation with Ambrose, he’ll never let you out of his sight if you stay!”

“Okay then. Oh, wait a minute, where’s Jasmine?”

“No idea. She’ll turn up sooner or later.” Juan sounded a bit uncertain. Sestiva muttered an incantation.

“What was that for?” Juan asked.

“A searching spell. I can’t see Jasmine anywhere in the castle. What if she was captu—?”

“There, there she is! Hey, Jasmine, over here. Jasmine!” Juan started waving his arms wildly, trying to catch Jasmine’s attention. She turned, and sprinted in their direction.

“What’s up with you?” She asked Juan curiously, who had just stopped waving his arms.

“Er…” He murmured something about chicken dancing disease.

“He was just trying to get your attention. Now, what next? Where’s the nearest portal to Ravenwood, or anywhere in Wizard City?” Sestiva asked hurriedly.

“Just south. We’ll need to get our mounts though, it’ll be a mile or so.” Jasmine said.

“Okay then. Hurry up people.” Sestiva mounted her chestnut pony. Jasmine swung her leg over her dragon, and Juan jumped on his Bengal tiger.

They tumbled out of the portal, and hopped off their mounts.

“What the. Where are we?” Sestiva looked around. This was not Ravenwood, and most definitely not Wizard City. The sky was dark, and they were on a lonely, floating island.

“It is some sort of spirit realm I think. We just need to find another portal out. This is probably in Mooshu.” Jasmine suggested.

“Okay, I’ll look here, you look over there, and Juan, go over there. Send up sparks if you find anything.” Sestiva ordered, pointing her blade in different directions. She walked off, alone, over to a healthy looking tree, standing, alone on the west side of the island.

“How odd…” She muttered.

What was a tree doing on this island, where there was no source of water nearby? Lost in her thoughts, Sestiva lost track of the time. Then, shaking her back to life was a clear, loud, scream of terror. Ice blue sparks shaped like snowflakes burst through the air on the east side of the island.

“Jasmine!” Sestiva cried out, calling for her horse, and galloping over to the place where Jasmine’s sparks had appeared. When she arrived at the spot, Juan was already there. Jasmine was no where in sight.

“She—she screamed, a-and she just disappeared! I came here as fast as I could. I saw, a-a cloaked thing drag her away.” Juan blustered frantically.

“Oh no.” Sestiva’s hair was crackling and sparking with electricity. She pointed near the center of the island. A dark mass was growing, and out of thin air, a hooded creature in great resemblance to a Wraith appeared.

“You have stayed on the island too long little humans. I gave you enough time to find your way out. Now, you must pay your price.” The Wraith hissed.

“We just need Jasmine back!” Juan shouted.

“Yea, what he said!” Sestiva yelled, her hair rising, now sparking with energy.

“Pay your price… pay… your price… and pay now!” The creature snarled. It dragged Sestiva and Juan into the battle circle.

“What now?” Juan whispered urgently.

“What do you mean? Do you expect me to have some sort of hidden spell that’ll summon flying pigs to save us?” Sestiva snapped.

“Um, well it would’ve helped, I guess.”

“Well all we can do is kill this thing—that will be no problem. But, what if it doesn’t hand back Jasmine? This was the thing that kidnapped Jasmine, right?”

Juan nodded. “Yea, it was.”

“Then it is so goin’ down.” Sestiva cast herself a storm blade and discarded some cards from her spell deck. After twenty minutes of summoning Storm Lord, Triton, Stormzilla, Fire Dragon, Pheonix, and Helephant several times, the Wraith fell to the ground, and disappeared in a cloud of dust. Once the air cleared, Jasmine stood couphing in front of them.

“Well that wasn’t so hard.” Juan muttered, smiling slightly.

“Yea, just the usual day where you got a Wraith to fend off and save one of your best friends from, eh?” Sestiva grinned, hugging Jasmine and said. “So what happened? How did that beast thing creature get you?”

“Well I kinda got carried away, you know, there are a lot of exotic plants on this island, and it went all dark...and cold and the Wraith thing appeared out of no where and I screamed, sent up sparks just in time, and was just taken away through this portal.”

“Where did the portal take you?” Juan questioned.

“I don’t know. It was too dark to see well,” Jasmine shivered. “I could hear scuttling though, like there were rats. Ugh. I just hate rats.”

“Well at least the Wraith didn’t eat your brain or anything.” Sestiva said, relieved.

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