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The Light Necromancer by Wolf Deathbane

There was once a great and mighty Necromancer, but at first he was just another Wizard. A Wizard with dreams of becoming a great one..His name was Wolf. It started all when he was walking about Unicorn Way. He was about 19 steps down down the road when he heard a loud scream. he quickly turn his head right and down the street he seen a girl he was the most beautiful girl he ever seen. She was on the ground about to be defeated by a Lost Soul. He dashed down road as fast as lightning. He jump in front of the Soul and used a Minor Death Tap spell it didn't finish the ghost off. The ghost used its' major attack and knocked out Wolf. The Lost Soul flew away laughing at Wolf. The girl laughed at Wolf too. She said while walking away.

"What a loser, he can't even defeat a Lost Soul."

When he awoke he was in a dorm room. He was very puzzled about how he got there. A girl stepped in the room he face lit up. "Hello" she said with an angelic voice "are you okay?"

"Y-y-yea" ,said Wolf.

"I found you on the ground I took you in and healed you up" ,said the girl.

"Thanks, by the way I didn't catch your name" ,smiled Wolf.

"My name is Emily","Emily FairyBlossom, so whats yours"

"My what?", Wolf said confused

"Your name, you silly goose", Emily laughed

"Oh, duh", he bopped his forhead, "my name is Wolf DeathBane." From that point on they where best friends for a long time.........until.

Emily, was taken from Wolf when they where fighting Alicane Swiftarrow. She was taken by Lord Malistaire. They beat all the main threats but him they were like the dynamic duo. Lord Malistaire held her prisoner in the Chaos Tower the tallest tower in the history of them. He held Emily captive because he knew Wolf was a threat to him. Wolf was determined to get Emily back he climbed ruthless mountains,and he strived through the darkest gullies for miles that ranged in the millions to the billions. But alas he still had a far way to go. When he got to the chaos tower he rested. Another wizard much stronger than Wolf came to where Wolf was resting. DeathBane stood up as fast as he could and he drew his wand. They started to do battle. They kept talking to each other while battling. Asking questions like "why are you here"and"I will not lose to the likes of you." They eventually figured out they both wanted to destroy Malistaire.

Wolf asked the man, "so what is your name."

The man said, "my name is Jacob FireHand." Jacob had a faster way to get up the Chaos Tower but it was more dangerous.

Jacob said, "so, want to go up that way?"

Wolf said, "Bring it on J." When they got up the tower they had to fight 5 waves of the top 20 hardest boss threats they beat all of the waves with barely enough health to be 1. They used a potion to refeul their health and mana. They walked into the next room only to find Emily on her knees crying in a magic proof cage Wolf ran up to her and tried to grab the bar but he phased right through it. It was an illusion. A fast black bat like figure sped behind him and scooped up Jacob. It was just him in a lonely room Malistaire appeared out of thin air and hit Wolf with the strongest spell he had. Wolf flew all the way back. But to Malistaire's surprise Wolf got up like it was nothing. He had a glow around him, Wolf was Shining. Wolf used a Wrath spell while he was shining, and it destroyed Lord Malistaire.

His friends Emily, and Jacob appeared out of the space in the room freed from Malistaire's Bind on them. Emily gave Wolf romantic kiss.

Jacob smiled and said, "get a room." They all started laughing. Then out of nowhere BOOM!!! They all ran to the entrance when they seen a fusion monster of Shai Nirini, Kraken, and Lord Malistaire. It is called Shai Malistaire,the Kraken. Wolf used a spell that made all of his friends start to shine. They engaged in battle with Shia Malistaire who is going to win,.... you decide.

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