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The Life of a Life Wizard - Day One by Megan Day

Monday January 1st, 2009 9:00 A.M. Well, I guess the new year starts another rank of spells and fun. I guess, that's what it's supposed to be. The first day of school is tomorrow. Mrs. Wu is going to freak, as always, if one wiazrd is late. She hardly repeats her self. We are going to learn the Legend Shield this year. It is an easy spell for me. Oh, I guess i forgot to mention, I am Mrs. Wu's assistant on the level ten and under spells. Every time i learn a new spell, she makes my assistance level higher. So, I am starting to learn my next spell. I can't wait until then. So.... I guess I'll write back later. I have to go eat. Later!

Monday January 1st, 2009 5:00 P.M. I just finished dinner at the Fire Tower. I had the hot wings this time. Instead I usually get the Honey Roasted wings. The Ice Tower had desert. I am guessing you could guess- ice cream. The storm tower holds Lightning Strike Drinkoramas, and Malorn Ashthorn is the check out person. The Life Tower held our salads. And the myth tower held all other meals, drinks, and deserts we can think of. The wizards can choose either the Fire Tower or the Myth Tower for their entrees, the wizards MUST get a salad, and the Ice Tower has all the ice creams you can think of- even spinach flavored! Well, the Storm Tower doesnt only hold the one drink I told you about ealier, it holds many other such as Dr. Pepper and regualr drinks you find in everyday life. So, our dinner is a choice to us. We all enjoy that I guess.
Well, my ten minute alarm is going off. I have ten minutes until Mrs. Wu freaks out that I am not there, so I will write tomorrow. Class is running until midnight tonight

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