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The Library Key by Autumn Dayheart

The Sacred Sorcery Series of Autumn Dayheart
I came out of Moolinda's class with my new books in my hand,
Catching up with Shannon,my older sister who is in Balance.

"Did you ever wonder whats in the library?I heard that a forcefield was put
past the library desk so that the wizards dont have to look through endless amounts of stuff."I said.

"I'm going to need to tell you a story soon."Shannon said.
"Meet me at the Secret Alley during 8 pm."
The secret alley was the small land between Gamma's room and the Fairegrouds.

Boom!I hit the floor.Grrrrrrrrr.
"Haha!Hi Autumn!Have a nice trip!See you next fall!"
Bullies.Don't you hate them?

Shannon was at the alley,Grinning.
"Hi sis!"I said.
"Shh,we can't wake up Gamma!"Shannon said.
"Besides,come here!"

"Are you going to tell me the story?"I replied.
"Yes."Shannon said.
"It was a long time ago,when Malistaire was good and
His wife,Sylvia,was the life teacher."

"Malistaire,we need a library!"Ambrose said.
"It's for the good of the students!"
"But the building site is the park!"Malistaire said.
"It's the only place students can "Chillax". "

"Well it's about time we get the students out of my home!"Ambrose said yelling.
"And destroying their Own "Hangout" in the process?!"Malistaire was VERY angry.

"Boys!Boys!"Slyvia said.
"Stop sounding like 5 year olds!"
"Well a 600 year old headmaster isn't helping...."
"Well atleast your wife CARES about others..."
"HEY!HEY!"Sylvia busted in.

"Your litteraly turning everything into chaos!The children are watching!"
Malistaire and Ambrose turned around to see students with big eyes staring at them.

"This is your Fault!"Malistaire said.
"I'm tired of your additude!"Ambrose yelled.
Ambrose's staff suddenly slammed on the pavement,
sucking Sylvia into a trench.

"Sylvia?Old man,you will pay for this!"
Malistaire vanished,but two hundred lava minions approached,
Leaving students to destroy them.

Ambrose slumped onto his couch,talking to himself.
"What have I done?"
"I can't let my temper out again,Reading should help."
So he read and read.

Then their was a knock on Ambrose's door.
The teachers and students all lined up at his door steps,
to give Ambrose a surprise.
"We felt bad about what happened,"Lydia began
"So we constructed the library you wanted."Falmea continued.

"Theres just one thing missing,"Ambrose said.
With a flick of his staff,Green flew all over the building,
and many treasure cards piled on the library desk.
"Now this tiny key will unlock a secret reusable card,that there is only 5 in existence."

And he threw it into the library.
Suddenly a picture was on the wall that said for a person to find the key,but the face has never been revealed,all that they know is that its a girl about the age of ten.

"And that is how Key Day began."Shannon said.
"Ok,Why did you want to tell me this?"I asked
"Because your ten,it's Key Day,Follow me!"

"And whats key day?!"I said while running.
"It's a day were girls line up when their ten to find the key if Gamma chooses her!"Shannon said panting.

"So I might get a chance to try to find the library key?"I was shocked.
"Yes Autumn,I remember two years ago,I was chosen to find the key,but I never did."Shannon's head drooped down.

"I always wanted to use that ultimate card."
I patted Shannon on the back.
If I find the key,I'm gonna give one of the 5 cards to her.

"Attention Students!"Ambrose yelled.
"All girls aged ten step forward.
30 students (Including me) came up to Ambrose.

"One of you should find the key,but to make sure,an added bonus is One Wish!"Ambrose declared.
The crowd cheered.
"Gamma,please choose a girl."Ambrose said.

"Whooo?"Gamma said to himself.
My heart was thumping,will I go,or a girl next to me?
"I choose...Autumn....."
5 Autumns plus me stepped forward.

"Dayheart!"Gamma shouted and the crowed roared.
I get to find the key!
"Autumn,You have been one of the most intelligent girls in the school,
And now you get to find the key.Do not fail this year."Ambrose's serious face gave me a little courage in myself.

A thunder snake roared and magic paint make the finish line.
I checked the fairegrounds and the secret alley,remembering that inside is off limits,then I looked around the small grassy areas and anything golden,And around Zeke and even behind the waterfall!

And then it hit me.

The Library Key should be near the Library!
A small bush was near the library,Thats where I found it.

I knew Shannon said to herself,Please!Please find it!
I dropped the key in my pocket and walked to the finish line with a fake frown.

"I'm sorry...."I began,and grabbed the key.
"I found the key!"
Jaws dropped and my sister screamed in happyness.
she jumped over the wall and hugged me.
"You did it!"Shannons eyes were stars.
"You found the key!EEEEE!"

"Good job Autumn,I knew you would find it."Ambrose was proud.
"Come up here."
I ran to the steps of the tower and grabbed the microphone.
"What is your wish?"Gamma said.

"I wish...that key day was annual,and every one can try out for it,and get a card if they found the key."I said gladly.
"A very good wish Autumn."Ambrose smiled.
Then I zapped a card.

"What are you doing?"Gamma said.
The zapped card flew down to my sister.
"You said you wanted a card sis,you get a card!"I shouted.

Shannon jumped up and down several times in exitment.
I kept one for myself,and threw the 3 others out into the audience.
two boys got one,and a girl named Taylor Hexgem.

"Three Cheers for Key Day!"
I said.


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