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The Learning of Malistaire (poem) by Kiley Starpetal

It was a windy day and Kiley Starpetal looked at the sky,
"Malistaire must be gone!"
She screamed. A girl walked up to her,
"Who is Malistaire?"
She turned around,
"You dont know!"
The girl shook her head.
Kiley looked at her,
"Malistaire wants to rule Wizard City and he is full a evil."
The girl nodded and said,
"I-I thought he was nice."
Kiley in shock she yelled,
She stoped her feet.
The girl looked at her strange,
"So he is mean?"
Kiley nodded.
The girl laughed and she walked off.
The wind blew through Kiley's pink long hair.
Her heckhound holwed and she thought,
"One girl does not know about Malistaire."
She walked to a tree and sat by a tree.
How could she think?
She ones more said,
"One girl does not know about malistaire.

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