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Kroks Gone Wild by Robert FireTalon

It was april 23 and i was sitting in my dorm room bored,when I got called to the Fire Scool."You called for me."
I said "We have figured out a quest for you,"said Dalia "it involves going TO Krokotopia to do some research." " we need you to find out how the kroks were awakened,are you up to it?"
"Sure."I said "You will be rewarded with a hat,a robe,shoes,andexp." she said

So the next day I set of to krok.My cousin Blaze DuskFlame met me at the world gate."You ready"he said "Yeah,thanks for coming with me to do the research." "No problem" he said "Lets get going" he said.When he got to krok we asked the dude at the gate in krok if he knew anything about how they were awakened.He said "Check with the marleybones,they have been diging been the pyramids." "Thanks" we said.

Then we went to the excavation site to talk to them.We saw a marleybone being attacked by three kroks so we went to help.Blaze used natures wrath, then I used a meteor storm and that killed two of them.The last one used a skeletal pirate on Blaze,then he used a banshee on the last one and killed it.

"Thanks,those kroks have been a pain in the neck since professor winthrope discovered that kroks tomb" he said "He went to krokosphinx earlier today"

"Thanks dude" I said.So we went to the boat that takes us to krokosphinx.

"You must have permision from Sgt. Major Talbot to ride the boat"the ship captain said "but we do have permision from the Sgt." "Then climb abored and ride to the krokosphinx"

We got on the boat and rode to krokosphinx. When we got there professor winthrope was climbing down a ladder in a whole. "Wait professor!" but he already went down the hole..

"We better go to get him"said Blaze. When we got down he was talking to a krok teacher.

"Professor we need to talk to you about waking the kroks" I said "I didnt meen to wake them" he said "I was curious so I went to see what was in the tomb and i got attacked" "So thats how they were awakened" "Yup" he said. When me and Blaze told Dalia everything she rewarded us.

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