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The Journeys: Marleybone and MooShu by Aaron BlueFlame

It all started out when Aaron BlueFlame had defeated Krokopatra and got the news about the Krokonomicon being stolen by the master thief named Meowiarty. So he journeyed to the London inspired Marleybone, and was ready to do what ever it took to defeat Meowiarty. He went to Digmoore Station and spoke to the ticket woman for a ticket to Hyde Park on the hot-air balloon.

“One ticket to Hyde Park please,” he said to her.

“Why of course,” said the female dog, “That’ll be five pounds.”

“Oh no, I don’t have five pounds,” Aaron panicked. “I only have two.”

“I’m very sorry, but I cannot allow–”

“Allow me to pay,” said the Mayor who showed up behind them.

“Very well,” said the ticket-woman, “Here is your ticket to Hyde Park, round-trip.”

“Thank you Ma’am,” said Aaron, “and thank you, Sir.”

“Not a problem,” said the Mayor. “In exchange for the fare of the hot-air balloon, I was wondering if you could help me.”

“Of course,” said Aaron BlueFlame.

“I need you to defeat Sammy O’Leary while you’re in Hyde Park. He’s been stealing money from us because he is in the Parliament in the House of Cats.”

“I can do that.”

“Good. Thank you.”

So Aaron went onto the hot-air balloon and travelled to Hyde Park. “Oh, I hope that Sammy isn’t too hard to fight.”

“I beg to differ,” said Sammy, who showed up behind him, “Storm snake!”

“Storm shield!” yelled Aaron. He then yelled, “Power nova!”

“Owww! Nooooo!” yelled Sammy, but it was too late. He was defeated and the fight was over.

“Well, that’s done,” said Aaron with pride, “better tell the Mayor.”

Aaron, after an hour or two collecting some ore and scrap iron and talking to some Marleybonians about where to find Meowiarty and his lackeys, he took the balloon back to Digmoore Station. He then went to City Hall to speak to the Mayor.

“I’ve taken care of Sammy for you, Sir,” said Aaron.

“Wonderful! Wonderful!” said the Mayor. “Now, I have another task for you.”

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