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Journey to Mooshu (part 2) by Elizabeth Ghostcaster

My backpack started rustling for some odd reason. Fred Angelblade looked at the my backpack and I removed my backpack from my sholders and put it on the ground. I opened the top compartment of my backpack and a orange tabby like head poped out of my backpack.
"Prince Jackson," I said scratching the firecat's chin. "I thought you were taking a nap back in my room."
"Seems to me Prince Jackson wanted to tag-a-long." Fred said with a laugh. Prince Jackson jumped right out of my backpack and into my arms, purring insanely I stroked his fur and put him on the ground.

"Ok," I said removing the cat hair Prince Jackson had shedded on me.
"Lets go." Fred took the very first step onto the road of sparkles and it was solid as cement. Fred held out his hand to me and I put my backpack back on my sholders and took his hand. I lifted the long hem on my dress so I don't trip and we were on our way. The road seemed to be short due to the fact we were more excited then everyone else who journyed to Mooshu. Pretty soon we came to a door that was red oak painted red.
"This must be the stop." Fred said pulling the door as best as he can.
"UGH! Its locked. Malistare must of locked the door when he came through."

"That, or its cleaning day for the spiral room." I said pointing to a sign on the door that said "CLOSED FOR CLEANING."

"Oh." Fred said with a look of embarrasment on his face. "Then if this is so urgent to get into Mooshu how CAN we get in?"

"Umm... Lets just knock." I knocked on the door and it opened. A cow who was wearing a beautiful kimono answered.

"I'm sorry children but this spiral door is closed for cleaning." The Kimono dressed cow said with a smile on her face.

"There is no time to talk miss. We need to get into Mooshu because the Emporor is in terrible danger!" I screamed with almost tears coming down.

"He is in danger?!" The cow said with her eyes growing wide. " Why didn't you say so? Come in right now!" She opened the door wide and Fred and I ran into the spiral room and then left thanking the kind soul who let us in. When Fred and I left for the Palace we heard someone calling us "Elizabeth! Fred!" Screamed the voice. We turned around and seen a very close friend of ours. Gabriel Nightstalker. A Storm wizard who was keeping a close eye on Dragonspyre to keep it safe. Fred and I ran to Gabriel and we all had a huge group hug.

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