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The Journey to MooShu by Elizabeth Ghostcaster

It has been a week since I saved Marleybone. So I returned to Wizard City to relax a bit. I was in Olde Town watching the new students going to Trinton Ave, FireCat Alley or Cyclops Lane. I held onto my necklace tightly and looked down at it. I could see a Hydra roaring in anger wanting to break free from the necklace, ready to fight any minute.

"Your not ready yet." I whispered softly to the Hydra. " you will be ready when the time is right." Fred Angelblade a life wizard spotted me and walked up to me.

"What are you up to?" He asked.

"Nothing." I replied. "been on vacation for a week now and I have nothing to do."

"How long is it gonna take for Headmaster Ambrose to find the key to Mooshu?"

"It depends. He has a lot of stuff in his house so it is gonna take awhile." While Fred and I spoke. A hawk began to fly above us. We ducked and looked at the bird. Wait...... That wasn't a hawk. That was Gamma!

"Elizabeth!" Gamma cried. "Ambrose needs you in his office right away! Go there!" Gamma flew into the sky and landed where the headmaster's tower was.

Fred and I looked at eachother and teleported to the commons and ran into the head Master's house. The headmaster, a tall powefrul wizard with a snow white beard was sipping Mooshu tea and feeding Gamma some owl food.

"Ah, Elizabeth and Fred. My favorite students. I have found the key to Mooshu." He said with a drip of his tea trikkling down his mouth. He handedus a sparkling key that looked too pretty to even touch. The head master dropped the key into our hands and teleported us to the spiral door. I put the key in the door and turned it. I opened up the door and seen a road of sparkles and tiger lillies. I could see all the planets waving hello to me. This was only the begining of a journy to Mooshu.

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