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Journey to Mooshu (part 5) by Elizabeth GhostCaster

Fred was the first to be shown to his room. The Jade Champion opened up a room decorated like a forest. Fred smiled when he seen the room and he dropped his backpack onto the floor.

"This is just like Grizzleheim!" He screamed with delight and fell onto the floor looking up at the ceiling. We moved on to Lauren's room which was decorated with a nice comfy vanity bed and a miniature waterfall with waterlilies and a miniature statue of the Mohooda. Gabriel's room was design with many dragons and ancient ruins. My room, was decorated just like my room. It had play posters, games, a study area and even a place for me to meditate. Prince Jackson jumped right out of my backpack and curled up onto a pillow that was near my bed.

"Dinner will be in a ten minutes." said the Jade Champion with a smile "I will see you at dinner." he walked away with a Goat Monk that was staring at me.

"This dinner is AMAZING!!!" I sqealed at the table while we were eating. The food tasted just like my mom's home cooking. I missed eating her meals. Fred was taking his blade and trying to break the shell of the lobster he was eating. Lauren was eating her spagetti and I was eating some rice. We were in the den speaking about the old days and laughed at some jokes that evening.

"I am going to sleep. We have a long journey tomorrow. Night everyone." said Gabriel with a yawn.

"Night Gabriel. I am going to sleep too." Lauren yawned.

"Same here." said Fred. I slept very soundly that night. No problem with the room or anything..... I dreamt of being on a cloud that was soaring in the air........ I reached a temple that was crimson red. A cow was sitting outside relaxing. I came up to him and he smiled at me.

He was the Great Moohooda

"Elizabeth, I have been watching you for quite sometime." said The Mohooda.

"You have?" I asked.

"Yes, you have done many good things in your life and good has come to this. However, I must warn you. You have a dangerous journey ahead of you. Things will change before you know it." he said unhappily "now its time you go." I was being pulled away by the wind at the moment.

"Wait! I have so many questions! What is going to happen? Will the Spiral be safe again?!" I screamed. I was now pulled farther away from the Temple. Eventually, everything grew white and I woke up in my room.

The sunlight was beaming across my eyes. Prince Jackson jumped on my bed and curled up in my lap. I scratched behind his ear and thought about what the Mohooda said.

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