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Journey to Mooshu (part 3) by Elizabeth Ghostcaster

"How in the name of Merle Ambrose did you get permission to get here?" Fred asked Gabriel.

"I took a few weeks off and decided I wanted to go and help you guys." Gabriel said with a smile and a shug. We all walked up the dusty ,dirt road watching all the cherry blossoms land on the ground with grace.

"So wheres Lauren Gabriel?" I asked him a bit concern. Gabriel stopped short in his tracks. Fred and I noticed he had beads of ice falling from his forehead. "Dude, I thought you were a storm wizard, you have sweat ice falling from your face!" Fred said a bit confused.

"I'm Ice school remember?" Gabriel asked.

"Oh ya." Fred replied.

"Well, Lauren left Ravenwood." Gabriel said a bit hoarse.

"What?! What do you mean she left school?!" I asked surprised.

"Well, During spring break she told me she was thinking about starting a carreer. I forgot what she wants to be but when I returned to school, she was nowhere to be found. I asked Professor Ambrose and he said she finished all her tests, and graduated. He also mentioned she went somewhere into Mooshu." Gabriel said. We continued to walk even if we were dissapointed that Lauren left Ravenwood. Lauren Spiritpants is a girl Death wizard who always was a straight A+ student. Me and the others never seen Lauren recieve a single B or F in any of her classes.
While we were walking I suddenly heard a strange sound.
"What was that?!" I said stopping Gabriel and Fred in their tracks. The boys looked around a bit confused. Just then out of nowhere we seen a samurai jump out of the trees and onto the ground with two swords both out!

"Who goes there?!" The Samurai scream it sounded just like Lauren. The samurai looked up and droped their weapons. "Elizabeth, Fred, Gabriel.
I can't believe your here!" The samurai ran and hugged us very tightly that I couldn't breathe for two minutes.

"Lauren is that you?!" Gabriel asked a bit shocked. Lauren nodded yes.

"I became one of the Jade Champions." She said with a huge smile.

"You what?!" Fred said in disbelief. Prince Jackson poped out of my backpack and looked straight at Lauren.

"The other night was a disaster. Malistare came and burned half the village to the ground. The other Jade champion ordered me to lead the rest of the army to the village and help every single person in their homes out and into the feilds of Mooshu. He went to the Jade palace to protect our Emporor." Lauren told us.

"What happened to the Emporor?" I asked her.

"Don't know. I haven't seen the other Jade Champion since that night. I think he is still in the Emporor's Throne room watching out for him." Lauren replied.

"Looks like we have to head to the throne room." Gabriel stated. "C'mon lets go!" Fred, Gabriel and I ran up the VERY long flight of stairs until when we reached the middle we heard Lauren calling us.

"I'm coming with you guys! I'm gonna join you guys on your journey!" She panted when she reached us.

"Ok Lauren, You sure you want to come with us?" Fred asked.

"Hey, you guys are my friends, and I know Mooshu like the back of my hand. So I am gonna help you guys."

"Ok thats fine with us." I said very happily. We continued to run up the steps until we reached the top of the steps where the big doors to the throne room.

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