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Journey to MooShu (part 4) by Elizabeth GhostCaster

"Halt! Who goes there?!" screamed the guard holding his sword out.

Lauren walked up to the guard and took out a beautiful looking sword........ a sword with a emerald green handle, and it looked as if it was made from the strongest steel in the whole spiral. I stared at the sword for a few moments....... I seen the sword before. Once, in a book at the Wizard City Library called "History and Culture of Mooshu".

The angry look on the guard's face changed when he seen the sword.

"J-jade Champion oh my gosh I- am so sorry I didn't reconize you for moment. You know that secuirty is tight since that attack the othe-" the guard was cut off short when he seen me. "You! Elizabeth Ghostcaster! I heard many tales about how you saved Wizard City, Krokotopia, and Marleybone."

"And now Mooshu must be saved." I replied with a nod " I know that you have been at war for quite sometime, and the attack the other night didn't help the village either. But we must see the Emperor. He is in terrible danger." The guard looked at me and nodded. He looked at Gabriel for a moment.

"Your the guardian of Dragonspyre aren't you?" He asked.

"Yes. I am." Gabriel replied.

"It is a high honor to be guarding an ancient city such as Dragonspyre.
You even have The Cap of the Dragon."

"Isn't that the highest ranking in guarding an ancient city?" both Lauren and Fred asked. Gabriel nodded at the question.

"May we see the Emporor?" I asked with a sound of egarness in my voice.
The Guard opened the giant doors leading us into a giant thrown room.
It was a beautiful room fit for a Emporor.

"Lauren!" screamed a voice coming from the otherside of the room. We looked up and there, in full uniform was the other Jade Champion.

"The Emporor......He-he-he is very sick." The Champion bursted out.

"What now?!?!!?" We all screamed. He lead us to the Emporor and there, was the Emporor, lying very still and silent.

"He was attacked by Malistare because he wished for the key..... The Emporor refused to give him the key and.......I don't want to talk about it."

"We came here to help." Fred replied "We are not here to hurt him. We are friends with the Protector of Dragonspyre, Hero of each world and The Jade champion." The lead Jade Champion listened and smiled at the end.

"Since you wish to help...... All of Mooshu will help you. Even the Great Mohooda himself will help. You may stay in the Palace tonight.
You are all welcomed here in Mooshu as our guests of honor" he said at the end. We all thanked him and he led us to our rooms.

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