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Journey to Defeat the Dragons (part 4) by Michael ThunderSpear

Lucas’s Escape

The sky was stormy and black. And as a boy was riding
his light brown horse across the stormy
paths of The Commons, lighting was fiercely striking
from the sky. He was trying to get to his dorm, but something
strange wasn’t allowing him access Ravenwood school grounds.
And just like THAT, a strange man in dreadlocks wearing a
black robe and holding a staff appeared. “You’re mine now boy…” he whispered to
the boy. The boy’s name was Lucas Raveneyes, a talented young
Thaumaturge, a follower of the Ice School. “What do you want?”
he asked. “I think you know quite well…” “You’ll never have my friends!” Lucas shouted. The strange man
lifted his staff, summoned a Wraith and—

Lucas woke up. He had no idea where he was, but all he knew was that he was somewhere that trouble was. He had no wand. No deck of spells. He was in a large dungeon of some sort. “This is probably where Lighting Dragon took me,” he breathed.

“YOU! IN THE BLUE!” a voice shouted, “GET UP HERE!” Whoever it was, obviously, wasn’t very happy with something.

“What?!” Lucas said. “GET UP HERE! BUT FIRST…!” A dark shadow flew into the room and tied up Lucas’s hands.

“NOW GET UP HERE!!” the voice shouted again. Lucas did as he was told. He walked up the stairs in the room. It turned out the voice came from an agitated Draconian. “What do you want with me?” Lucas asked shakily. “Do as you’re told…” the Draconian said, “and we’ll make sure your death is quick and painless.” Lucas gulped. “SIZLAR!!!” another voice shouted, “GET UP HERE NOW!!” The voice was calling the Draconian. “U—Uh… coming your darkness!” Sizlar shouted. He kicked Lucas down the stairs to the dungeon and locked the door.

The room was dark and quiet, and from the looks of it, completely impossible to escape from. But just maybe… Lucas’s dark cuffs were on the floor in front of him. When he wore them, they gave his skin some kind of burning feeling. That gave Lucas an idea. He walked up the stairs and started to rub the cuffs across the doorknob. It broke off, and Lucas went outside. His staff and his deck were there! So as quietly as possible, he grabbed them, and headed towards where Sizlar was. “Yes, your darkness?” he asked. “You must know that you have been doing a terrible job lately,” said the voice, “you know, those two other boys’ punishment; washing their cells, Sizlar? Prisoners aren’t exactly supposed to receive punishments like that. Honestly, now, wouldn’t you rather see them tortured and abused for questioning my abilities?” “Of course, but—“

“You don’t want to see them tortured, don’t you?” the voice asked. “—uh—No, sir, I don’t.” “Well, well, well…” “Uh, sir, please don’t be angered—please” A Wraith appeared and cut the life out of the poor Draconian. Lucas gasped. He ran up the stairs. He had no idea where he was going, but he knew one thing: he had to get out. He saw a door and ran out of it. He knew where he was immediately. Celestia. “Celestia…” Lucas breathed. It was a beautiful place, filled with castles and clouds. Celestia was a rumored world, most Wizards and the professors and Ravenwood didn’t believe existed. It was a myth for 1000 years, and Lucas had been the first Wizard in all of history to see it with their own eyes. Fairies and Pixies and Unicorns ran about. Lucas looked down. The entire world was sitting on a cloud. “How is this possible…?” Lucas said. And in the middle of the huge cloud was a castle, with a courtyard and shopkeepers selling robes, hats, shoes, wands, and all the like. This, to Lucas, felt that this place was a wonderland to him. The sky was pink, and there were white clouds that were in it.

“WHERE IS THE PRISONER?!” the voice shouted from the dungeon, “HE’S ESCAPED!!!! GUARDS! HUNT DOWN THE BOY, AND BRING HIM BACK TO ME DEAD!!!” Lucas started to run towards the castle courtyard. “If only my horse were here…” Lucas said, “I would be to the castle in no time,” He ran so fast he almost tripped. When he got there, he knew he was safe.

“What could that voice be? Whose is it?” Lucas muttered. He decided to run towards the castle gate. “Stop!” a Celestian (a person who is native to Celestia) guard said. “No entry without a white ticket!” “Where can I get that?” Lucas asked. The guard looked down. “Ah,” he said, “it’s in your pocket.” “ How’d it get in there?” Lucas asked. “I’m not even Celestian!” “The Celestian Time Castle,” said the guard, “is where people go who have been caught prisoner of Lighting Dragon to be safe from his clutches. You were lucky my boy, you could have been recaptured in a cinch.” “Okay…” Lucas began, “then why is it called Celestian Time Castle? What does it have to do with time, what does it have a time machine or”—the guard cut him off. “We better get you inside then,” said the guard quickly, “Please, come in.” He opened the castle gate, and Lucas followed him inside.

Inside, the castle had pink banners of a red and black dragon. “What’s that dragon supposed to be?” “… I was hoping you wouldn’t ask,” the guard said, “The—dragon who cannot be named—was the original ruler of all the Astral Worlds. It is said that he was the was the first Titan to teach the Giants, Storm Lords, and Dragons Astral magic, based on the three types—Sun, Moon, and Stars.” “Wait, we’ve been taught about that in our school,” said Lucas. “Sun, Moon, and Stars were supposed to be the first types of magic the Spiral ever knew, right?” “As legend tells us, yes,” replied the guard, “It is also said that those types had the most powerful spells—I can’t—I might be cursed.” “What are they? Does anyone know them?” “Yes, some do. But only one world and 10 Wizards know how to use them and how to control them.” “What world?” said Lucas anxiously.

“Uh—I—can’t”—“What?” “Fine, I’ll tell you. It’s…”—Lucas leaned in to hear him—

“Titanlore. The world that knows them is Titanlore. It is said that it is the most powerful world in the entire Spiral, and is home to Astral Magic.” “Sir—wait, what’s your name?”

“Nicholas,” he said. “Nicholas—what are the rank seven spells for the Astral Schools?”

“Uh…” Nicholas stammered, “Alright. The School of Stars’ rank seven spell is Star Storm. Moon school is Eclipse. And Sun School’s… are you ready?”


“It’s Ultimate Heat Storm.” “Ultimate Heat Storm…” Lucas breathed. “Incredible.” “Ah, here’s a Spiral Gate.” said Nicholas. Lucas tried to open it, but it wouldn’t open. “Oh no, this isn’t good.” said Nicholas, “It usually opens. I’ll call the king.” “Wait—what’s the dragon’s name?” Nicholas paused for a moment. “The—name?” he asked, as if he didn’t hear Lucas. “Yeah,” “Um, uh—D—D—Dark Dragon.” Dark Dragon was our main enemy back then. At that time, we hadn’t have beaten him, because Lighting Dragon stopped us dead in our tracks. “What is wrong?” said the king when he arrived. “The Spiral door won’t open. What do you think is wrong?” The king thought for a moment. “This might be the work of Lighting Dragon. He and Dark Dragon are very close partners. They probably don’t want you to escape.” He looked at Lucas. “Are you a prisoner of Lighting Dragon?” “Yes,” said Lucas. “And do you know who Sir Flame is?” asked the king.

“—Yes,” “And do you know Michael Thunderspear?” “Yes, he’s my best friend.” “Well, then you must know, he came here a while ago to access the portal to Stormalot, a distant prison world. He came to see his cousin, Daniel. He hadn’t seen him in years. He went there, and he hasn’t come back since. He also has a half-brother there, Blaine. His entire family is trapped in that world because they didn’t have enough money to live somewhere else. He’s pretty much trying to defeat the governors of that world and three others—one is our world’s governors—and set them free. Not only them, but you and your friends as well.” There was a long moment of silence. Lucas never knew about my family. They were all Pyromancers, and since my parents died, I took over as their professor. Daniel didn’t know about me because I thought he died, and he thought I died. “Anyways…” said the king, “I think I can fix this door. Stand aside.”

The king muttered something under his breath, and the door shook for a few seconds. He tried opening it again, and it did. “Here you are my boy,” said the king. Lucas thanked him, and went through the door. “Wait,” he said, “where does this lead to?” “Stormalot,” said the king, “you should be able to find Michael there.” “Thank you!” Lucas said again.

“I won’t forget you!” He again proceeded through the door, and went to Stormalot.

“Hey, what’s HE doing here?!” yelled a voice as Lucas walked into Stormalot. “He isn’t a prisoner, is he?” “Well now he is,” another voice
said. The two people grabbed Lucas by the arms, and threw him into
a strange building. “Stay there!” the voice said again.

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