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Journey to Defeat the Dragons (part 3) by Michael Thunderspear

Flashback! During part 2, me and Lucas found the sword that led to Fire Dragon’s lair. We traversed through it, finally after hours; we met up with the deadly monster. Malistaire was supporting it giving it two treasure cards: Balanceblade and Scarecrow. It was a grueling battle, but at the end, we pulled through and defeated Fire Dragon! After we went back to Jade Palace, we figured out that the next sword leading to Lighting dragon needed to be assembled by finding the three parts to it. Two were found, but one still remained…

This week was my vacation from classes, and me doing quests, since I was in Dragonspyre now, the quests were ridiculously hard, so I decided to take a break. I was level 47, Lucas was level 48 (he just got Frost Giant the day before), Samuel was level 46, and Timothy was still level 45, because he was taking a break from quests too. We still hadn’t found the last part of the sword leading to Lighting Dragon’s lair. We checked everywhere, but still nothing. It seemed hopeless. We didn’t know what to do. We had searched for weeks. We didn’t know if we were ever going to beat the Lighting Dragon. I sighed. “All these days…” I said to myself, “All these weeks… and we still can’t find that last piece!” I calmed myself down; knowing by now I probably slammed my head against the wall… repeatedly. “Ugh,” I said, “I hope we find it soon.” Just then, Lucas whispered to me: Michael, hurry up and teleport to me! I’m fighting the Hoarder alone! Okay, I whispered. I teleported to him. “Tricked ya, Heheh!” Lucas said. I was about to steam my head off when he started to say something. “Look!” he said. I looked at what was in his hand. I couldn’t believe it. I was awestruck. It was… was… the final piece of the shockblade! “… YES!” I said excitedly. “Did you tell Timmy and Sam?” “Yup!” Lucas said. “I wanted to save you for last.” We laughed. “Wait,” I said. “We gotta add it to the other two pieces.”

“Oh, right. I almost forgot,” Lucas said. I took the hilt and the two pieces. We put them on top of each other until it looked perfect. Nothing happened. “Why isn’t it doing anything?” I asked. “Not sure,” said Lucas. “We better ask Sir Flame why.” Sir Flame was a friendly Helephant that helped us find out who needed to fight the Dark Dragons. I used the sword that lead to his cave to fly there. “Sir Flame,” I said as me and Lucas ran into the cave. “We have a problem.” “What is it?” he said. “We found the three pieces of the sword leading to Lighting Dragon’s lair,” I said, “but we can’t get it to work. Maybe you can help.” “Let me see.” Sir Flame said. He inspected it for a minute, and said, “It needs to be powered and forged using very strong storm magic. It requires Wildbolt, Stormzilla, and Triton to be forged.” “The only one of those spells I have is Stormzilla,” I said, being a Pyromancer as well as a Diviner. “And the others have the robes that give them Triton. But what about Wildbolt? Can treasure cards be used?” “No,” Sir Flame said. “It requires a pure, real, 10% accuracy, Wildbolt card. You need to find a Diviner, and fast.” “Okay,” I said, having a level 49 storm friend. “Lucas,” I said. “I’ll teleport to him. You stay here with Sir Flame.” “Okay,” Lucas said. I teleported to him, my friend named Travis. “Hey Michael,” he said, “Can you help me?” “Sorry, not now,” I said in a hurry. But I will help you if you lend me a Wildbolt card. I swear I’ll give it right back.” “You promise?” he said. “Promise,” I answered. When I was done helping him, he thanked me, and as promise, gave me a Wildbolt card. “Thanks, I’ll have it right back to you,” I said. “Okay,” said Travis, “I can’t go dueling with only two Wildbolt cards.” I teleported back to Lucas, who was taking a nap. I whispered to Timmy and Sam telling them to teleport to me. They came as fast as they could. I woke Lucas up, and told him we were ready to forge the blade. I yelled the enchanted words, Wildboltious, lightingous. A huge thunderbolt came out of no where and hit the blade. It absorbed its power, which assembled it and gave it a weak glow. Lucas was next. He yelled the enchanted words to summoning a Stormzilla, which were Destructionous, Stormzillacus. A huge dinosaur appeared, and roared at the blade. The blade’s glow became a little bit stronger. Finally, Timmy and Sam yelled the enchanted words to summoning a Triton, which was Tritonous, lightningous. Two Tritons appeared, held up their tridents, lighting went into them, and pointed them at the blade, then releasing a HUGE blast of lighting at it. The blade moved and shook, wiggled and jiggled, flailed out of control, set down with a thump. The blade now had a brilliantly bright purple glow, and from the looks of it, could fly all of us over to Lighting Dragon’s lair! “Excellent!” said Sir Flame, “You’re able to fly to lighting dragon’s lair!” We all cheered. “But wait,” I said, “I have to return that card to Travis.” I did so, and he thanked me. “Guys,” I said, “We need to go to Lighting Dragon’s lair now, you ready?” “Yeah,” they all said. We grabbed the blade, and just like that, we were flying with it in our hands. In about an hour, we all fell asleep, but luckily, by the time we had; we landed at Lighting Dragon’s lair. “Wow…” Timmy breathed. Lighting Dragon’s lair was huge! We were in a huge storm, which seemed endless. Sam looked at his feet. “Guys!! Look!” We looked down. We were on a storm cloud! “Wow,” I joked, “this is kind of ironic,” We laughed, and Lucas said, “Are we ready to go?” We all said yes, thus us setting off to find Lighting Dragon. About twenty minutes into the adventure… disaster struck. Lucas, Sam, and Timmy were captured by Lighting Dragon! “If you want them back,” the creature barked, “TRY AND GET THROUGH THIS!!!!” A huge maze fell around me. “If you manage to find me,” it said, “you then fight me for your wretched friends!”

I then realized I had no choice. I had to get through this maze, if I was to ever save my friends, or myself.
2nd half:
Getting out of the maze

Let me tell you, that was one experience that made me feel like just letting myself get put out of my own misery. I was hungry, lost, and not to mention that lighting dragon stole my deck. All I had now was my Hydra hat, Minotaur robe, the Wraith boots I got the day before, and my 90 damage life wand I got from Oyotomi, a Wraith boss. When I saw some Lighting Grendelings, I already knew that was a fight I couldn’t win. But I realized something; the Minotaur has an axe! He could tear down the maze! My mind was set. I sat down, storing energy. I then yelled, “Minotaur, destructionous!!” The Minotaur I had for the past month and I were very good friends, and he understood me. I then told it to tear down the walls, and he did so. He slashed and bashed the walls, until there was a perfect path to Lighting Dragon’s chamber. “Wow, thanks, buddy!” I yelled. The Minotaur nodded, and then disappeared. I ran and ran, until I got to him. “Clever. Very clever,” Lighting Dragon hissed. Well, as promised, we duel!

The battle circle formed.

“One on one!” Lighting Dragon said. And it started.

My turn: Fireblade casted.

Lighting Dragon’s turn: Stormblade casted.

My turn: Helephant casted. Lighting Dragon had 1673 health left.

Lighting Dragon’s turn: Strom Trap casted.

My turn: Fireblade casted.

Lighting Dragon’s turn: Stormzilla casted. I had 1458 health left.

My turn: passed.

5 more turns passed, I hadn’t inflicted any damage to Lighting Dragon, and he had me down to 476 health.

But then I surprised him.

My turn, full power pips, Fireblade, and Elemental Blade. I used Heckhound.

He didn’t resist Fire. And a single blast would and the fight. But he had three pips, and he used spirit armor. Two of them. He would survive! He used his natural attack on me, leaving me with a mere 28 health left. I didn’t have pixie in my hand, Lighting Dragon couldn’t be defeated, and I was cornered. What was I to do? He had me! I couldn’t do anything to save myself. Then he defeated me.
There was no light. I was in a dark dungeon. I was passed out on the floor, gasping for breath, clenching my chest, checking to see if I was alive.
I was in one piece, and that was the best news I would have in
quite a while. I didn’t know where exactly I was, but I did know this
wasn’t a good sign. This had to be the work of either
Malistaire or Lighting Dragon. And something came over me
that made me faint again… Malistaire. And as he said the last words I was
going to hear in an hour, he said… “You will never see your
friends again.”

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