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Journal Three of a Death Student by 3l3m3nt4lDr4g0n

Wisps float around, waiting to be catched. Bartleby stands in the center of Ravenwood.

I walk around, staring at the debree in the sky. What happened here?

As I stare up and walk, I bump into somebody.

"Ow! Oops, sorry," I say, and then realize that my hat fell.

The guy I bumped into slowly picked it and handed it to me.

I take it from him.

"It's okay," he says, "You, you must be a new student."

"Er, yeah. Um, what on Earth happened here?"

"Oh, Malistaire blew it away somehow. Oh, by the way, I'm Malorn Ashthorn, a student of Death School. I hate to boast, but I was one of the top students of Malistaire," Malorn says.

"Everyone keeps mentioning this 'Malistaire,' who is he anyway?"

"He's the one causing trouble now."

"Um, you mean even the minor trouble that we bumped into each other is caused by him?"

Malorn laughs, "You're a funny girl! But, besides that, since Malistaire's gone, I try to teach the Death students because, as I just said, am one of the top students of Malistaire."

"So, I just call you Professor Ashthorn?"

"Oh, don't call me that, just call me Malorn. Death is AKA Necromancy."

"Oh cool."

"By the way I teach my students in Malistaire's office, I have permission from Headmaster Ambrose since the Death School is gone, probally for Malistaire's little hideout. Oh, I have students to teach, but nice meeting you whoever you are!"

"I'm Alexis Dragonrider, Malorn!"

"Ok, bye!"

I return to Professor Ambrose, and congradulates me.

"Okay, now you have a very special quest anyone rarely gets, Alexis."

"What is it?"

"You will go with Gamma and search for your brother whom is still on Earth. But he can't see you like this, you'll have to disguise into an owl just like Gamma. Here"-Professor Ambrose waves his little staff and I then see that Ambrose has gotten taller-"there! Now your an owl."

I look and observe myself, white feathers. And then I finally knew how it feels like to turn your head three hundred sixty degrees!


"I have found his location, anyhow, he is in this 'Canada' place. Gamma will teleport you and herself there. Good luck."

I hold onto Gamma's wing with my wing and this page-turning sound comes off. And in a split second, we're back to Earth.

"Whooo is my brother, Gamma?" I then put my wings on my beak. I just said whooo.

"You'll see, Alexis, you'll see whoooo he is, just follow me. If Merle Ambrose was here, you would be mostly safe within his gaurd."


And as Gamma flew, I tried to flap my wings, and I just hover, so I tried to manuever and I succeed as I followed Gamma into the misty air as fall begins and the sign of the red, yellow, brown leaves making the trees look like it's on fire.

"There he is, Alexis."

I look down, and I see a boy with white hair, sitting on a porch with a scarf, picking up the autumn leaves, examining them and then dropping them.

Is this my brother? My gosh! He's so lonely!

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