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Journal Two of a Death Student by 3l3m3nt4lDr4g0n

"Malistaire? Who's he?"

"Oh, we'll talk about that later. It seems your a death student, Alexis Dragonrider!"

"Whooo, whooo! Congradulations!" Gamma hoots.

"D-Death? Wait! My parents! There on Earth still! They'll worry!"

"Oh, Alexis, your Earth parents are not your real parents, but besides that, I'm glad you changed the subject because I need to tell you something. Your real parents are...dead."

My heart beats. Phudum. I'm in shock. Phudum. I can hear my heart beating. Phudum. Dead? Phudum. You mean, I have no siblings? Phudum. I stare blankly with an emotionless face. Phudum. But my other parents said I was born in the local hospital. Phudum. Did they think I wouldn't understand? Phudum. Phudum. Phudum.

"Dead?" I whisper.

"I'm sorry Alexis, but, you have a brother," Ambrose says.

I look up, a brother?

"His name is Wolf. Wolf Dragonrider."

"What are my parent's names?"

"Your mother was Evol Fireleaf, your father was Quest Moonheart."

"Moonheart? Isn't it Dragonrider?"

"Unlike earth, we get to choose our last names, I think before they abandoned you and your brother, they both gave you Dragonrider, as a last name. First, before you can do anything, you have to get into these clothes."

The so-called Ambrose guy handed me matching robes, boots, and hats. Then somehow he twitched his little rod that he held and I somehow got into these clothes.

"Hee-hee! I did that because, er, it would be awkward if we were in the same room as a person dressing up."

"Ok...what next?"

"You'll meet your instructors, but depending on what type of wizard you are, the spells you learn in the, er, for example, if your Death, then the Death class will have no training point charge when you learn a spell. The other classes do, so choose wisely. Ok, Ravenwood school is just the left of here, then there's a tunnel. Go on now, Alexis, I have a lot of tidying up! Luckily, I already have prepared your enrollment!"

I leave Gamma and Professor Ambrose to their stuff, and then I follow Professor Ambrose's directions, turn left, that's all.

As I go the direction, I see many people dressed in capes, robes, and some with unicorn horns I think they call wands.

First up, a talking dog in a brown tux with a breifcase. He's the instructor of Balance, AKA a sorcerer. He is a Marleybone dog, or so I've heard from him.

Next Ice. A tree that had eyes and a mouth spoke to some other so-called wizards and the background was snowing on it. As I enter the school of Ice, I see a little chubby fairy with spectacles and a blue hat, blue everything.

I start, "Er, hi. I'm new, and-" before I could finish, she blurted out.

"Oh! Your the new student of Ravenwood! Nice to meet you! I'm Lydia Greyrose, just call me Professor Greyrose!" Professor Greyrose shook my hands delicately.

"Oh, yeah! I am. By the way, I'm Alexis Dragonrider," I say quickly but clearly in case she interrupts again.

"Oh, well, nice to meet you, Alexis. I teach Ice as you may already know," she says.

"Um, cool."

"Oh dear, it's time for the students to get back from lunch! Well, that's mostly what you have to know about me, good-bye Alexis!"

I wave good-bye and go out the door but just before I step one foot on the ground, I see a large group of people running towards me in blue and white clothes. I gasp. I was going to be trampled!

I cover myself, and the yells of excitement come louder and closer, and I heard Professor Greyrose gasp too.

"Pupils! You almost trampled over a new student!"

I open my eyes one by one, and I see some kind of shield made of Ice. I think that Professor Greyrose might have summoned it to save me from the kids.

"I offer my sincere apologies, Alexis, this happens sometimes when the children are still over reacting after recess."

I look behind, "Oh, it's okay, Professor Greyrose."

The ice shield lowers and I finally step out the door.

Next up, the School of Fire.

As I enter, I see a lady with red hair pointing upwards softly in a non-casual red dress with a decoration of flames at the bottom, she held a thorny wand torch with a flame on top. She was picking people with their hands raised to come and attempt to perform a spell.

Then she stopped the class and looked up.

"Why, hello. I am Dalia Falmea, call me Professor Falmea. Class, don't talk behind my back now while I talk to this new student."

She walks towards me.

"Why, hello."

"Hi, I'm Alexis Dragonrider. But how did you know I was a new student?"

"Oh, new students always barge in like that. By the way, I teach Fire Magic. Well, as you know, this is also known as Pyromancy. People who study under Pyromancy are called Pyromancers."


"Well, I shouldn't bother anymore, the class is getting a bit crazy now, by the way, nice meeting you!"

I say bye and step out the door and head for the School of Myth.

As I enter, a man in a yellow robe looks up.

"Argh! A new student!" he mumbles.

"I'm Alexis Dragonrider," I say quietly.

He seemed releived, "I'm glad how you whispered. Whispering is like quiet talking. By the way, I'm Cyrus Drake, Professor Drake. I teach Myth. Now go away and depart me."

Now he was grumpy. Go away and depart me. I think he was like that all the time.

I met Halston Balestrom at the school of Storm.

Then I figure out that his main moto was "Discover your inner thunder!"

Next was another talking animal, this time a cow in a green robe. She was Moolinda Wu. Yes. MOO-linda Wu. Professor Wu teaches Life.

I was shocked when I saw a torn part of the Death School. All left was floating debree.

To be continued...

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