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Journal Four of a Death Student by Hunter Windrider

Wolf had blue eyes, just like mine, so probably it was genetic, or was it the longest dream of my life?

I follow Gamma's lead and land on a branch of a tree that was near Wolf. And probably Wolf heard a rustle and looked at the tree.

Gamma examined him for a few minutes until Wolf got up and tried to shoo away us, and Gamma continued to study him.

Then Gamma whispered to me, "This is your brother, the people here called him Sean, so probably if I ask him what his name is, he would say Sean, and we'd know he's really Wolf."

I just hoped Gamma whispered it so soft, that Wolf didn't hear it.

"You ask him, Alexis," Gamma whispered more.

"Okay. Um, are you S-Sean?"

Wolf, stepped back, then dug his ear. He must be thinking he's hearing things.

"Um, excuse me?" Wolf spoke.

"Are you, um, Sean?"

"Woah, talking owls, I must be dreaming."

The way he said it made Gamma and myself laugh.

"Child, just tell us, are you Sean?" he (Gamma) asked.

"Uh, yeah, I guess,"Sean replied.

"Will you follow us to Headmaster Ambrose?" Gamma asked.

"Who the heck is Headmaster Ambrose?"

"Gamma! He doesn't know yet, just like me when I was still on Earth," I nudge Gamma.

"Oh right, heh. Sean grab on to my wing."

Wolf hesitated.

"Brother, er, I mean Sean, it's safe. C'mon."

Finally, Wolf grabbed hold of Gamma's wing and again, page turning sounds come off.

We were then back at Professor Ambrose's office.

"Quest completed, whoooooo is here."

"Well, that was quite fast I should say, and he did obviously accepted your 'wing.'" Ambrose smiled.

"Woooooolf, er Sean. Your name isn't Sean. It's Wolf. Wolf Dragonrider. You're a wizard," Gamma hoots.

"A wizard? Yep, this is a dream."

"And on the other hand, this is yoooooour sister, Alexis."

Wolf looks at me, "My sister is an owl?"

"Oh! I had forgotten to change Alexis back!" Professor Ambrose waves his staff, and I was back to normal.

"Here"-Ambrose gives the Book of Secrets to Wolf-"Answer these questions to determine what kind of WIzard you are."

Wolf flipped the pages one by one.

Once he finished, Ambrose took it and said, "Oh! It seems that your a Death Wizard too."

"Death? Yep, a dream," Wolf still thought.

"Oooooh, this is noooooo dream, Wolf," Gamma said.

To be continued

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