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The Tale of John Firebolt by John Firebolt

As the sun showed its face once more, John Firebolt was walking the streets of Unicorn Way. Spotting a Lost Soul, he walked over and challenged it. It was dawn, and he was bored, so even defeating this lowly creature seemed easy. John expected a weak response to his attack, but this Lost Soul turned out very strong. As his mana ran out against the cloaked beast, his heart raced. Since it was so early, he didn't expect anyone else to be around. But just as he was about to be history, a girl with a green cape and a heavenly smile joined the battle. The angelic girl healed him and defeated the Lost Soul just too easily.

"Thanks for your help. I was a goner 'till you showed up."

"It's fine. Really! I'm Emily Windsong. Who are you?"

"M-my name is... is... oh! My name is John Firebolt.Yeah! John Firebolt..."

John felt as stupid as he possibly could be. Emily giggled and smiled her glowing smile. And for a long and joyful time they fought battles together and adventured through their wizard world.

It almost came to a stop when they were fighting a winged raven ten feet tall and Emily was carried off in its huge talons. Her scream shook John until he was dizzy. He knew he had to get her back if he ever wanted to see her again. And for days, he followed behind the raven with the thought of losing Emily driving him along.

At last he saw the raven atop a mountain with Emily in its talons once more. He climbed the mountain until he could see her unconsious on the floor of the nest. John climbed into the nest and battled the raven with his strongest spells and all the will he had. Finally the raven stumbled back and fell off the mountain with a shriek. John shook Emily awake, and she sat up, dazed. "Wha-- John?"

And somewhere in John's heart bells rung, and he leaned forward and kissed Emily.

But nobody noticed as down in the valley, all the birds sung the legendary song of the rise of John Firebolt, a song that would be heard around the world. And sometimes, if you listen closely, you can still hear the birds singing the chorus as the raven fell into the fog below...

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