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The Adventures of Jake and April by Wolf Griffin

It was a hot spring day in the wondrous Jade Palace of Mooshu. I looked over at April who apparently was messing with her pet Heather, a young brave Jade Oni.

'So what is our quest today?' She asked me unexpective.

'Well, think we got to kill a wraith in the Village of Sorrow. I got it marked on my spell so teleport to me when I teleport there.

'K k' she always says.

As she said that away I went with the spell;

'With the Night of Death, The Day of Life, I bring to me to port away to the marked spot in The Village of Sorrow'

Away I went in a swirl of blue and red tube. As I approached my location April teleported to me instantly. We were approached by a mean, evil looking wraith in a black robe with a hood who said angrily;

'Haha, what do we have here to pitiful wizards for dinner, eh? Come on minion we got a feast to cook'

As we ran into the circle of battle the arrow pointed to me because I was before April. I choose my Life blade and used it on myself. I could see April choosing her Ice blade on her. As it approached the wraith he placed a feint on me and him witched helped alot with the up coming spell I was planning to use.

'You can never defeat me young wizard! You will die slowly and painfully this next round!' scolded the wraith.

I finally made it to three power pips. I picked the centaur card up, griped my wand and as the arrow turned to me I drew the life sign and there away went Centaur! Centaur jumped out of know where he ran towards the wraith to threaten him then stepped back a few spaces. He got on his hind legs and griped his bow and arrow. That's when the Life blade broke and the life trap and the feint broke too. He aimed and let go, the arrow was off slowly it made its way to the wraith, as it hit the wraith you heard a scream of terror nothing like you but the sound of a bad life dying and a new one regaining. Victory was in our eyes. The next thing we new we were approached by the master of magic, he was in a colorful blue and yellow robe with a white beard and white eyebrows, Merle Ambrose was ahead of us.

'Congrats on defeat the Agony Wraith. But, I need your help Sir Jake and Lady April. Come with me quickly' He said fast and away he went.

As we followed him he took us back to the Jade Palace. There we saw a bright blue half oval thing, there were three circles and they where glowing up in 3D like.

'We need you to go in there and heal Mooshu's headmaster and hopefully he will give you the key to Dragonspyre.'

Away we went each of us into a blue circle. We ran up to the almighty emperor, I quickly grabbed the potion bottle out of my backpack and put in the ingredients I had gathered and April put in hers. I mixed it up and was just about to poor it into his mouth, he transformed into a mighty Jade Oni! We didn't know what to do we were helpless. The only choice we had was to fight him, I confronted him and we were in battle...

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