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Story Of Ian Emeraldshard by Paul Starblossom

Well, if you have heard of him, Ian Emeraldshard, a famous ice wizard, has a famous story to tell. When his journey was half way over, he had fought his way through the arena in the krokosphinx at level 28. It was very tough. First, though, he had to build a strong, though, and sturdy weapon. "Hmm," he said in deep thought. "Ah-ha!" he said. "A staff! Those are very strong!" he said.

But, his thoughts were incomplete. "A storm staff! Storm is the strongest type," he said. He gathered his supplies by fighting enemies. When he had gathered his supplies, he put them together. The staff did not look like a staff. It looked like a stick made of guts and body parts of enemies. And, it would fall apart. He asked Merle Ambrose what was wrong, and he said to ask the greatest archeologist, Professor Winthrop. He said he had never learned how to make a staff, and to ask Shalek The Wise. The old Krok said he had never possessed a staff, and to talk to General Khaba. General Khaba said "Ah, yes. Go into the forbidden basement, and you shall seek the frozen forge. Then, put your supplies on it in the way you wish and an hour later, you shall seek your staff on the forge and claim it as your own. But, be careful-" Ian was on his way already, and then Khaba continued quietly to himself, "It has many surprises; no on has come out alive." Ian was already going down the old staircase to the basement, and found the forge in the corner. He was just about to set the staff on the frozen surface, when suddenly...

"BOOM! CRASH!" The ceiling had exploded! When it collapsed, Ian saw a figure with weird crumpled up wings. When he least expected it, the avalanche moved to him. His bright red clothes with white highlights was now faded red, with a grey finish.

At least 900 health was squished out of him because of the explosion. He had hard General Khaba mumble in his mind: "It has many traps and supplies. No one has ever come out alive... alive..." His voice echoed and whispered in his head until the fight had started. And when that happened, it was a sigh of relief. The enemy was Lord nighshade, which Ian can beat without stressing himself. "Well, I have grown, so you are nothing but skeletal pirate to me," said Ian. And in two minutes, Lord Nightshade and his field guard were now dead. Ian put his stick of enemy guts and body parts on the Frozen forge. 60 Minutes on the spot, his staff was what he had dreamed of.

"Now, to the Krokosphinx Games!" Ian yelled. But, he has only told me that part of his adventure, for I am his friend, Paul Starblossom...

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