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The Heroes of Wizard City (The Quest to Save Marleybone) by Destiny SummerGlen

The heroes of Wizard City (The Quest to Save Marlybone.)

“Yes I got him!” Taylor said. I looked at him with a bored face and said. “good now can we actually do a quest now?” “fine lets go, what quest do you want do to?” how about the quest in Marlybone.” Uh, uh the one in counterweight east.” “ok lets go. But let’s get Fiona first……

“Finally I get to get this quest over with!” Fiona said. “good then let’s go.” We walked in the counterweight east and had to defeat four, rank 6, haunted minions. “Ouch that burns!” said Fiona jumping up and down. “Ha ha no duh you just got hit by a hack hound.” Taylor said. “Hey do you want to see what it feels like?” “Uh, uh, no. “Ha ha ha ha ha ha! That’s what I thought.” I took a deep breath, for they always do this during battle.” Come on guys let’s just move in to the next thing already. When we opened the door it was pitch black. Fiona looked puzzled. She knew that lights never turn off in Marlybone, and if it did I wouldn’t be so dark. “Sooooooo.” Tyler said. Who wants to step in first.” They both looked at me. I sighed, “fine ill go, since you guys are scardy cats.” I closed my eyes and stepped in, but instead of touching the floor with my feet, there was no floor! I began to float into the room. “ahhhhhhhh, ha ,ha ha ha ha! Wow you guys have to try this!” so they both jumped in and floated with me. (20 minutes later.) “ouch.” Tyler said. “I hit my head on something.” Then a huge door appeared in front of us. I stuck my hand through and felt a blast of worm air. “Wow that’s hot. I wonder what’s through that door?” we all looked at each other as if we were thinking if the same thing. We put our heads through the door……

“We saw Marylebone on fire!” we said to Ambrose. “hmmmm what color you say that door is again?” “Uh, red and purple.” Ambrose walked over to his desk and took out an old dusty book. He started to skim through the pages. “ah ha! The door of fortune.” It tells the future of any place, any time, but only opens to the most powerful wizards. “wait, does the mean we are some of the most powerful wizards?” we all said in excitement. “It sure does, and since you guys saw what is inside the door, you need to stop this fire before it happens.” “were on it!” we all said at the same time and ran out the door.

“UGH no one here knows anything about a fire!” Tyler said. “This is impossible!” he yelled as he sat down. All the Marlybone people (or, dogs.) stared at him. Fiona looked unhappy too this was impossible. “Well someone must be keeping a secret from us.” I said. “How are we supposed to find this secret?” “I hate to say this but, were gonna have to break into the Marlybone file room.” “What! We can’t do that, it’s, it’s against the rules!” Fiona yelled. “There is no other choice! Do you want to save Marlybone or not.” I looked at her in a stern way. She seemed that she was now scared of me. She looked at Tyler then down at her feet and said. “if it’s to save Marlybone, I, I guess we can do it.” “now that’s the spirit!” Tyler looked around as if he was thinking of something. “Still how are we supposed to find these files anyway?” he said in a depressed voice. “Aw I have a plan!” “You always have plan Destiny.” “Yea I know that’s because I am good at it, now the plan is…

“Are you sure this plan will work?” Fiona said in a shaky voice. “Fiona, have any of my plans failed?” she looked at me in a funny way. “Ok maybe some of them but this one wont, I am sure of that!” “Ok but you better be here.” It’s ok I will, promise.” The plan was that we changed Tyler into a cat and he was going to break into the jail and try to get the other cats out. When he does that Fiona will tell the guards standing at the door about it. Once there gone we go in the City Hall and slowly make are way to the file room…

“Guards guards come quick! A cat is trying to get out of jail!” then they ran off and I came out from my hiding place. We walked into the City Hall and passed all the offices there. Then we had to pass some Marlybone kids on a field trip. They kept asking us questions like. “were are you going?” or, “who are you?” so that was kind of hard. “finally the file room!” Fiona yelled. “shhhhh you don’t want to be caught do you?” “sorry.” I opened the door slowly and saw another wizard digging through a pile of papers. “uh, who are you?” I said. “Ah! Oh it’s just you people, don’t scare me like that I thought you were one of the guards.” “ok but can you tell us who you are?” he took his wand that looked like a big sparkling sward and said. “I am Cody EarthRider, school of life, level 50.” “wow he is stronger than I thought.” “ok, so what are you doing here?” “I am looking for a file on Dragonspyre. “uh, wouldn’t that be over there.” I pointed to a big sign that said DRAGONSPYRE FILES. “Oh, yea I guess that is it.” And he walked over there and started to go through all the file cabinets. Fiona began to push me over to the Marlybone files and said. “Come I don’t want to be here all day let’s get a move on.” I dug through all of the file cabinets and all of the piles of papers and there was no top secret files anywhere. “Aw were never gonna find it, there is no files about a fire.” Fiona looked up with a surprised face. “what.” She opened her eyes wider at me and said. “Well we could try that door.” She pointed towards a HUGE door that looked like a gigantic safe. “Wow that looks promising, let’s try it.” We used a spell on unlocking doors to crack open the old lock. There was this huge dark room that had a spotlight on this little folder on the floor. Fiona stepped in not knowing about the invisible lasers going all over the room. Then this loud beeping noise went off and a voice said. “ALEART, ALEART INTROODER ALEART!” Cody already ran off and left me Fiona standing there, too scared to move. Two guards grabbed us and through us into a jail cell with Tyler. “Tyler, what are you doing in here?” “Remember you guys changed me into a cat and MADE me do this.” He said in a mad voice.” “oh yea we changed you into a cat and then……” before I was able to finish Fiona jumped up and said. “Uh, g-g-g guys, do we have to f-f fight that thing?” we turned around and saw a HUGE cat so big its head was touching the roof! I looked at the cat with wide eyes and said. “You know what, this might be the first time I am scared of something. RUN!” we used the unlocking spell to get out of the cell and ran as fast as we could. Then, not only was the big cat and his buddies chasing after us, but a lot of guards too! We all said “teleport home!” at the same time and we did right before the big cat grabbed us. “Phew, that was a close one!” Fiona said on her last breath.” “Yea it was, but right now we need to tell Ambrose about this.” We teleported to the commons and told Ambrose everything. “hmmmm, sounds like you need help.” He said. “yes please we all said at the same time. “well, meet Cody EarthRider.” “Cody EarthRider!” we repeated. “Oh I guess you guys know him?” “We sure do.” “Good then you guys should get along well.” Ambrose said as he pushed me and Cody out the door. He left Fiona and Tyler inside.

“Shhhhhhh don’t make a sound, you don’t want them to hear us.” Cody said quietly as we passed the students. We were invisible so it was easier to get inside. Once we got into the file room and that huge door there were two guards standing at the door this time. “Oh no how do we get in, if we unlock the lock the guards will notice.” I whispered. “You go over there and make a bunch of noise.” He pointed to a sign that said MUSHU FILES. I went over there and made a lot of noise. I opened and shut cabinets, threw papers in the air, and stomped on the floor as hard as I could. When the guards came I ran right passed them, Cody already opened the door. He was slowly making his way through the lasers. For some reason we were able to see them now. I got bored of him so slow so I jumped in and slipped through all the lasers in a minute. When I got to the file there was something written on it that said in big bold letters. “TOP SECRET.” Before I picked it up Cody said. “Stop! You don’t know if it is a trap!” He went through the last few lasers and looked at the file from all sides examining it closely. “Ah ha! There is a trap on this thing! See a super thin, but strong piece of rope.” Then he asked me for something to cut it, like a dragon tooth. I didn’t know what a dragon tooth was so I just said “you mean scissors?” He looked at me funny and said. “Uh, no I don’t even know what scissors are. I need a dragon tooth.” I began to dig through my pockets until I found this big white thing that was the sharpest thing I have ever seen. He grabbed the tooth out of my hand and carefully cut the rope. Then we picked it up and teleported home. Cody left me with the folder and stayed home for some reason. So I went to go tell Ambrose, I was so excited, I couldn’t wait till I figured out what my award was! But when I got there it wasn’t what I expected. “I got it!” I yelled as I walked into the room. I saw Fiona and Tyler in the room but Ambrose wasn’t there. “Were is the headmaster?” “He is in there.” They both seemed to say it in a frightened and depressed voice. When I walked in there I saw Ambrose talking to Gama. I handed him the file and I couldn’t hold back my smile. He looked at me with a sad face and my smile disappeared. He looked at Gama and Gama shook its head yes. Then he said. “I am sorry young wizard, but we have failed.” I couldn’t believe what he just said to me. “What! Your lying this can’t be true!” And I ran out the room and went to the World Tree. When I opened the door to Marlybone and saw the church on fire. I fell to my knees and tears began to run down my face. Other wizards were running out while the only thing I can do, is stare. Fiona came and sat down beside me as I looked down to knees she looked at the fire and said. “it’s too late now, we, we, we failed Destiny. Let’s just go home.” “I looked up at her and said. “No! We haven’t failed!” then found myself jumping into the church. I locked the door to make sure no one followed me. Then a huge fire wall came up before me. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and ran through.

The next thing I knew I was in my bed alone in my room at my house. I tried to get up but I was in so much pain I couldn’t even move. I yelled out to see if anyone was there. “Hello, can someone help me. Is anyone there!” then it sounded like five people were coming up the stairs. Fiona ran to me and gave me a big hug. “Oh I am so happy your ok.” “Um what happened?” I said as I was trying to get up. “You saved Marlybone!” then a girl who looked like she was in school of ice came in the room. “You really inspired me.” She said. “So I helped you take out that fire, and you saved Marlybone from burning to the ground. You’re a hero!” a couple weeks later when I was a little better I had to go talk to Ambrose for something. He walked up to me and said. “Congratulations! You’re our new hero! And for that you win a lot of rewards. And so does your friends.” He pulled out a badge out of a small glass box. “This is your badge no one else has it in Wizard City but you young wizard.” A big smile ran across his face. “And for doing such a good job, I am bumping and your friends up to level 50. And for you Destiny you have a special level. Level 51.” Everyone in the room gasped and so did I. I have never heard of a level 51 before! It was impossible. Until now that is. He gave me a new outfit and a sparkling wand that had actual flames coming from it! When I tried my outfit on I stepped outside with my friends and saw a HUGE crowd of people that began to cheer. There were people from Marlybone, Krockotopia, Draginspyre, and of course, Wizard City. I felt so good inside and I know that my friends did too. For now we were called the Heroes of Wizard City. But what was are next job? Was it harder? Figure out on my next story Heroes of Wizard City. (The Quest to Save Earth.)

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