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The Haunted Arena by Matthew Thunderflame

Gra-pa gra-pa read us another wizard story please said, a sandy haired little boy.
Yeah gra-pa oh please oh please oh pleasa said, a little girl.
Oh...... alright one more storie and its of to bed with you two ya here said, the old man.
OK!! The little kids said in unison.
OK let me think ah this is a good one the old man said, shuffling through his box.
Once apon a time there was four young and skilled wizards in training battling in the arena down in Unicorn Way. there names were Matthew Thunderflame, Chris Flare, Tatina Dust and Drake Flareflame. They were all good friends too.
They all just loved to pvp 2 on 2.
All the time. But one day they got a suspicious arena.When Tatina was about to use a stormzilla on Chris Flare Matthew Thunderflame felt a cold chill up his spin.
He quickly turned around to see the most gruesome biggest banshee ever.
He acted quickly by use a helephant fast to take out the huge banshee. But there was no effect! Drake Flareflame quickly put out a kraken but there was still no effect.
They were hopeless the banshee was to strong. Then Matthew Thunderflame sent out a ghoul and something very very weird happened. the ghoul and the banshee looked like they were falling in love!
it was very weird then something ales happened the ghoul and the banshee were turning into a card. When the transformation was complete Matthew picked up the card and the ghoul and banshee were in the picture kissing and that is how the haunting in the arena was ended

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