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Haunt by Scot DeathStrider


Malistaire Drake rushed down the street to the death school. He was panicking, slowly dying. When he got to the death school he slammed the door shut and locked it. He closed all the windows, making sure no one could see. Malistaire tore off his glove and looked at his hand. The curse was spreading. His whole hand was almost black. How was he going to teach lessons today? An idea popped into his head. He would call Dworgyn, and go back and look for help. There had to be a witch that could help him with this curse. Or he could tell Merle Ambrose, but that might risk losing his job.

He teleported to Nightside and asked Dworgyn if he could substitute for today because he was feeling ill. The hunched-backed man agreed to teach today’s lessons and Malistaire teleported back to Ravenwood. He went inside Bartleby and went to another world that no one has dared to enter. This world was known as the Dark Abyss.

The streets were empty and destroyed. You might see an evil creature or a witch every now and then, but you didn’t want to. That almost guarantees death. Malistaire Drake made a bad decision by coming back here. His life was about to change forever.

Malistaire knocked on an old hut. A witch known as Muriel opened the door. She smiled a crooked smile at Malistaire. “How may I help you, Mr. Drake?” she whispered excitedly.

“Good afternoon Muriel. Sorry but I’m in a bit of a rush,” began Malistaire. “You see, I’m cursed. An evil creature known as the Haunt put a deadly curse on me and I cannot get rid of it. Is there any way you can help me?” pleaded Malistaire.

“Let me see your hand.” He pulled his glove off and showed her his hand. Her eyes widened. “Get out! Get out of my house!” she shrieked.

“No please! Let me stay, I’ll put on my glove back on. Please help me, what am I to do?” Malistaire cried.

“There is only one way to get rid of that curse,” she was shaking. “You must summon the Dragon Titan. Only he can get rid of a curse that powerful."

Chapter One

Malorn Ashthorn entered the death school and sat down in his seat. He noticed that Malistaire was absent from the classroom. Dworgyn was there taking his place, which was unusual. Dworgyn announced to that class that Malistaire was ill and would be gone for a few days. Strange, Malorn thought.

The class went outside to practice casting the banshee spell. Everybody had trouble with that spell except Malorn. He was probably the most advanced student in the class. Dworgyn was noticing his lack of trouble and taught him how to cast vampire. He didn’t have any trouble with that spell either.

The class was dismissed earlier than usual. As Malorn was walking back to his home on Unicorn Way, he felt the earth tremble. He looked back at the death school and it was sinking. Merle Ambrose, the headmaster, and Cyrus Drake, the myth teacher, was running towards the scene. “What is happening!” exclaimed Ambrose.

The death school was now out of sight. All of the teachers except Malistaire and Sylvia Drake were present.

“You do remember what you need to summon the Dragon Titan?” Muriel said.

Malistaire nodded silently. You only needed two things to summon the Dragon Titan. The blood of a loved one, and ancient words from the Krokonomicon. He couldn’t do it. He couldn’t kill his beloved Sylvia. And stealing, that would be the other bad part. He couldn’t steal the Krokonomicon.

He thought about it for a few minutes. He would have to, if he didn’t he would die. “How much time do I have?” asked Malistaire.

“Less than a week.” murmured Muriel. Malistaire nodded and started walking toward the door. He had made up his mind.

Chapter Two

Malistaire left the Dark Abyss and was now back in Ravenwood. He walked to the life school, dreading on what he was about to do. As he entered the school, a tear slid down his cheek.

Sylvia Drake was alone in the life classroom. She greeted him happily. “What’s wrong, dear?” she asked. Malistaire looked up and stared at her in the eyes for a few seconds.

“I love you.” Malistaire brought out his wand and waved it at Syliva. She feel down to the floor, dead. He just stared at Sylvia, going through shock. He just killed his own wife. One last tear slid down his cheek and he ran out of the classroom, angry with himself. Malistaire ran past the myth school, back to the death school. He noticed all the kids leaving from today’s lesson. He was angry he ever went to the Dark Abyss. If he didn’t go he would be teaching kids right now and his wife would still be alive.

With all of his strength, Malistaire forced the death school into the ground. It sunk down to Nightside. Malistaire went down to his knees crying. He was exhausted from using such heavy magic, but he was still angry. Malistaire teleported to the Haunted Cave. He told Lord Nightshade to guard his house, make sure nobody takes anything.

Bartleby let Malistaire inside him, and he went to Krokotopia to find the Krokonomicon.
“Where is Malistaire and Sylvia?” questioned Ambrose. Professor Greyrose volunteered to go search for them. She looked inside the life school where she found Sylvia’s body. Greyrose brought the body back to the teachers. “What happened to Sylvia?” asked Ambrose.

“She told me she wasn’t feeling too well yesterday,” began Greyrose, “maybe she died of sickness.”

“Where is Malistaire? And how did the death school disappear? There is no way a student could make it disappear, how could they learn such advanced magic!”

“It could have been Malistaire who sunk the school.” suggested Professor Greyrose.

“No.” Cyrus said. “My brother wouldn’t do such a thing.” Silence filled all of Ravenwood. Off in the distance, a few crows cawed.

Chapter Three

Ravenwood had been different since Malistaire left and the death school disappeared. The new life teacher was a cow from MooShu, her was is Moolinda Wu. The death teacher was Malorn AshThorn until they could find a better instructor. Everything in Wizard City was a lot more quieter.

Merle Ambrose called Scot DeathStrider down to his office. He gave Scot a very important task, he would have to look inside Malistaire’s house for any clues. Scot took on this quest.

He past some Field Guards in the Haunted Cave and got to Malistaire’s house. Inside there was an unpleasant surprise. Scot discovered Lord Nightshade and defeated him. In the house he found a skeletal key, and a beaten up diary. He returned these items to Merle Ambrose.

“Very, very interesting.” observed Ambrose. “The death school fell down into Nightside, and Malistaire is off looking for the Krokonomicon. This is bad news indeed. Young wizard, would you mind doing me another favor? I want you to go to Krokotopia and get the Krokonomicon before Malistaire does.”

Scot DeathStrider agreed to go look for the Krokonomicon. He has no idea what he is about to get himself into.
Malistaire entered Krokotopia. Where would he look first? He could either look in the Pyramid of Suns, Krokosphinx, or the Well of Spirits. He thought he would look in Krokosphinx first, maybe the Order of the Fang would have an idea where it is.

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