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Halloween in the Spiral by Travis DawnThorn

Overnight, Wizard City was covered with Halloween decorations. For the month of October everything changed. There was a new tower on Triton Avenue. The tower stood fifteen stories high and was covered with thorny dead vines. The boss of the tower was a horrifying pumpkin-headed scarecrow. In Ravenwood, there were three new towers where you had to defeat monsters to reach the bosses at the top of each tower.

The next day, Travis, Melissa, and Flint headed into town to see what had arrived this year. When they got there, one of the town’s guards Quimby ran toward them. “You three, come with me right this instant, Merle Ambrose wants to see you immediately,” huffed Quimby.

They rushed to Merle’s house without a word. Travis, Melissa, Flint, and Quimby, barged in. They found Merle lying in his bed looking paler than ever. “You there,” he said in a shaky voice. “I need you to defeat Mordecci, the pumpkin-headed monster in the new tower on Triton Avenue,” explained Merle. “Why can’t you sir,” asked Flint. “He can’t stupid,” Travis and Melissa said in unison. “Duh, he’s sick! We’ll do it sir,” explained Travis, as Melissa and Flint argued about how stupid Flint made himself look.

Gliding down the streets of Triton Avenue, Mordecci’s tower was looming above all the rest of the tower’s. With it’s bat’s flying and lighting crackling above, the tower looked scarier than it seemed. When they got there, they hesitated to go in. “Ok, who’s first to go in?,” asked Melissa. “Not me!,” explained Flint immediately. “I’ll go,” said Travis heroically. After Travis went in, Melissa and Flint followed close behind.

Slowly making their way in, they stopped abruptly to notice that not one but three monsters were waiting to turn these fine young heroes to dust. After two minutes of complete silence the three charged. Mordecci and his two guards were over powered by the quickness of the trio. In no time they had the guards and Mordecci beat. It was a piece of pumpkin pie. But after that was a whole other story.

After beating Mordecci they faced the gruesome, the fearless, the scaly Triton. Over ten feet tall the Triton stood waiting for a decent battle. He grabbed his lighting bolt and flung as hard and as fast as he could. Travis, who Triton was aiming at, dove out of the way. It was a mistake for Triton to bend over and pick another lightning bolt because Travis, Melissa, and Flint jumped on Triton’s back and stabbed him with their swords. Triton screeched in pain as the three jumped off. Triton incinerated into purple dust leaving behind a single lightning bolt.

When the trio came into Merle’s house with the pumpkin head of Mordecci and the lightning bolt of Triton, Merle almost fainted.

“Not only did the three Travis, Melissa, and Flint, defeat Mordecci they also defeated Triton.” That is what was on the front page of “Wizard Weekly.” The news spread so fast that Travis, Melissa, and Flint were recognized everywhere. In the shops, in the towns, and even in the other worlds of the Spiral. They were now known as the “Saviors of Wizard City!”

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