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The Half Wizard (Poem) by Cameron MythFlame/Cameron IceSpear

Yesterday i went to Ravenwood . Headmaster Ambrose had me answer some
questions. he said that i was life wizard and also a death wizard.
he said that meant I'm a half wizard .then he told me what my classes were they
were mrs.moolindas life class and mr.malistares death class
i asked what he meant by half wizard, he told me that half wizards
are important wizards that will join together and fufill the prophecy of lore
the prophecy said many things here is an important part of it

die they will
if thy not
the prophecy of lore

another part of the prohecy of lore says

the destroyer of four
takes his place in the core
for tis where the dragon lives
and holds 5 captives
nine will go
on the first snow
three will return
after a years concern

i could not beleive he expected ME to understand all of that it was like
gibberish to me i had no idea what it meant. so i took it to my cousin
Aaron Greenblood a life wizard to help me he explained it slightly better
than Ambrose. my cousin calls me Al even though my name is
Alex drystone. after aaron tryed to decipher the prophecy i went to my
favorite place. the golem tower, i used my death pixie to attack the
wooden golem then the wooden golem hurt me so i used my unicorn spell
to heal myself then i ran out the door. i ran past mrs.moolinda and she
stopped me from running into a invisible wall. she brought Ambroses right
hand man alf ogrebane to me to help me learn my way around ravenwood
that very same night a storm created by halstrom balestrom went out of his
control and created a storm creature called a thunder giant this was my
first real challenge as a wizard

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