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Haites and Socrates (part 2) by Sarai Willowtail

Gravel and Haites did not in any universe like each other. They gave each other scorning looks all day. When Haites made a move to go to a river for a drink, Gravel jumped into a tree just to get away from Haites.

"Hey! We are not on a journey with Gravel for nothing! We are doing this to get an owner! Now, you're gonna stop acting like shrubbery monsters fighting over an apple and start acting like pets! ALL of us are going to that specific owner!" Socrates had spat at the animals earlier.

"If she wants all of us," Gravel replied.

"Stop sayin' that! We're going to end up together so stop your whining!" Socrates retorted.

But instead of going to an owner, they were taken to a dead end. It was separated by a river two feet wide! They could not jump across it and there were no stones or fallen trees to walk on. And they could not turn back, for finding their owner would take even longer! They had to jump across.

"Well now what, genius? You said you would take us to an owner!" Haites growled.

"Calm down!" Gravel said. Just as Gravel said that, Socrates had spotted a rabbit across the river. She could not control her instincts and jumped across. She had missed the ground and fallen into the river. Haites howled with all his might. Gravel had left his shovel on the ground and taken off his coat.

Socrates had kept her head above water long enough to see Gravel jump in.

At the end of the river was a Twoleg bridge. Under the bridge were pointed rocks so sharp that they could slice a female Twoleg's hair in half.

Oh, Tribe of Stars, help me! Socrates thought just as her fiery pelt died down. She went unconscious. The rocks were now only four paw yards away. Gravel kept swimming.

By the time the rocks were only one paw yard away, Gravel grabbed on to Socrates' fur, only to discover that the rocks had formed a cave.

Haites had followed Gravel as far as the riverbank could before he met the bridge. Haites howled again. He had to jump in and find out where they had gone. Haites had to jump in.

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