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Haites and Socrates (part 1) by Sarai Willowtail

"Well, I don't see why we would need to hunt. You ate four birds and two voles this morning!" Haites was right. Socrates did eat four birds and two voles. She was just so hungry, like a botemless pit.

"Well, sorry! I'm just so HUNGRY today! And all you ate at the Twoleg nest was one skinny ole' mouse!" Socrates retorted. She was a little snooty at times. "Besides, this is a baby bird. Smallest one I ever saw!" Socrates washed her face with one paw.

Haites heard something in the undergrowth move. It was a squirrel, the fattest one Haites ever saw! He dropped into the hunter's crouch. But before he could even move, Socrates jumped in front of him and caught the squirrel for him.

"Mmmm... so good!" Haites licked his lips. The red and yellow heckhound was skinnier than most of his kind, and Socrates was the fattest firecat of her kind. "Where are we, anyway?" Haites asked.

"MarleyBone, I think," Socrates repied. Tonight would be the Gathering of all the forest firecats who all lived in peace under the full moon.

But just before either animal could say another thing, the biggest Myth Ghoul they ever saw jumped out of the bushes and threatened them with his shovel.

"Stay you are where, and hurt I not you!" it said.

Haites the heckhound and Socrates the firecat gave each other uneasy glances as they braced themselves for a fight. But the ghoul only said, " Wait! I no you hurt! I speak you with must!"

"Alright. Talk away." Socrates calmly sat down, but her fur was standing on end.

"Take one step and see what happens!" Haites said. He refused to sit down until he heard what the ghoul had to say.

"I no harm you," it rasped, "I wish to with you go." Haites sat down, but he was tense.

"How do we know we can trust you?" Socrates asked as calmly as ever, still bathing.

"Because I take you owners to!" it said. It showed the animals a picture of a perfect owner.

"Why is there only one owner?" aked Haites.

"Because owner wants both you."

They gave each other easy glances. "What's your name?" asked Haites.

"Gravel," the ghoul said.

"Gravel," the animals said to each other in unison.

"Alright, let's go." Socrates mewed.

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