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The Great War of Wizard101 by Joshua

“You will never defeat me!” said Malistaire “and I would like to see you try!” then he disappeared. “Joshua,” Ambrose said “you must get an army strong enough to defeat his” “ok but it will take a while …” I said. My name is Joshua moonslinger and as you can see, there will be a war. I just so happen to be the leader of it and that means the leader of an ARMY. AN ARMY, AND HUGE TOO. It has to be anyway …

I go to the commons hoping to find some wizards for the war, and nothing, absolutely nothing. No wizards were there not even zeke was there! “Hello!?” I said, no answer. I wonder where everybody is well moving on … then I go to krokotopia, ABSOLUTLEY NO ONE THERE. Where is everybody? I checked Marylebone, no one there, I checked mooshu no one there, and I can’t go to dragonspyre. So I go home wondering where everybody was. But on the way a lost soul jumps me “AH!” I said, then all of a sudden a giant fireball attacks the soul and he goes into the ground.

“Who was that?” I ask then I get an answer, “us” and I look behind me to find an army led by Ambrose! “Follow us we got a war to fight” he says, “yeh and ol zeke does too” I look next to Ambrose to see zeke there too. “Let’s do this” I said. Then we march to the spiral door and Ambrose uses a key looking like a bears head “into the portal everyone we will be meeting Malistaire in there for the war” Ambrose says, then everyone marches in.

I was the last one to go in before Ambrose. When I do go in I find my self in a grassy area full of trees and plants and animals “grizzleheim” I said. In front of the army I can Malistaire with … with … an army of undead … “OH MY WORD” I said. “So let’s begin!” Malistaire says. Then we run into each other throwing spells everywhere trying to defeat the enemy, wizards go down and undead go down … by the time an hour goes by 50 undead and wizards are left, and we go to separate bases trying to make a plan. So we start marching into nidevellir, and we go down a set of stairs, then we go into the door that was there. “That’s a big door!” I said, “Yeh it sure is” zeke says. When we arrive inside we see a giant sun on the ceiling and we keep going forward. Then we come to a giant mirror and I mean GIANT.

Ambrose starts to use his powers to do something with the mirror, and then an image appears, it shows us marching through a forest, WHEN ALL OF A SUDDEN A GIANT FIREBALL COMES DOWN AND KILLS US ALL! “That can’t be good” I said, then Ambrose said “it isn’t, but now we know how to avoid it” “what do you mean?” I ask. “Joshua,” Ambrose starts “you have just seen the future” then we march back to a beginning of a forest and go inside.

We start marching through the forest and the fireball comes just like in the mirror! “Now!” says Ambrose. Then we all fire an ice spell at the fireball trying to push it away! Then it goes away and hits Malistaire with his men! Then our army shouts “YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” but only half his men were gone. So we start to use our spells again and we are hitting each other with them 5 undead die 2 wizard die. Then the people who know Helephant (including me) use Helephant and destroy 15 of his undead and 5 are left. Then we both charge and 1 wizard and 4 undead are defeated during the ramming of us.

Then I use a fire blast to defeat the last undead. “You will STILL never defeat me!” Malistaire says. Then he disappears. It was a great battle, but many were lost. The next day Ambrose starts getting more wizards to come to wizard101, and we got 947582539 wizards back to wizard101. so as the wizard population increased the undead population decreased

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