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Genesis of a Wizard by Hunter Windrider

Since the day I was born weird things have happened to me. When I was 6 I had revived my pet goldfish from the dead which was pretty weird at first but I got over it, then a few weeks later I fell ill. I was told by the doctor that I wouldn't make it. Mom was so sad, she kept saying:
“I don’t want to lose you, you are my only son.
I can’t bear the thought of losing you!”

The other day she brought my magically revived fish that was happily swimming in it round, crystalline bowl and put it by my side. I was so sad that I wouldn’t live for much longer and that I wouldn’t see my mom or dad anymore, but still I kept watching my fish swim around his bowl. After a while of watching him swim for a few hours I grew angry, maybe even jealous that my fish was alive and I would die "He had died” I said
“He shouldn't be alive!"
Then suddenly, almost like magic he stopped swimming and sank to the bottom of his bowl, I was shocked, horrified of what I had thought, but that very same instant I felt better, strong enough to walk, even run around!
Mom and the doctor were baffled by this sudden and mysterious event that had happened right before their eyes, I on the other hand was scared of what I had done to my fish, I felt like a monster, like if I had pleasure in taking my fish’s life. I know, I know, this is weird and confusing, that is how I felt when this happened but wait till you hear this!
When I turned 13 Mom found this really creepy house near my school, it was old, wooden, it had broken windows, all around it was forest, the trees were withered and dry, no birds sang and it looked mysterious, but I had this sense of adventure waiting for me, like if it held secrets, deep and dark secrets, so I didn't complain in moving in.
While Mom was making dinner I went out to explore the dark forest. I thought I was prepared for what was to come, but I wasn’t.

While exploring the dark and mysterious looking forest, I noticed that it was getting dark extremely fast: “Wow its getting dark so quickly and it still early.” I said.
“It must be the thick leaves on the trees that are blocking out all the sunlight.”
“I’d better get home soon; mom is going to get worried.”
On the way back, I found a letter on the floor, almost buried by leaves and twigs. I opened the letter and inside was an invitation. The invitation was untouched; it was made of a bright and shiny material that I couldn’t recognize, it was decorated with very finely detailed inscriptions, and in the middle had some words inscribed into the material. They said;
“Welcome to RavenWood School of Magical Arts,
You have been accepted to our prestigious School,
To reach our school you must:
First: Draw a circle on the ground,
Second: Draw a W in the middle of the circle,
Finally: Write your name on the bottom of the letter, and stand on the circle.

“Well this is weird; I didn’t sign up for this.”
“But I might as well try it.”
After I had finished drawing the circle and the W, I started writing my name;

“Hunter WindRider” I said to myself
“There done, now what?”

In an instant, the world around me started spinning and everything turned blurry, I thought this was the end, but at the same time I felt relaxed, and almost fell asleep, but was cut short when I realized I wasn’t on earth anymore. I was inside what looked like a house, but it was very different, it was hard to see because of the bad lighting, it had red walls and there was a rug on the floor, beside it was a table that had a crystal ball on the center, but the most mysterious thing was an open book on its stand. The book said “Book of Secrets” on its cover.

“This is bad, where am I?”
“Mom is going to be really mad that I left without her permission.”
“I have to get back to my house before she figures it out!”

Just when I finished saying that, an old man in a blue coat appeared. He seemed glad that I came into this place, the old man had blue robes covered with stars and a matching hat, he also had an extremely long white beard, and an old looking cane. Beside the man was an owl. The owl had been sitting on a pole that seemed especially made for it, the owl was also wearing a collar. On its collar it said “Gamma”.

“Hello Hunter, My name is Merle Ambrose; I am headmaster of this school!”
“How do you know my name, and where am I?”
“You are in the RavenWood School of Magical Arts, and I’m supposed to know you, so let’s get started!”
“Started with what?”
“With your enrollment, of course!”
“What about my mom, she is going to be worried!”
“Nonsense, we already told her you are at a boarding school”
“But what if I want to see her again?”
“You can leave whenever you want, through this door.”

Ambrose pointed at a red door that looked like it was opened almost daily.
“Well… Ok I’ll stay”
“Let’s start!” said Ambrose, in an exited voice.

“Now, open the book over there and answer the questions in it.” he said.

After I had answered all the questions the book in bright and happy letters said I should be enrolled into the “School of Life”. But before Ambrose said anything, the book changed and it now said, in dark and evil looking letters “School of Death”. Ambrose looked stupefied;
“How can this be?”
“The book has never been indecisive!”
“Well I will have to enroll you into both schools, because I don’t know what to do.”

Even with a problem like this he sounded just as happy and merry as he always had. Well I got what I wanted, I got my adventure!

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