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The Gathering (part 2) by Rebecca FireSong

Okay, now that I think of it, we’re in Cyclops Lane. Of all the places for a level 6 wizard, “What are we gonna do?” I wailed, I don’t really whine much, but right now, I’m pretty much terrified, “We fight,” he says simply. For some reason, the small words he says gives me a wave of courage, so, abnormal, it just fills me with confidence. I cast a fire shield for me and Wolf, that helps a lot, because after the moves I make, I created a sunbird, and casted it on the bull-horse thing, it’s on the edge of its health. Wolf then casts the meteorite spell, which hits all of the foes with so much power that was absorbed by my power shield, that it nocks them all out cold.

“Man, that was something.” I say.
“A close one for sure, Aly.”
“Hey! Guess what! I’m level 11 now!”
“ Hey that’s pretty cool Aly! Right now I’m level 12, so we’re almost even!”
Then, I saw something glimmer, “Look!” I say to Wolf as I point at the two sparkling objects, “I’ll go see what they are,” he tells me, then, he looks both ways at the edge of the side walk, making sure no other monsters were coming, and makes a run for it. He picks them up, without taking a second glance at them, and runs back to the sidewalk to me. He’s panting pretty hard, he hands me one to look at while he studies the other. I stare at the ruby colored sphere curiously, for some reason, (and this is going to sounds pretty crazy but), it kind of, calls to me. Not voicing the words I mean, but, I think it means something.

“Hey Aly, these spheres, we both have the same colors of our schools!”

Now I turn to look at his, and he’s absolutely right! His gem is a gorgeous purple, like the storm school. And mine is red, for the fire school, this just keeps getting weirder and weirder!

“Wolf, I think they mean something. Something, important.” I say at last.
“I do too, we should go see Headmaster Ambrose about this,” he says making sense.
“Lets go to the Commons,” I declare, “oh, if you don’t mind, I’d like to visit my family real quick. They live right across from the Fairgrounds.”
“Sure, no problem.”
Little Dilly would be pleased about this! As we run out of Cyclops Lane, we end up in Olde Town, “Almost there,” he smiles, “Hey! Hurry up!” he calls back at me playfully, I’m not much of a runner, but I’m only a few steps behind him. Then all of a sudden, a big, gaping, black hole opens up right in front of us, “Yieeaahhhiii!!!!” he screams as he falls into the hole, “Nonononononononono!!!” I try to stop be end up tumbling in behind him, “Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!” I scream as I fall in as well.

You know how sky-divers turn their body down to go further, well, I sort of did that to try to catch up to Wolf. Man!! How long does this hole go?!?!? Then, Wolf and I both see the flat floor coming towards us quicker and quicker, at the same time, we grab each other’s arms and scream, “AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!”

Than, a couple of feet before we were about to hit the ground, we stop, just like that, in mid air. We’re, sort of hovering! “Okay, this is starting to freak me out,” I say breaking the silence. Then we fall to the floor, “Oow, man that hurt a lot less than it would of if we were still falling at like, 100 miles per hour!” Wolf says trying to break the atmosphere. “Ya, but the question is, where are we, and what happened?” I ask wearily, “Uhh, a giant hole opened right in front of us and we fell in it?” Wolf jokes, again trying to be humorous. Then, a mysterious voice booms out, “YOU ARE THE WIELDERS OF THE GEMS THAT HOLD THE UNIVERSES!!! YOU MUST FIND ALL SIX HOLDERS OF THE GEMS!!! THE FIRE GEM, THE STORM GEM, THE ICE GEM, THE DEATH GEM, THE MYTH GEM, AND THE LIFE GEM. FIRE SHALL WIELD POWER, STORM SHALL CARRY COURAGE, ICE SHALL HOLD FEAR, DEATH SHALL SHOW SYMPHANY, MYTH WILL WIELD WISDOM, AND LIFE WILL SHOW GRIEF. YOU SHALL FIND THE REST OF THE WIELDERS AND GEMS, YOU WILL KNOW WHO THEY SHALL BE. ONCE YOU HAVE FOUND THEM, THEY TOO WILL HEAR THIS PROPHICY ASWELL. THERE SHALL BE A GATHERING AS SOON AS YOU ARE ALL UNITED, TO SAVE THE DIMENDIONS OF THE WORLDS! TELL NO ONE EXCEPT FOR THE WEILDERS. LET THIS PRINT IN YOUR HEAD, YOU WILL REMEMBER….. REMEMBER……”
Than, the voice died away. “Wolf-“ I started to say, but than everything went black. And every thing brightened, THUD- THU-THUMP!!! We both fell right in front of Merle Ambrose in his office.

“OOww!! Not again…” groaned Wolf.
“My, my, what a pleasant surprise. Now, is there anything I can do for you?” Merle Ambrose asked.

“Ah, nope, thanks but we were just leaving!” I say quickly, Wolf gives me a questioning look but I just give him the be-quiet-or-else glare. He immediately understands and zips his lips. “Well, you know where I am if you need anything. Farewell young wizards!” he calls as we leave. When Wolf made sure we were alone, he stares at me and says quietly, “What was that all about?!?! We should of told the Headmaster!”

“Yah, Ya I know, but you’re wrong! We’re not supposed to, remember? Big-loud-and scary-voice? You know, ‘TELL NO ONE EXCEPT FOR THE WIELDERS!’ I think we should really do this you know? I mean, this is serious stuff here Wolf!!”
“Alright alright!!! Don’t need to bight my head off, jeez!”
“I think we should start this right away tomorrow Wolf!”
“Okay okay! Meet by Bartleby?”
“10:00 am sharp okay Wolf?”
“Sure, sure.”
Well, that’s when we say our goodbyes, and walk in different directions to our different dorms. Man, what’s going on here in Wizard City? Why couldn’t I be some normal human that lives in that one world called… umm… what was it now… arth? Something like that. Oh ya, because they can’t do this! *ZAP!*

“OUCH! Hey!! Who did that?!?!?”

Whoops… guess I shouldn’t goof around with magic. Oh-well. Guess I should go to the fire school to learn some new spell she’s got for me…

And then, at 10 am, we start our search for the Wielders!

To be continued...

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