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Flame of Dragon, Roar of Tiger by 3l3m3nt4lDr4g0n

Mist fell into Wizard City. Fall was beginning. A wizard with white hair (but he's not old) strolls in the streets. His strolling style was too casual. He wore a Novice's Hat, and a checkered pattern robe with a cape, and the Foot wraps of Camalty, along with the Reaper's Rod.

Another wizard walks the same street, too. He had turquoise hair with matching neon robe, hat, boots and wand that he got with crowns.

Then it came. They pass each other, and meet eye to eye. Yes, you are right, they were rivals.

The one in checkered robes was Wolf, Wolf Dragonrider. Related to Alexis Dragonrider. Their real parents decided they should have the same last names, and Wolf was accepted to Ravenwood the same way that Alexis did, except he was found somewhere else. In Canada.

The one in neon was Hunter Tigerblood. He was born here in Wizard City, not abandoned on the magicless Earth.

A long time ago, Wolf and Hunter were best friends, because Hunter was the only one that accepted Wolf as a friend, but the best part of their friendship was having fights because Hunter was stronger than Wolf which made him popular with the girls having crushes on him, and the real fights began when Wolf's crush was more interested in Hunter, but his crush was annoyed by him.

But then Hunter had a dark past that he hungered for vengeance on. His older brother, Pain Omenfox.

You see, when Hunter was young, he was always jealous of Pain because he was only ten when he graduated to a Master Pyromancer. Then, he kept asking to train with him so he could be strong as him, but Pain always had an excuse like he had a quest or something.

Then the dark day came, when Hunter came home from Ravenwood and saw nobody at home, then he saw flicker of shadow move, then appear in front of him like a dark spirit.

It was Pain.

Hunter demanded, “Pain! W-what happened? Why is Uncle and Auntie dead? Where’s Ma and Papa? What h-have you done to them!"

Pain opened his eyes slowly, and his red illusional eyes stare at him. And his eyes catch Hunter's. And then plays an illusion.

Hunter trembles with fear, and loses balance and falls, then runs to the room where Pain killed his parents.

"N-no! Stop it, brother! Stop!" Hunter drops to his knees, and then his left shoulder began to hurt and was sure he heard a sling sound. He took a look, a bit of blood and a cut, and then put his hand on it.

“The only way to achieve this power, is to kill your closest friend,” Pain said his final words to Hunter.

Then Pain ran away, leaving a scar that he made on Hunter.

Ever since, he felt alone, and he met Wolf obviously.

Then, of course, since Hunter was now powerful, Malistaire always kept an eye on Hunter, and one time he left a curse mark on his left shoulder, and did with many others pain and death.

One time, the curse was in a released state, and eroded his body, until the fire instructor came and sealed it.

“Hunter, you can’t always succeed in revenges. If you do, it will still leave you nothing,” she said.

But Hunter didn’t listen, and planned to make the journey to where ever Malistaire is to gain more power than he can have to defeat his brother, and he knew Wolf was looking for him, and he wanted to defeat him to gain the same power as Pain, to severe the bond, once and for all!

Then now Wolf and Hunter are 13. And one day, Hunter went missing, and quests were given to find him, and only Wolf succeeded. But now there’s a battle of all battles.

“Hunter! I won’t let you go with that douche bag, Malistaire!” Wolf growled.

A series of sharp and squiggly black things coming from the curse mark started covering his body. “I won’t go without a battle, Wolf, I have to severe this bond between us, bonds, friendships, and those other things weaken me, if I get rid of those and the past, I will have enough power and eventually, hatred, to defeat Pain, once and for all. But severing them is not enough; I will have to go to Malistaire!”

This made Wolf emotionally angry, rage rushed inside him, “Don’t you understand! Malistaire only wants you because you’re powerful! He’ll drain you of your power, then you’ll be nothing except a former wizard that doesn’t have magic! Or maybe worse! He might discard your body after he drains you of your power! Hunter, you’re the only one that accepted me as a friend.”


Maximum rage build up inside Wolf, his canines became more and more pronounced. His nails grew razor sharp at a point. His pupils were slits and red with a thick black outline. He then ran amok, then on a rampage.


Hunter became scared and surprised, he thought he couldn’t react fast enough since this new Wolf was faster, stronger, it seemed.

“Forget about duel circles! Free for all’s fits into this situation!”

But then Hunter’s marks eroded his body a little bit faster than before…

To be continued...

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