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Sarai Willowtail: The First 16 Levels by Sarai Willowtail

As I approach the Headmaster, carefully as though not to disturb the peaceful life, someone breaks into the Golem Tower. As we investigate, we discover Malistire!

"Ambrose!" he sneered. "My henchmen will see to the girl!"

"Malistaire! Why have you returned?" demanded the headmaster.

"It is important that I know if she is capabnle of defeating my henchmen," repiled Malistaire.

"Go up to them, Sarai. I will help you. Do not worry," Ambrose repied quickly. "Here, use these spells. Quickly, now!"

I hurried up to the Draconians. Then the duel began. I was so scared I nearly jumped out of my skin! I summoned a troll, then a firecat.

As I got down to my final health points, I summoned a Unicorn just in time.

Then I finished the Draconians.

"What's going to happen now, sir?" I asked the headmaster intently.

"Anything, now. Malistaire is out to get us, and he won't rest until he does. It is up to you and all the wizards, now. But, let's get you enrolled. Those forms are around here somewhere... come to my office in a minute!" Ambrose said.

From here on out, I had a bad feeling about this.

"Ok, Sarai, your primary (that means original) school is Death. You will be taught by Malorn Ashthorn. Nice boy. There are other schools to learn from if you wish. Life is your weakness," Ambrose told me. I jst nodded and had a lost look on my face.

"You lost me at primary," I replied.

"Just go visit Malorn Ashtorn in Ravenwood," Merle said.

"Hi! You must be Sarai Willowtail! I'm Malorn Ashthorn! Gamma told me 'bout ya," Malorn greeted me.

"Hi! You are absolutely correct. Wait- yeah, you're right! So... you're my professor?" I asked.

"Actually, I was a student of the old proffesor."

"Who was the old proffesor?" I asked.

"Well, if you must know, the proffesor caused this-"

"WHO WAS THE OLD PROFFESOR?!?!?!" I was getting extremely impatient.

" FINE! Sheesh! The old proffe- MALISATIRE!- was the old...proffesor," Malorn said.

WHAT? MALISTAIRE??????????? "What happened here???" I queereied.

"Ummm... He loved teaching students but when his wife, Sylvia, died because of a terrible cold, he was so upset and angry, he tore the school from the ground! He let loose all the monsters and they became his mions and they caused all the worlds to disintegrate."

" Why didn't he just close the school? I asked him.

"He needed to continue teaching and that's when it fell into the Nightside. He left Dworgyn, though. Ya know, to teach other future Death masters."

"What holds the Spiral together?" I asked again.

"Ummm... the roots of Bartleby, the great granfather tree."

Just as Malorn was about to show me some cool spells, Gamma flew up to me.

"Sarai, the headmaster need to see you immediately!" he called.

"Coming, sorry, Malorn, see ya later, I guess...," I wandered off with Gamma. Malorn just smiled, waved, and shook his head.

"Ummm... you wanted to see me?" I asked the headmaster.

"Come in, Sarai, come in! Nothing THAT important, just wanted you to do a couple of things for me. Please take this letter over to Privcate Stillson, outside the gate to Unicorn Way. When you do that,come to me and we'll dicuss the other thing." Gamma handed me an ornate-sealed letter.

"Yes sir!" I replied. I hurried to the gate.

"HALT! NO ONE PASSES ONTO THIS STREET. MONSTERS ROAM THE PLACE!" Private Stillson greeeted me. He waved his fingers like he was trying to scare me.

"Uhhh... Ambrose gave me this letter..." I said.

Stillson read the letter carefully. "I see. Go on ahead, lassie! I'll open the gate. Talk to Private Connelly inside!" He called to me.

Inside, I saw Private Connelly.

"Hiya! Ya must be Sarai WillowTail!"

"I am."

"Is that a letter from Ambrosey?"

"Yes, am I supposed to show it to you?"

"Yes." I handed him the letter. He looked it over carefully. Then he tucked it away in his pocket." You're good! Go on ahead!! He told me wth a smile.
After I had finished my talk with Private Connelly, I felt this tingle and saw to be what looked like a ring of golden color, or light, around my feet. Then it engulfed my entire body! I felt more powerful and had more confidence than before!

Somehow, I managed to get my feet off the ground, but it was not very far off the ground. And when it was over, I was struck down, like I fell, only I had landed on my feet.

Gamma flew down on the private's javelin. "Merele needs to se you right away for your Ravenwood tour!" he said then flew away. I followed him.

"I see you leveled up! Great!" the headmaster said.

"Is that what that was? I thought it was some sort of diease." I wiggled my fingers like Stillson did.

Ambrose chuckled. " Here is a map of Ravenwood. It's not to far down the street. Go there and visit all the instructors. See you whenn you get done!" he said. He handed me a very old-looking map.

I calmly headed to Ravenwood. In my backpack I had a fake torch that lit up the tunnel, because it was almost dark. I held the torch high and slowly walkedinto the tunnel.

"Wow!" I muttered under my breath. I had been so busy focusing on Malorn, that I hadn't had the time to gaze in all this magnificence.

"Come here Sarai," said a voice as deep as the Mariana Trench. I nearly jumped out of my robes. No one else seemed to hear it, though. I cautiously followed it. " I am Bartleby," it said when I saw it. " Welcome to Ravenwood, where we turn frail beginners into the strongest of their class!" Bartleby said. I could not see him. Maybe.... he was behind the HUGE tree. Then some advanced wizard came up to me and said, "Ya look like a beginner, this tree is Bartleby."

A talking tree? I thought, ok? Are people craxy here? Is this an illusion? A projector screen, perhaps? A prank, maybe? This is all too wierd for me.

"To start your enrollment, you will need to introduce yourself to all the other instructors. When you are done, go see Ambrose."

"Yes, Bartleby..." I said, still a little confused. I did as he said, then went to the Headmaster.

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