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Fire and Ice by Nathan Pixieheart

One freezing day at the ice school Nathan Pixieheart had just been graded an A++ on his spell test. Nathan and the rest of the class learned how to protect themselves from storm wizards and fire wizards at the same time. Of course it was pretty easy to do.

After class Nathan walked outside and slumped himself against the fire tree to warm up and wait for his friends Benjamin Ironriver to finish up his class. Benjamin was a fire wizard and one of Nathan’s best friends. Then suddenly Nathan heard a loud crash then he saw the windows of the fire school shatter into pieces. Then next thing he knew his friend Benjamin was right next to him on the ground. “What did you do?!” Nathan screamed. “Uh……fire elf gone wrong.” Ben replied. And sure enough the fire elf was outside the school and was heading towards them. “Get behind me Ben!” Nathan ordered. “Why?” Ben asked. “No time for questions!” Nathan said. So Ben got behind him while Nathan casted the new spell they learned that day. Poooooiiiiiiing!!!! The sound of the fire elf running into the fire shield Nathan put up. “Show off” Ben muttered.

CRASH!!!!!! All the windows in Ravenwood shattered to pieces. Then many Ice, Storm, Fire, Healing, and Myth creatures started running towards them. But then they noticed Malisatre’s minions! “Uh-oh” they both said. “I’LL take care of the minions boys!” A very familiar voice yelled. Merle Ambrose! But then Nathan got blasted by a thunder snake.

“Nathan wake up!” Ben yelled. “Huh? Where am I?” Nathan asked? “In your house.” Ben said. “Was I dreaming?” Nathan asked. “No. After you took that beating all the teachers came out and helped destroy those creatures….So you came a little late.” Ben replied. “Oh yeah I got you a new wand!” As Ben pulled out of his robe a big lollipop. Then they both burst out laughing.

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